TRE:51 – Eva Vennari: Finding Your Life’s Purpose

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Eva Vennari 0:00
just dawned on me, I need to leave the stone industry. And I need to let people know they do have an option and I ignited within me it was a passion. That hasn’t left me yet. It’s like, yeah, I can’t actually do anything else with success. Well, because this seems to be a life calling that the universe says you have to do. This is your work. That’s amazing. Yeah, once you found it, that’s it. So the English English shingle opened doors, and it’s been a journey.

Corey Benschop 0:31
Welcome to The Rising podcast for the dreamers, the doers and the believers. I’m your host, Corey Benschop. And it’s time to rise. What’s up everyone? Welcome back to the show. I’m super excited to introduce our guest today. She is the owner and CEO of the elevate Institute, which is a cutting edge health coaching firm that teaches overachievers Worldwide how to navigate complimentary medicine. And she specializes in holistic solutions for those who struggle with infertility and post cancer treatment. And together with her clients, she rebuilds and fortifies the immune system, the immune system, excuse me for your best possible performance. So please welcome to the show. Eva Vennari.

Eva Vennari 1:20
Thanks. I’m so glad to be here. Yeah.

Nathan Kettler 1:23
I’m excited! Welcome to the show.

Eva Vennari 1:25
Thanks, Nathan.

Corey Benschop 1:27
Yeah, definitely, definitely. Thank you so much for taking time to do this. And this is gonna be a lot of fun and a really cool interview, I think because of the work that you’re doing in the house spaces is really critical, especially right now where everything’s kind of crazy. So I can’t wait to get into it. But real quick, and I just wanted to start off something we always do with our with our, with our people is did a little research on you and I came across a video that you had put out on your Facebook page that I thought was really interesting, and you’re not tuned but you had mentioned something about like art ability to rejuvenate, right? And like what’s going on in our body and our thyroid and like how we can detox and, and find clarity and function in our life. And you said that it all can actually be determined by your hair, which I thought was interesting. So could you dive into that just a little bit?

Eva Vennari 2:14
Yeah, it was a multi year process for me to find the answers to my chronic conditions because I do overachiever. And we tend to not take care of ourselves, put other people first and we burn out and then go, gee, why do I not feel so good? And that was me. And the doctors couldn’t really help and we tried blood tests. We tried diets, I try. I said supplements. I tried all kinds of things for 16 years. I spend a lot of money on all of your behalf. You’re welcome. A lot of time, going from different doctors specialty to another and different, you know, all kinds of people, including the shamans that would shake the chicken over you, you know, it’s like I tried everything. And I realized, none of it really got me to that hundred point. st mark. So at about, let’s say I was 36 years old at the time, really tired had chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, depression, fibromyalgia, all of those variables plus more. And since I was blessed with insomnia, I was up at three o’clock in the morning. And I put in a search string of all my different symptoms and diagnoses. There’s 30 different things long. And I came across this word article about nutritional mineral balancing. And it started to describe me, my experience in my body with a lot of these people mind readers, this is really weird, like what’s going on here? No blood tests revealed no other type of body fluid test could reveal what was going on with me. But they said, You know what, if you believe that your body can heal itself. You just need to give it what it needs. And then the next logical question was, well, how do you know what it means?

Corey Benschop 3:47

Eva Vennari 3:49
And so I’m reading along and ravenously looking for the answer. And they said, Yeah, you just do your hair test. What is that?

Nathan Kettler 3:57
After giving all the blood all the fluids you’re like, All the fluids I’ve got to give you. I give you some hair. I’ve given all the fluids.

Unknown Speaker 4:06

Eva Vennari 4:07
yeah, yeah, I’ll just give you some of this. I got plenty. Where do you want me to send it?

Unknown Speaker 4:13
Because you’re good.

Eva Vennari 4:14
Yeah, you’re good. I’m like I said, I mentioned before we got started. I worked in construction. So I get a lot of guys who are like, I’m sporting the ball. But these days, I can’t work with you. And when I go, you grow hair somewhere. Me information that can be found about you is in your hair is so specific. It reveals what’s going on with your adrenal system, your thyroid, how well you can process more. All the toxins that were exposed to. Are you getting rid of it or are you holding on to it and where are you holding on to it? You can see very specifically, not just for what you’re lacking, or if you are toxic in some way. It’s Much more comprehensive than that you can see digestive system you can see how well you’re creating new cells you, ya know, you can see if the person has a tendency towards inflammation, or if they’re fighting off a low grade infection that by the way can’t be seen in blood. So that’s it. You wanted a small answer, but that’s there isn’t one. There you go.

