TRE:52 – Daniel Olexa: Changing Your Story Changes Your Life

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Daniel Olexa 0:00
When I shifted and said hi my name is Dan Olexa I work with business owners and sales reps to help them overcome their blocks to success and have a six figure income. Five people would come up to me after that meeting. So don’t entrepreneur Do not talk about what you do talk about how it changes your clients life is then we can talk about I’m a hypnotherapist once they meet me and realize that I’m a cool guy, and I’m not I don’t have like a really sneaky mustache and I’m gonna make them dance like chickens.

Corey Benschop 0:29
Welcome to The Rising podcast for the dreamers, the doers and the believers. I’m your host, Corey Benschop. And it’s time to rise. What’s up everyone? Welcome back to the show super pumped to introduce our next guest to you today. He brings more than 30 years of professional problem solving two is hypnotherapy and coaching practice and he believes in anyone’s ability to change their story. So that they can actually achieve success. And one of his mantras is we are nothing more than the stories we tell about who we are. We are literally the embodiment of that story. And if you change your story, you can change what you believe about who you are and what you deserve, and you will create a new life experience. That’s amazing. He’s also the lead facilitator and Trainer with the certified life coach Institute, sharing his skills and experience with the next generation of life coaches. He’s the co author of two Amazon bestsellers, practical manifesting and a pessimists guide to manifesting and he also just recently published his third book called my Two Minute Journal, which immediately became an Amazon number one new release. Awesome and congratulations. On top of that, he’s been recognized by feedspot comm last Empire Herbs, expert Tito as one of the top 100 hypnotherapist blogs in the world. And in 2018, he was recognized by the daily breeze as South Bay’s favorite and hypnosis And life coaching. He’s also been honored by being called the best hypnotherapist in South Bay by readers of the daily breeze. And he is the president of the Long Beach, California Chapter of holistic Chamber of Commerce. So please welcome to the show, Mr. Daniel Olexa.

Daniel Olexa 2:19
Super excited. Ah, thank you happy to be here.

Corey Benschop 2:23
Yeah, definitely. Man, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come on to the show. We can’t wait to dive into your story and some of you know some of the wisdom that you’ve picked up along the way. So definitely appreciate you being here, man. Let’s do it. Awesome. So we were kind of talking before we got on and you were doing some really cool stuff in the hypnosis space as well as just kind of helping people spiritually on along their journey. And I wanted to go back into really like the the conception of all of this, you know, like, how did you get on this track? is in really becoming an entrepreneur in this world? Is this something you’ve always wanted to do? Or did this kind of happen along the way?

Daniel Olexa 3:00
A little bit of both. So on the hypnosis side of it, I’ve always had an interest in the power of the mind and also into what I call the spooky weird stuff that that just has always driven me since I was four or five years old. The entrepreneur side didn’t really happen. It was an idea out there for me through my 20s through my 30s. And, you know, going back to that idea of what the story we tell about ourselves, I was telling myself the story of I’m, I’m just somebody who works for somebody else, and I’ll climb the ladder and all of that. As it came around the I spent god 25 plus years working in sales and marketing, and the last 15 years of that run. I had worked for three different family owned companies and I had the wrong last name at every one of them. And it came to that moment. It just came to that moment. I burned out I was done. I remember the day we We were late on a delivery. And when I was given that news, my hands started shaking at my desk and I couldn’t stop it. And I packed my desk, I packed my office and I walked out. And I felt so free that weekend. It just happened to happen on a Friday which was great. I feel amazing that weekend, I’m not even worried about the mortgage or anything else like