Nathan Kettler 5:20
All right, like I’ve never heard that. I’ve never heard that and like, um, I’ve never heard that but it makes sense, right? Because if you if somebody like if somebody has drug tests after six weeks, it’s gone out of the blood out of everything else, but they can track what’s been going on in the hair and so so I guess I don’t know me, I’m a visual person. So I’m thinking about like, right you know, they look at rocks and look at the cliffs and they look at the lines and see what’s going on. So it sounds like they’re able to, you know, analyze the layers or however there but it sounds like really cool I I never knew about them. It’s really exciting. And I’m like, I’m thinking of all the people that need to like get their hair check.

Corey Benschop 5:57
It is like why is Why it’s crazy though, like, if there’s so much information there, why is that not something that a lot of doctors go to, like on the first round like to figure out what’s wrong with their patients?

Eva Vennari 6:09
That was the question that I asked and the answer comes back to money. It’s doesn’t make the medical industry a lot of money. And that’s a very controversial statement to make, but I’m not a licensed practitioner or a doctor rather I am certified in this process, you do have to be trained, I was not only trained and then certified, but then I was I went through a process just like you do become a stonemason. You know, I hadn’t been mentored for years. So it’s not something that you can just, you know, get a test and look at it and read it. Like, like tarot cards. You know, it’s it’s more than that. It’s very specific. So

Corey Benschop 6:44
that’s interesting.

Eva Vennari 6:46
Why not?

Corey Benschop 6:47
Yeah, that’s really cool. And I think after this call, I definitely might have some some family members. I want to send your way because we’ve got issues, you know, in the family that’s like, we can’t put our finger on it. You know, we’ve been to so many doctors and like trying to figure this out and that out, you know, and so if if that would be another opportunity to get some answers, that would be amazing. So we might have to talk a little bit more in depth about that after this, but that’s really cool. And I again, I think it’s just, it’s super interesting. So for everyone out there listening, you know, if you’re having some kind of health issue, this is a great place to start, right? Especially if you’ve been trying to figure it out for some time to know success. That sounds like a really great place to start looking for sure.

Nathan Kettler 7:26
But, but it seems like it seems like from a from a business standpoint, is The Rising Entrepreneur, right? Like, it seems like it’d be a struggle because, like health that’s paid for is just to coat symptoms, right? The mass symptoms that create new symptoms that we can then mask with new medicine that we can write because like I’m tied to diabetic I just found out two years ago, but it’s like they want to give me on more medicine that requires more medicine that need more medicine to me, rather than like, then like there’s some things that really help that there are minimal And then there’s diet and exercise and things. But it’s like, as soon as something symptom comes up, it’s like here, let’s give you this, but then you might need this. And so, so I imagine that you trying to, to, but that’s what’s paid for. Right? That’s what’s paid for.

Eva Vennari 8:17
Yeah, it’s there. That’s the difference. That’s why I started to focus on the concept of the message of how to navigate alternative medicines, alternative and complementary because it is so easy to just go to your main doctor, and then be told, oh, well, we don’t have the answers here. But maybe this specialist says, Go there. There’s nobody doing that for you, other than me that I know of. I’m a health coach. So it’s like I don’t talk about it’s either alternative, or it’s Western. It’s just a conversation. Yeah, yeah. Use the right medicine at the right time. All medicine is good as long as it’s appropriate. And just speaking to your I just want to show you like this is somebody tested just recently they went through a retest, this is what it looks like. Wow. Yeah, so I have a very technical person. So for me, this is like, you know, a dream. But down here at the bottom, this is the the ratio about between calcium magnesium that tells me what’s going on with sugar levels. And a person who is higher than the ideal on this result tells me that they are pre diabetic or diabetic. In other words, their body, even if they don’t eat sugar at all, has a hard time processing sugar. And that stuff is held in place because of resistance, right? insulin resistance is all about diabetics, right? That’s what the point is. The body builds up resistance, it can’t absorb, utilize or process any type of sugar in the pancreas. So you can actually correct that. That’s

Unknown Speaker 9:44
some minerals I

Nathan Kettler 9:46
would see what I like about what you’re saying to me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, tracking but like I’m totally interested. So what I’m like what’s curious about that is because I so so before I went into the doctor, like everything The other night a bag of starbursts gentleman and like I had already lost 75 pounds. I used to be overweight, but I wasn’t overweight. Right. And so I’m, I’m good I probably was diabetic for a long time. But I didn’t want to go to a doctor because all the other side didn’t want to go. So I didn’t know about that a test could help reveal it in a just a less committal way. You know what I mean? So here I am, and, and I, the day after the day, I found out I never had granulated sugar again, right. And I didn’t need candy I didn’t, but my blood sugar is still like going to 15 grams of carbs a day. So it’s like and I realized that there’s so much more to it than just what is what is in the bore. If you start reading books, your mind gets blown. So understanding how you as an individual fit into the plan is missing for a lot of people and I feel like I feel like just looking at what you’re saying like this analysis can help fill the gaps how you as an individual are processing things differently than another individual. That kind of sound writer, I want to take you with me

Eva Vennari 11:03
on all of my appearances from now on.

Yes, that is it. And because there’s not a one size fits all, and that seems to be if it’s if it’s a serious condition, if he’s got a broken bone, there’s one size fits all for that solution. But for the chronic conditions that are, admittedly, we don’t know is the response by the doctors that have gone to, you know, for these invisible illnesses there. That is not a life sentence. You can get past it, you just have to realize you’re barking up the wrong tree with these chronic illnesses. If you’ve got you guys skewed away from traditional or Western medicine, because what I do is actually traditional cares what’s been around for a long time, so I’m just tapping into it. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I am speaking of drugs, it’s like I’m, you know, take what you need to and in the interim as a band aid because we all need some sort of trauma care. But taking something for life I cleanse you saw me go and I don’t like that because it creates a higher stress level in the body a higher stress on stress by the way we get it confused. We think it’s the relationship we have with people outside. That’s drama. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:21
Yeah, I was a stress.

Eva Vennari 12:24
Yeah, drama is whether or not your husband knows about your boyfriend.

Unknown Speaker 12:30

Unknown Speaker 12:32
processes, how

Corey Benschop 12:32
you’re dealing with it in your head,

Eva Vennari 12:35
in your head and translating into the body to a chemical biophysical response. That’s that’s the I’m a techie. So the biophysical response is that cortisol released in your body stays in this locked state of I’m not going to heal as long as I am stressed. We have the physical illness of minerals, keeping us in a place a stress or not feeling. And so I completely reversed that by giving your body what it needs, give it what it needs. It feels it That’s really cool.

Corey Benschop 13:01
So that’s really cool. If, if anything, like, again, this is a place to start. And I think this is something that nobody’s talking about again, I’ve never like that’s why I brought it up because I’ve never heard anybody talk about your hair can be the link to all of the unknown questions that you have about your health. And so I’m really I’m really fascinated but I want to know like what actually you know, let’s take it back a step what actually got you into this field? Like what? What made you decide that this is what you wanted to focus your life work on?

Eva Vennari 13:34
Yeah, hang my shingle. So I was the the sick person and finding that my own process of getting my hair analyzed and going through the giving the body what it needs, realized that it was helping more than that 50% than any fad diet can do, because you could try something for a little while, like, Oh, I feel really good. And then after 30 days, it’s either unsustainable or, like you can’t continue doing this for life because you just it’s not cheap. It’s not possible or If my symptoms would come back, so this was the first thing that got me over that hump, and I realized, oh, there’s permanent See, to my changes. And I decided, I think I want to get to know this even more and become deeper involved in the science of it. And I wanted to also save money on the process. And so I became certified. That’s the honest truth of it. So I became certified and two weeks before my now deceased ex husband, passed away, we’re on the phone, and he’s sharing with me, I’ve got heart prolapse, hepatitis C, iron toxicity, and the doctors diagnosed me with diabetes. I’m seeing the connection because I just gone through all of this stuff, and learning about it. And I says, No, I think this might be an immune system disorders. Why don’t you send me some of your here? We’ll see what’s going on with your body and then we’ll figure it out. We’ll get you feeling better. I just became certified. Why don’t we do this and he lashed out. Me. Wow. Yeah. He says no, no, my doctors have me on my medication. So he’s 45 years old on medication. And two weeks later in the hospital trying to get rid of some kidney stones, and I’m not sharing any of this to depress you. It’s just more like dams with a question.