Unknown Speaker 4:21

Daniel Olexa 4:23
Monday, Kmart had talked with the owners they’re like so you plan on coming back or not, we can have a conversation about that. I wound up going back to that business because reality set in to have a mortgage to pay. So I went from this very heart space, get out of here to up Okay, go back but go back in a different way because you’re in control now. And that’s when I really started to engineer forward and during that time, it was reading two different books. Very, very separate. One was over my shoulder here, Isaiah ankles, black hole focus and the other is Blue Zones. About the The Five, four or five areas in the world where people live to be over 100 and super healthy. And in one of the things they found in Blue Zones comes out of Okinawa, which is one of the Blue Zones, this concept called Iki guy, which is the Okinawans do not have a word for retirement in their language, but they do have a word that roughly translates to the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. And that whole thing of living with purpose, so I started asking myself, why am I going to this place where I don’t respect them? They’ve lost respect for me. We’re just we’re just showing up. We’re like an old married couple that just deals with each other. And it took three weeks of asking myself that question every day. The first one, the obvious answer is always you have a mortgage, you got bills to pay, you got to eat. It’s not I wasn’t feeling it. And about three weeks in, I get a phone call from a client one day and they say, you know, we need you to come over this afternoon. We just had this hot project dropped in our laps. We’re not sure we kind of know what we want to do. We don’t know quite how to Get there, but we know you will. And when I hung up the phone like that that cartoon light bulb was over my head. And I could feel it in my core. I love problem. I love negotiating through problem solving. And I love empowering other people’s then it was like, Where do I take that? And initially, it led me into hypnotherapy in a very serious shut up and take my money moment. That was obvious. That was where I was supposed to go. And then I branched out into coaching a couple years later, when I realized that half the population has a fear and misconception of what hypnosis is all about.

Corey Benschop 6:34
Hmm, very interesting, man. So, okay, real quick. You talked about how the light bulb went off. Right? And so you said it was basically a combination of negotiating problem solving, and then getting getting results for people. I’m sorry, was that what it was the second part,

Unknown Speaker 6:51
empowering other people empowering other people?

Corey Benschop 6:53
Yeah. I love that and then Okay, so that obviously translated into like you said, the the what gets me out to bed, but what was the shut up and take my moment experience that confirmed that this is where you were supposed to be.

Daniel Olexa 7:06
So my, my current wife and I, we met when we both lived in Kansas City. And we were we were at the point we’re kind of engineering our life forward because we’re both scuba diver but scuba diving instructors. And we’re thinking, why are we living in the middle of the country where there’s the closest water is a lake four hours away. And she’s a native Californian Kansas City winters were no bueno for her. There’s got to get out of here. So we started looking at where where would we want to live in the world and as a kind of Florida jumped on the map at the last minute we were looking desert southwest California. And we wound up moving to Naples, Florida. And as I’m going through this, this whole thing of what do I do when I grow up? What’s my next phase? We’re talking it over and I had just finished working with a hypnotherapist in Kansas City to kind of get my mojo back after going through all this stuff. stuff with the business and some other major life changes. And that may have been why it was top of mind. I don’t know may have been. And I started thinking maybe this is kind of what I’m thinking. I’m thinking I want to explore hypnotherapy and as we’re driving her down for the first leg of the trip, so check it out. We get to Nashville that night, I jump online to research hypnotherapy training in Florida. At the time, there was one school teaching a state certified 500 hour program with campuses in Tampa, St. Pete Orlando, Miami, Lauderdale, and Naples.

All the major cities in this town with 20,000 people in the US, right? It’s like, okay, I can see the signs. Yeah. All right, fine. Just here’s here’s the money. Let’s go

Nathan Kettler 8:47
with Dennis right like is rising entrepreneurs, right, that kind of that that’s how it happens for a lot of us is you get into something that changes your life in one way or another. You got your mojo back, whatever that means. Like like to go through something That’s just transformational, right? You get your mojo back, you’re like this thing changed my life in this way that was powerful. And it sets you on a lifelong journey. And that’s how it happens. And then you go and then so it’s interesting, right? Because you weren’t necessarily an entrepreneur, per se, but now you’ve stepped into this thing. That is, that is what you have to do. And I think there’s another interesting lesson in there for ryzen entrepreneurs too, is that you you knew that hypnosis was the transformational thing that’s changing your life that’s changing people’s lives. But people have a hang up, and I know because I worked with a hypnotist and people have a hang up of what it means to be hypnotized. And, and in like a suggestive saying all this. So So sometimes we have the thing that people need, but they don’t want to buy the thing they need. So you got to figure out how to sell the thing they want so you can deliver the thing they need and actually change their life. And I think there’s just really that you found that you’re like, well, people aren’t really digging him. It’s just but I’m gonna pick a life coach because this is starting to be kid. This is is becoming acceptable EU in the EU world so much from 20 years ago, you know, Reiki used to be illegal because touch therapy and you couldn’t. in certain states, you couldn’t touch people in healing and so, like wounds become less Whoo. But you have to jump on the train that allows you to deliver that thing that works. And you found that and I think rising entrepreneurs, we need to look for that in our business as well. So just want to bring those two points to the table.