Nathan Kettler 15:22
valuable lessons in here too. So keep going. Yeah,

Eva Vennari 15:24
yeah. So he, obviously, anyways, his body was very depleted, he suffered a massive heart attack, while going through the process of getting the kidney stones removed from his body, and they couldn’t revive him. So after being notified of all of this happening, and putting his affairs in order, it just dawned on me, I need to leave the stone industry. And I need to let people know they do have an option and I ignited within me it was a passion. That hasn’t left me yet. It’s like yeah, I can’t actually do anything else with success? Well, because this it seems to be a life calling that the universe says you have to do. This is your work to me. Oh, I see. Yeah. Once you found it. That’s it. So the English English shingle open doors, and it’s been a journey,

Corey Benschop 16:16
no doubt. Thank you, you know, thank you for sharing that for sure. And it’s interesting how, like you said, You said you wanted to get certified for yourself, you know, because financially it made sense. And obviously you were interested, you want to learn it. And then here came this case that was like, hey, maybe I can use this to help. And unfortunately, it wasn’t met with reception very well. But it sparked this, you know, this, this fire in you and this passion, and I think that’s amazing. You know,

Nathan Kettler 16:44
it was back. Who was it that you were trying to help again?

Eva Vennari 16:48
Oh, my ex husband. That’s Yeah, that’s okay.

Nathan Kettler 16:51
So that’s what I thought and I think because when you said he laughed at you, like, there’s something really this thing’s right there. Like then I want that. I want to point out two, part of it is your strength, right. And part of it is, as rising entrepreneurs like we all face that, when you’re when you’re stepping into whatever your gift is to the world, whatever you’re supposed to do, as you step into that, like there’s jeers, there’s, there’s, there’s there’s resistance, and that resistance comes in a lot of ways. We all also know like, when somebody knows who we used to be, but they don’t know who we are now and they don’t know the new value that we’re bringing, like, you went through the certification, it changed your life, you were a new person coming at this from like, I’ve got something that can really help you. And people just laugh, like because either they think you still are who you are, or they don’t understand the value of what you’re really doing. And so, so we all as rising entrepreneurs face that, but then when we face it, that’s what makes you like a rising entrepreneur above is, is when you face you said this, this is what I have to do. Doesn’t matter if somebody laughs like that, like you laughed yourself to death. Like that’s really what happened because and so you didn’t take it As they made, like, they made the mistake, you took responsibility and said, I can’t let anyone else. Anyone else do that. And that’s, you know, and that’s the mark of someone who’s doing what they’re meant to do. And when you see that, like, people want to be a part of it, right? They’re attracted to that because what you’re doing is, is real and it’s what you were crafted and created to do. And so, and breaking through that resistance to then making your passion in your life is I just want to congratulate you for that and, and acknowledge the challenge of that. Thank you. Appreciate that.

Corey Benschop 18:37
That’s a good that’s definitely a good insight because I know, as I stepped into this world of entrepreneurship, I definitely felt resistance. I know you did to Nathan, we talked about it a lot. Right. And that’s nothing. I don’t think anything like like what you’ve experienced, either. So that’s that really is amazing. Yeah, for sure.

Eva Vennari 18:54
Yeah, I guess I’m just stubborn or, yeah, I don’t give up

Nathan Kettler 19:01
You know, and that’s what you want. That’s also who you want to advocate and for you on your side, right? Because, because the truth is I can’t like you can’t learn all the science, you know, I mean, you can’t. So so like, like, people can’t dig into processes, like Cory can, like Cory goes through these processes of how to get people to take action, it’s in their best interest. And like, he goes so deep, and he does things I never, like, I just can’t. There’s certain parts of life that we need. We can’t go that deep. You know what I mean? And to have somebody that’s going that deep, and then being able to translate it, because, you know, if you had problems with your diet, I mean, my, my wife, we’ve tried raw diet and this diet and this, but if you don’t take everything out, and it’s so complicated, you can spend five, six years trying to figure out what it was, but guess what, in five, six years, your body’s evolved and it’s something new, and you leave it and what you figured out it was it isn’t even anymore. And so like I’m I’m feeling where you know, you’re bringing that valuing where people really need to get in touch with that. Can we? Can we ask some some advice for some for some other eyes? entrepreneurs, Cory?

Corey Benschop 20:09
Yeah, yeah, dude for sure. So, so Cory so

Nathan Kettler 20:13
great. He’s gonna let me introduce a new section and you’re gonna be the first person ever in the history to play the game is called perils and pearls. All right. So here’s the thing. As an entrepreneur, you’ve been on a broken road and we’ve we’ve covered some of that broken road, right? And we were gonna go into more of it. But But as as a riser, where you’ve gone and broken road, and you’ve seen parts of the path that no one else has, and you’ve overcome perils to get your message out to people to help more people. And along the way, you’ve picked up pearls, pearls of wisdom that that can help other people. And so, so thinking about how hard it is to reach people, that you’re really literally saving their lives, and how hard it is still to get them to reach them. What are some perils you face? What are Some, some challenges you’ve had to overcome. And here’s the rules that we use rising entrepreneurs can take with us to get over those perils.

Eva Vennari 21:10
Yeah, I think the number one thing that I’ve had to overcome over the years is, are trying to reteach somebody what they think they know about how the body works, you know, I call it the hunt and kill method and it’s like, getting past that, but my doctor knows the same thing I ran into with my ex, you know, my doctor tells me that I have this, XYZ, whatever it is, I have chronic fatigue, I have Lyme. I have hypothyroidism. That becomes their identity. It’s really difficult to get behind that and learn to ask the right questions. And Gosh, the pearls from all of that, I think is it really? So I had a crisis moment? And I was wondering, am I really doing the right thing? is this is this really gonna work and I was maybe six years ago. And I started getting into the esoteric world and realizing that people were talking quite a bit about how you could meditate your way into health into healing and feel, you know, like, your body’s gonna have a miraculous all of a sudden, what’s that called? spontaneous, not confusion, but healing. And so one of my shaman friends, she’s, she’s offering me you know, the chance to go into a session with her, and I get to know her pretty well and become friends. And she calls me up. And I’m thinking I’m thinking to myself, gosh, if I can get into these states of being where I can think my way out of a dis ease situation on the body, why am I here? Why am I telling people they need to test their hair and and they need to take this up like why what is the purpose of all this? And I was trying to overcome that, you know, thoughts But the learning curve what was going on? And to solidify it, she called me up she goes, you know, she says something really funny. She goes, my guides told me that I have to work with you. Hmm. I said, What are you talking about? She said, if you’re not familiar with the esoteric people are talking guides could be angels, it could Yeah, spirit guides, so people that are unseen to you, and you can either hear them or you experienced their messages in some way, whether it’s you know, automatic writing or you hear it or you think intuition comes in. So she tells me this and I go, I go, I thought you could, you know, you do clearing work on your body with crystals and with sound meditational Why do you need me and she says, No, you but your work is essential for everyone. Because the human body is the corporeal, it is a 3d thing that lives in the world of the world. You must maintain that and keep it static, free. So you get rid of the toxins, you get rid of the chemicals, we’re exposed to those things all the time. It affects how well my process is as a spiritual person. Those processes won’t Stay they won’t stick chiropractic adjustments don’t stay as long massages doesn’t they don’t work they don’t feel as good energy work from Reiki work it just doesn’t last as long all of these things if you have toxins in the body then the energy doesn’t flow continuously throughout America you get stuck you know, and and that solidify things and I says I I didn’t I thought I was gone by the way the dodo bird at some point is no, you’re necessary. You You are the foundation for the spirit to sit in this body is without that. We’re nothing. Well, I went Oh,

Unknown Speaker 24:37
yeah, that’s really cool. That’s really cool. So

Nathan Kettler 24:41
that’s it. Such a pearl right? Cuz cuz everything you know comes through that go I’m sorry, Cory. Go ahead, go.

Corey Benschop 24:49
Say like I had an analogy that popped in my mind while you’re talking there because it’s like, if we think about like a piece of glass right, like I’m standing in front of this window right now. light is coming through this piece of glass right? If that piece of glass is dirty, doesn’t matter how much light is out there, it’s not going to all come through, right? And so like you’re actively cleaning the glass, and you’re helping people keep that glass clean, so that the rest of these things can actually work. Yeah. Yeah, that’s really cool.

Eva Vennari 25:16
I use car analogies a lot. And I still tell people as is how well can you see if you have dirt on your front windshield?

Corey Benschop 25:22

Unknown Speaker 25:24
So good.