Daniel Olexa 10:25
And that’s a great point. I talked to the my coaching students when I when I teach about this exact thing that people don’t buy what you do, they’re not buying hypnosis. They’re not buying life coaching. They’re buying what it does for their life. They’re buying the trend, the transformation on the other side of the work, because nobody wants to do that four letter word known as work. They just want to be here. So I noticed that I’m a member of the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce, and I specifically wanted to be a member of that because of the woowoo aspect of Oh, he’s spooky. He’s gonna make me dance like a chicken. Do I wanted a very grounded business presence on my page and what I noticed early on is I was stumbling through kind of finding my way. If I stood up at that meeting and did my elevator pitch and said Hi, my name is Dan Alexa I’m a hypnotherapist blah blah blah to now when I shifted and said hi my name is Dan Alexa, I work with business owners and sales reps to help them overcome their blocks to success and have a six figure income five people would come up to me after that meeting. So don’t entrepreneur Do not talk about what you do talk about how it changes your clients life is then we can talk about I’m a hypnotherapist once they meet me and realize that I’m a cool guy, and I’m not. I don’t have like a really sneaky stash and I’m gonna make them dance like chickens. You’re the watch to pull

Nathan Kettler 11:47
out at any moment.

Corey Benschop 11:48
Good point, man. Yeah, I love the way you framed it too. You know, it’s it’s simple, though, for us to want to talk about what we do. Right? Because that’s, that’s what we got into. That’s what we’re doing. That’s what We’re excited about but you really it’s such a good thing that you said like you have to remember the people that you’re trying to help. They’re not where you are right? They don’t know the things that you know about what it is that what you do can do for them. And that’s what you have to explain to them. And, you know, this is something that Nathan and I work a lot with on you know, with our clients is helping them communicate that value and that transformation, right that your service or product does for your people. So I love what you said there man and it’s it’s important for people to really understand that correlation.

Nathan Kettler 12:29
When I was I’m gonna jump back into your story in a second but that’s the other the other thing that that a shoot No, it wasn’t because that’s total brain fart. It’s gone, and it’ll come back if it comes back.

Daniel Olexa 12:43
Almost spit the coffee on that one.

Corey Benschop 12:45
That’s that happens around here. That’s okay. Yeah,

Nathan Kettler 12:49
Cory I told her like quarterback, sometimes I’ll get lost. I’ll be in the middle of the best point. And then it’ll just and I’m like, sorry, it’s gone.

Corey Benschop 12:57
I got I got regular man. I gotta wrangle him in every once in a while. But that’s all right now it’s good man. So actually, oh,

Nathan Kettler 13:02
that’s what I was gonna say sorry, but it came back. And I just say real quick, is the story though. We’re trying to teach the thing that we do, because we went through this experience that made us believe this is the thing that you need. And so we tell him about the thing that we do. But you’re right, you tell him about the experience they can have. And when they wonder how it happened, you tell me about the experience you had. And so when you when you went from burnt out working with family companies and having the last name if you’ve ever worked for a family company that wasn’t yours, you know, that feeling and you know, the feeling of putting your everything into something that’s not yours. And real quick, if that day, we realize this isn’t mine, and they don’t, they’re not and then you and then you had this thing that gave you your life back. When you go through the experience that you had, then I know the value of this thing that you did, and so that’s where, what that’s where you can talk about what you do is the experience you had that led you to it, so you can pick the can pick them up where they are Take them to where you are. So that’s kind of the tactical execution of that. But anyway, let’s, let’s dig back into your story. So you’re to help you Okay, so of course you want to pick it up, right. And I

Daniel Olexa 14:10
want you know, you just brought something to my mind that really did this was light bulb for me. Thank you for saying what you just said. And again, it goes to story. I spent 15 years working for three different family owned companies, where I had the wrong last name. As you were saying, it just hit me. I’m working for my family on company right now where I have the right last name, huh? It’s mine. And all the entrepreneurs out there listening to this, that could be a powerful reframe for you guys that, yes, you are entrepreneurs. This is your family owned company. I love that.

Corey Benschop 14:45
I love that. And that definitely that empowers you as well to be able to go through all of the hard, you know the hard things that you’re going to have to do to build your own business. When you understand exactly like you just said, This is mine and this is why we’re building it. That is really powerful. Interesting.

Daniel Olexa 15:03
I never thought about it that way until you said what you said, Nathan.

Unknown Speaker 15:07
It’s so cool. That’s why I got him around. That’s why

Corey Benschop 15:09
he his paycheck this week. Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. Well, listen, man, we have a pretty cool segment that we’ve just brought into the podcast. And this was all Nathan’s brainchild as well. So you want to go ahead and pick it up, Nathan?