Nathan Kettler 25:25
So so the the peril, the peril is universal. So I want to come back to this segment, because it’s rising entrepreneurs. The peril is you you have you had to get behind the identity, right. So once you get a diagnosis, because you notice I didn’t say I’m diabetic, I said, I have type two diabetes. And so I understand the value and the importance of identity, and what identities you claim in public and to people in private. And some identities, most identities are put on us. Right and so and so as entrepreneurs if we have something that can really help people move Know, you feel like the best kept secret in your industry and, and you know, you can really help somebody, but they just don’t get it. Right. And it’s not sometimes that they don’t get it right. It’s, it’s that they’ve got an identity that doesn’t allow them to see that once an identity on it changes your perspective. And so and so the way that the purl that helps us get around that peril, right is going to be story, it’s going to be what is the story that picks him up where they are, and they can’t see it, they can’t see they have this identity. So you need to pick them up with this identity. And then you need to transform the experience from there to what life can be like without that, and what that identity that they really want is right. And so we’re always trying to do that with our messaging. But when we really understand that I’ve got this story of somebody, the easy way to do it is I’ve got this story, this person who was type two diabetic and this is the process we went through, and they were a diabetic and now there’s somebody who used to have diabetes, you know, there now there’s somebody who manages the condition of diabetes without worrying about. So it’s the, it’s the identity shift that is that that we’re really looking at, but you have to understand each that identity of where they are, where they are in the journey to pick them up at that place, because if you start talking on top of the mountain, but I’m not close enough to hear what you’re saying, right, you’ve got to be willing to come down and get me where I am and understand so now says that, you know, their, their identities and that, you know, the different things, you know, that that you’re conscious of that you have to get beyond that identity, then the next step for you is to get conscious of those, those stories that really change the experience from that to that and you know what I mean? And so, so for all rising entrepreneurs, that’s what you’re trying to do when you’re up against that particular peril. Right. And then the pearl of you know, there’s something about being 40 years old and finding out that you have to to diabetes writing, like having lost 75 pounds and going, why didn’t I do it 10 years ago, because maybe if I did it 10 years ago and didn’t had a time where I wasn’t taking care of my body, my body would be what it’s supposed to be now, and I understand those since then my body’s gotten better, like I understand that it can heal and, and all then so but but that just understanding that, that, that your fundamental right and I think that’s what I wanted to bring it back to is we’re all have something that we can bring to the market to the game to the world that is fundamental to something else to other things. And we’re lagging when we’re questioning ourselves like you’re questioning yourself, because that’s another peril. It’s one of the biggest perils is is this really my thing. And that’s what comes up when you have that resistance of stepping into your gift, right? And you’re stepping in is this really my thing? And then you get that that that divine message of your thing is fundamental. But what happens is, is Somebody comes to you with my guides told me to, and you go, and that’s kind of weird. I’m not gonna listen, you don’t need a word or to come to you and they say this message that you’re like, maybe you’re maybe you’re maybe you like spirit guides, and they come to you with the statistics of it. And you’re like, Yeah, but like, I’m not feeling it, right. And so. So it’s like, the fact that you were aware, and paid attention and allowed, allowed yourself to see where what you’re doing is a fundamental part ties into everything else, because the best way to make yourself competitive proof, right is to make yourself competitive free by being a part of something write code, contributing, being a contributor, rather than a competitor. And so when you get to that level, where you understand how your thing is fundamental, then you you elevate it to a new level where you can really help more people on a higher level. And so those are just wanting to know

Eva Vennari 29:57
the elevat Institute.

Unknown Speaker 30:02

Corey Benschop 30:05
I just gotta say everyone listening. This is why we brought Nathan into the show. So for sure, dude, that’s awesome. That’s really cool. Wow, well, Eva I got to know like, for everybody listening right now that is that is like okay I have to do this I have to get this started. How can they get in touch with you? They find you What is it? What do they need to do? Yeah, it’s everybody

Eva Vennari 30:27
yeah if there’s something a story or a symptom has popped up, they’re like, Oh, I experienced that. I wonder if I have some mineral imbalances that are keeping me from, you know where I want to go. health wise. On my website, it’s that elevate Institute calm right on the homepage. It says reveal it to me. It’s a test answer 20 questions and it can tell you what’s hiding in plain sight that reveals some imbalances and then what to do about it if you found some.

Corey Benschop 30:55
That’s awesome. So the elevat Institute calm and I’ll Definitely link that into the show notes below. But yeah, that’s really cool. So just a simple quiz anybody can take and they they can get some profound answers into what’s going on in their health. That’s so cool.

Nathan Kettler 31:11
Well, so I want to I also want to acknowledge that on the quiz side of things, when you when you hear somebody is a scientific and in depth and as well as what we’re hearing right here, right, and they put together 20 question quiz, but you got to understand the number of hours that come in to making sure this quiz gives you like value and understand things about you because this isn’t coming from, like, of course, like we’re rising entrepreneurs, like you’re going to go into a list you’re going to get marketed to because she wants to help you. But when you understand what goes into a list from somebody who’s living there, their gift, it’s, it’s these 20 questions are so much time and effort to give you an understanding and give you a step in the right direction. So you can claim the help that you need, right because as right as entrepreneurs, we’re only as strong as we are healthy and ready to go and vigorous And so so I just want you to kind of understand when somebody just says, like, have you ever tried to make a quiz for somebody, like you get five questions in and it’s like difficult, but then you actually want to give them some results and answers, like and not just segment like, like, yeah, so so go give yourself that gift and take something that somebody who’s so passionate about is put so much effort into and feel that experience and see what it can do for you so that you can translate and do that for your clients as well.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
For sure.

Unknown Speaker 32:31
Yeah, so

Nathan Kettler 32:33
excited. What else? What else were we at?

Corey Benschop 32:36
Oh, no, that’s great. So, um, let me ask you something like in terms of that diet piece, and again, I know that you know, there’s so many fad diets like you had talked about what like just super high level you know, kind of advice that might be applicable to everybody in terms of just getting healthier. What would be your go to advice there

Eva Vennari 32:56
is to stop listening to your friends. About what you should be eating. So that’s one because they they’re not aware of what’s going on with you metabolically. And that’s the difference. So, miss your experience, so I sat down with a lady. Not too long ago, she became a client of mine. And we were early for what’s called a Troika, it’s them. I’m not Jewish, but I get it and they fold their arms around me and welcomed me in. And we were just the two of us waiting for other other person to arrive at a lunch spot when we could get out and about. And I started to tell my story, and I susiana there was a time when I couldn’t eat much of anything. I tried eating raw foods and going on the Candida diet and going on the eat right for your blood type and then doing I forget all the ones now coconut miracle diet. There was a ton of them and yeah, so all these different ones where you basically are eating very, very little and to the point of when you say I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that pizza. would finally go or what do you eat, you know? And she was in that space where she couldn’t eat dairy, couldn’t eat bread couldn’t eat any bugs like gluten was out entirely. Lemon was difficult line was difficult. So it’s like all the stuff that it was like, really you can hear it in my voice was very overwhelming for her to live, let alone I says, Why are you eating and she starts to explain I’m having that problem. And so I’m describing to her what went on for me and how I was able to reverse all of those sensitivities. And she started to cry. She goes, Eva, I think you can help me I think you were early for a reason. And I hear that a lot. I hear I think I think my guides sent you to me, God sent you to me. I hear that a lot. And so we are started with a hair analysis and we can see clearly what was going on with her digestion and just corrected some basics instead of having raw food. Guess what? It’s cooked vegetables. It’s easier to digest. There’s a whole scientific reason behind it. And what we’ve been taught that ra is healthier it would be if our digestive systems were strong enough to handle it.

That’s a big unknown A lot of people have so

Unknown Speaker 35:15

Eva Vennari 35:16
the framework is cook your vegetables go half your plate every meal, if not two out of the three a day with cooked vegetables and have protein. It and you know what, I’m not a vegetarian. For some people, that’s not just personal, it has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with your biological history. So looking at why you’re vegetarian for a reason or not, biologically has your family your history where you came from and your your ancestry where you meat eaters or were you not meat eaters because your body is geared for that. Listen to it, not to your best friend who doesn’t like to eat things with face seriously. That’s that’s the difference between your body being able to work and fun. I’m appropriately not. And so now what happened to this lady that I sat down with made her, you know, she cried, as a result of hearing what was going on. Four months later, she’s over. We’ve worked together, we’ve done our first hair test, we did our second hair test after four months to see the changes, corrected some imbalances along the way. And so she’s reporting back to me, she says, Eva, for the first time, I went over to a friend’s house and I didn’t freak out at what they were going to put underneath me to eat. I was able to eat it and no problems. That’s awesome.