Nathan Kettler 15:24
Yes. So this section is called perils and pearls. And so the concept is, is as a rising entrepreneur, you’ve traveled a broken road that no one else has traveled before. And so you’ve seen parts of this journey that we haven’t seen, and along that you faced perils that we’re going to face and you’ve uncovered pearls of wisdom that we need to overcome these perils in our way that we haven’t seen yet. And so the first part of it is what is the biggest peril or that you’ve overcome in your rising entrepreneur journey?

Daniel Olexa 15:56
biggest one for me, I think was navigating through the space of not feeling Feeling worthy, not fit, not believing that I could do it and shifting that story. Oh, I remember, I remember making that transition from working for that last other owns other family owned company where I was making six figures. And when we left there and move to Florida, even if I was not burned out in the industry, what I did there didn’t exist in Naples, Naples retirement community for the 1% there it’s mostly service industry. So I went from making six figures down to making like 24 grand while I’m going through school, just something that kind of pays the bills so I’m, I’m not completely hemorrhaging my 401 K. And I’m out walking my dogs one day and this development of, you know, 500,000 to $1.5 million homes, making and I’m earning, I’ve got this story in my head I hear you are You don’t deserve to be here and I was really frustrated. I always This stuff, all the stories, all the crap was just coming up. And there was this moment, I’m looking around at all this new construction as I’m walking, walking the two dogs, like, stop for a second. And this is gonna sound really weird. But this other voice came in my head and said, You made this happen. You are the one who stepped into this and you deserve to be here. It’s the what what do you learn in this space? Kind of? It was a coaching question before I ever got into coaching. It’s like you, you are the one who made the choices that brought you here. So you deserve to be here. And that’s an important thing that we tend to compartmentalize into moments, particularly when we’re in the present in that moment of frustration, that oh, I shouldn’t be here. I don’t deserve to be here. No, that’s the question of what do you ask on the other side that that becomes the pearl then, of how is this thing here in my life to shift me forward so I can continue evolving and growing to the person who can help even more and be my best self. The imposter syndrome stuff that came up in that moment and then you know, kind of got past that hurdle. When we moved from Florida to California four years ago, I thought the transition was going to be easy because now I’ve established myself as my thing. Got to California and I literally knew three people in the state when I got here my wife, her mother and her brother and there was there was this I you know, unpacked the house some stuff like wait a minute, where do I start? Because I branded my business for Florida so that company has to go away. And you know, there’s there’s the metaphor of birth in there cuz it was nine months of schooling, open the business for three months, and then I’m gone. That first six months here in California was brutal. And I did the work every day, which was writing, writing my book, rebuilding the website, doing all the backend stuff of getting the new business going. My heart was in it, but not with passion, it was like, I know I got to put I know I’ve got to lay this brick down today. But by doing it within six months, I had written what became my second book writing at one week at a time as 21 different entries on my website. And by adding that content every week to my website, I had to leapfrog to Google page one if you search if you researched hypnotherapy, Redondo Beach, I jumped over practitioners that have been in business for years and decades. And now I’m number one, because I just did the work even though there were days. I didn’t really sincerely feel like doing it. I still did it. That there were days that I ran a mile, and there were days I took two shuffling steps, but there’s two shuffling steps got me closer to the goal. 100%

Nathan Kettler 19:48
so that’s interesting. So so the So we start with the notable peril, of imposter syndrome and not feeling worthy that that I can 100% and no Like 100% agree with and or understand, right and as rising entrepreneurs, if you don’t let me just put it this way, if you’ve never felt imposter syndrome, you need to level up like because you’re stuck somewhere, you’re not going through the resistance you need to go through to become the next level of use, you can serve people at a higher level, just throwing that out there if you’re like, I’ve never so so right. So I’m feeling that, that going through that. And then the pearl of, of, you know, finding the perspective shift of you put yourself here, you belong here, whether it’s whether it’s the universe put you here for a reason, or, or Everything happens for you, not to you, whatever, whatever mindset you need to, to step into the person you really are. Because when you feel like you’re not worthy, there’s a part of your brain that’s going you know, you’re amazing, and you deserve this and you are this. And then there’s no other voice. It’s like no, you’re not remember the time you did this. Remember the time you didn’t do that maybe the time and so and so Who are you You’re going to believe right which voice because you have both which voice you’re going to believe. And then you gave us a strategy of actually getting through it which is shuffling through the thing going through like so you get to California and you no longer stat like you’re not no longer established your your Are you worthy in this new environment you got people that have been established, you got the culture were in California, whoo has been accepted a lot longer. Right? Especially then like Florida, right? So So you went from like this whole other where it’s hard to get in there, and people respect you. But then you go to this place where there’s lots of people who are established and doing it, you got a new thing. And so am I worthy to be here? Am I worthy to be what I am here, and so and so you trudge through it some days, you run through it other days, and you and you go through the motions, and then when you come out the other when you do the things, you come out the other side and you see how worthy you’ve been the whole time. That summit, I mean, because that’s, that’s the Pro is what I got it Yeah. Awesome.

Daniel Olexa 21:56
You are it goes back to that idea where we started the year the story you tell about yourself and that successful you for any entrepreneurs out there. Listen, that successful you you dream of being is already inside you. Yeah, what what is happening and I will say this in a very pointed way because it comes down to the truth. What are you doing to keep yourself from being that person? It’s not victim do not fall into victim mentality. It’s not COVID it’s not this it’s not that it’s not election, you’re not none of that crap is getting in your way. Unless you allow it. It may slow you down. But it is not getting in your way. So what are you doing to prevent yourself from becoming that shining star that you dream of being is that seed was not planted out of the blue. It’s been there calling you forward your entire life as you step into it, so own it and keep moving forward.

Corey Benschop 22:53
Amen, brother. Amen. You know, you just you just said essentially, like we have to take responsibility for where we’re at and what we’re doing And and that’s hard for people sometimes, you know, because it’s it is easier just to say, Oh, you know, the economy’s bad. So obviously, I’m gonna have to shrink right now, or, you know, this is happening in the world. So that’s impacting me this way. Well, those things obviously will be true to some degree, it’s still your responsibility with what you’re going to do in that situation. Right. And I just want to I really want to honor what you said, like, you know, like Nathan mentioned the strategy that you gave us, which is just to do consistent work, right? And, and there’s always going to be days that are tough, where we wake up, we don’t feel like working, we don’t feel like doing what we know we need to do, but you just gave everyone permission to have bad days, which I think is really really powerful. Because as long as you can get up and just do something, even if you can, just like you say tread a couple of steps forward today, you’re still making progress, right? And you’re still staying consistent with your with your journey. And and you’re being productive even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. Just do one little thing and that’s okay for today. Right tomorrow. We can hit it harder or whatever. So I just I really appreciate that and I want to definitely, you know, make sure that people understand it’s okay to have bad days, right? It’s okay to have days that we don’t feel like 1,000% we’re just gung ho, because that’s gonna happen. So that’s amazing, bro. Definitely. I love that.

Daniel Olexa 24:16
Yeah. And just like when you know, if you’re going to the gym, I’ll use this metaphor, if you’re going to the gym and working out and you’re tearing your muscles down every day, because you’re working so hard. There’s going to be days where your body just needs to recover. And so maybe on those days, not that we’re going to sit and eat an entire pizza and binge watch Netflix that day. But maybe that’s the day I stretch or maybe that’s the day I do cardio instead because I’m not feeling this desire to rip my muscles down anymore. I’ll find something else to do that helps with with lengthening those fibers so I’m not tight the next time I go in, there’s always something and I can eat. Maybe I do yoga and do some some additional stretching that way. But all these aspects it’s not just about doing one thing and and the muscle doesn’t grow. When we’re doing this, the muscle grows when we take the time to rest and let it repair.

Corey Benschop 25:04
That’s true. That’s true. Guys. I gotta ask you, I got to ask you a question, man, just from some of my own personal desires to know hip hypnosis, hypnotherapy and like, hypnosis has actually always been something that’s interesting to me. And I’ve never done it, right. But I have looked into it. And I’ve considered actually doing some of that, because I’m really big into personal development, and I’m big into, you know, like, emotional response. And, you know, this emotional intelligence that we can build. And I believe there is a lot locked away in our brains and in our memory that we just can’t necessarily access. So is is hypnosis, something that can help with that? And then like, how does that actually work? You know, like, I don’t know, explained to me as this, but who knows nothing about hypnosis, like what it can actually do for me.

Daniel Olexa 25:52
It’s like, give me my card, and we’ll set up a discovery call for that.