Nathan Kettler 36:29
So there’s a real so I just wanna I just want to jump in. That’s a real testimonial, because because my wife has the same issue and people start at some point, they start making fun of you, at some point, they just start worrying about you, you know, and so, you know, like, like, just imagine this if you if you were lactose intolerant, so you can’t drink milk, but you also reacted to oats, so you can’t drink but you also reacted to coconut milk. You’re left with pee milk, which tastes like garbage. And so like, like you can’t have caught but like, like Whoa, okay, so you can’t have soy. So even if you go to Starbucks, if you can’t have soy, you can’t have coconut, you can’t have anything. And so like, now you have to think about what can I bring with me? wherever it goes that I can, I can actually have food and you have this, this like, okay, we’re going to go somewhere you have this anxiety of what to bring on the trip so that you can feed everybody, right? And like, or just yourself, and then everyone else is like, Well, can we go here? Or do we have to go somewhere else, we have to go to Panera. We have to, like there’s the one place and it’s 73 miles away. Right? But the person is going through, it feels guilty. They feel bad. They don’t want to be that they don’t want to be and so and so when she comes in, she’s like I went to a friend’s house. And I didn’t have to worry like, that’s a real feeling of regret. Like I was want to explain how real that feeling of gratitude is when you feel like you’re the object of ridicule or observation or just wonder every time a plate comes in front of you and you think well will they be And then when they eat in this time, if you have that going on, and all of a sudden you can just go enjoy yourself. That is that is a psychic release, which also creates a health release of like a whole nother level. And so I’m just trying to Yeah, I’m just trying to show like because I feel that testimony on another level because I live with it. You know what I mean?

Eva Vennari 38:18
Yeah, yeah, you have an insight that I lived. So I too, was incapable of eating all of those things. And when it came time for Thanksgiving, well, you know, what are you going to bring? I’m bringing a gluten free crust pizza or not pizza pie made of pumpkin. And guess what? It’s not going to have anything that you’re used to in including milk. And they’re like, yeah, this tastes gross. I can eat it. So I guess more for me.

Nathan Kettler 38:47
versus girls is a little different thing.

Eva Vennari 38:55
Yeah, the ridicule is real and just reiterating it did change her life. So she’s a one woman show and an actress and to be able to do that show with take everything out of her. And so she would do the show and be down for days. This changed that part of her life, in addition to being able to go to restaurants. And it’s funny the reaction of friends and family around her at the table, as she’s ordering things that normally she’d be like, Oh, I can’t have that. So it has line in it. Now she’s eating it. Now. She’s drinking it. Now she’s enjoying life. It changed her life. And that’s what we’re after. is life changing.

Corey Benschop 39:29
That’s incredible. That’s so amazing what you’re doing, you’re empowering people through knowledge. And and that really is at the foundation. Anything we can do. If we can do that for people, then we’re helping, right. So

Unknown Speaker 39:43
a couple days.

Corey Benschop 39:44
Sorry. I was just saying, Yeah, you’re empowering people through information. Right. And that’s, it’s, that’s important, right? And so anytime we can do that, we should be doing that. So I definitely I applaud you for that and commend you for the work that you’re doing because I know it’s not easy, especially when you’re battling people’s identity. Like you mentioned, that’s that’s a tough a tough road to be on for sure. So, so this has been awesome. Eva, I really appreciate you coming on the show and sharing all of your expertise and your stories with us. And Nathan, I think has one last question for you. Yes.

Nathan Kettler 40:15
So so since you did so good with the pearls and pearls, what is one Pearl, you would leave for yourself? Your five to 10 year ago self? One Pearl, you would leave?

Eva Vennari 40:29
Yeah, listen, it’s the same same one is listening to yourself. You know, I say this about people who with their health condition, you’re the only one who lives in your body. So if you have something that’s wrong or off, you know it so listen to that, and listening to my intuition about where this can go, how big it can be, and not listening to anybody else. The naysayers, especially family and friends who thought Oh, you’ll be back into the architectural and design industry in no time at all. Thanks so much for that. So yeah. listening, listening to myself my intuition that was that’s the biggest, biggest takeaway as being very confident secure in that.

Corey Benschop 41:06
I love it. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing that for sure. Yeah.

Nathan Kettler 41:10
That’s value for everybody. That’s, that’s thank you so much so and look, that was just some value right there. So go take this 20 question quiz and figure out what’s going on with you like, like, this has been so awesome. Thank you so much for for the information, the time and energy. You’re amazing.

Eva Vennari 41:29
Absolutely. Thanks for having me. Yeah, there’s a lot of fun. Thank you.

Corey Benschop 41:33
Thanks for listening to another episode of The Rising I really hope you got value from today’s show. And please make sure you don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss the two new episodes we release each week on Mondays and Thursdays. Be sure to visit The Rising to join the conversation, access the show notes and discover our amazing bonus content. And Hey, have you joined the movement yet? Make sure you join our free Facebook group called The Rising Entrepreneur is moving To connect with our guests and get access to all sorts of training materials that will help you build your business to join the movement, just go to my FB that’s my FB Alright, that’s it for today’s episode. We’ll catch you on the next one.

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