So yeah. What the Hypnosis works. I’m going to answer that fear first. That thing that had seems like half the population, they’ll go into the rest of it. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. And what I mean by that is, is let’s say you Corey, come to me as a practitioner, that for you to again completely about control for you to allow yourself to relax to that, that deeper brainwave, which is the brainwave right before you fall into REM sleeps, its theta brainwave. For you to allow yourself to relax to that point, you have to be comfortable with me, we have to have rapport, you have to feel like I understand the problem you’re facing that I understand where you want to go on the other side of it, and I have the tools to get you there. Otherwise, your defenses are going to be up and you’re not going to relax. Like if you’re tense and you’re worried you’re not going to relax. So as I provide that safe space of understanding and do the discovery and and figure out what it is you want to go and ask those pointed questions. The client feels comfortable with me you’ll allow yourself to relax to that place, which is a natural, natural state of mind. And you’re the other thing of it is you are completely in control there. You’re not checked out and like what seemed like 10 minutes and I was I was gone for it was really an hour and 40 know that time shift happens. But you’re also fully aware through it that if something like say we do some deeper work and this emotional thing, or this memory comes up that you’re like, No, I’m not ready to deal with this yet. You can open your eyes and walk out the door. Interesting. It’s perfectly fine. Or if I say somebody who does not believe in reincarnation and spontaneously something comes up regarding a past life, I don’t lead into that it client always leads so if they suddenly find themselves in 18th century England telling me a story and they don’t believe in, in past lives. We can play it two ways either, you know, tell me what going on, if they don’t want to associate into that story, they can wake up and leave. Or just let it be a metaphor. What can you learn from telling me this story? Because your subconscious does so many things in metaphorical ways, it’s very literal, but it also works in metaphor. So it’s just playing on the field that comes up. So, when we get down into those, that stuff underneath the, the beliefs that we have about who we are and what we’re deserving of that, you know, they they affect our thoughts, but they’re percolating down here like that, the, the map of the image of the mind as an iceberg, but 10% above the water lines, the conscious mind the 90%. Below is the subconscious. All that stuff is percolating in the subconscious. So with hypnosis, we go right there. It doesn’t have to percolate back from the conscious mind the way talk therapy would eventually get back there. We go right in and understand what The drivers are what that that faulty subconscious programming is. And even I do a technique called parts therapy where the part that’s acting up that’s maybe causing the self sabotage. The secret in parts is that our parts are always trying to help us. They’re not trying to harm us. But at some point in our life, they took on their job as as the true thing in a moment, maybe when we were five or six or eight years old, and it stopped growing at that point, it’s, oh, I can never speak up in public because maybe we said something at a party and our parents like No, don’t do that. And in that moment of shock, we took on a story that I can’t say anything in public. But now, mid 20s 30s 40s 50s, that little eight year old voice is still saying no, you can’t say anything in public because you’ll you’ll make a fool of yourself. It’s protective. But as a 40 year old, you don’t need that voice anymore.

Corey Benschop 29:53
Right. It’s not serving you. That’s really interesting. Yeah, because I look at that and I think you know that I think Think of that as identity, right? And so like, as we’re moving through life, we’re picking up these different stories or identities about ourselves. And then we claim that as true from, you know, from then forward, but like you’re saying that, you know, other points in your life, those identities probably are not serving you any longer. They were set up as a protection mechanism. And now it’s been, that experience has actually been pushed away. So the memory isn’t there. So now we’re just moving forward with this idea that this is who I am. And so I love I appreciate that. And, you know, I also see the difference too now between, like the hypnotherapy and the talk therapy, because that was going to be my next question is, well, you know, how is this different than just talking to somebody about your problems? Well, here you’re actually providing that safe space and not just questioning somebody and allowing them to, like you say, be in control. So that’s really neat. Can the

Daniel Olexa 30:47
other thing that comes up without go ahead?

Nathan Kettler 30:50
No, I was gonna jump in, cuz like when I was when I was working with the hypnotherapist, and we were thinking about it and I was going through all these things and thinking about you know, we have this moment. Stage right from whatever, two to seven or whatever they, they’ve shifted throughout the years. But what’s happening is you’re going through life as, as as as a up to five, six years old to basically have no perspective of what life is at all. And your brain is trying to make decisions based on your experiences. So something happens to you. And your and your and your five year old brain makes an assumption that this is what life is like forever, because it needs to figure out a simple way to go through this. And so and so like when our brain had no perspective, like you just think about, like if you’ve ever had kids, and you see how they look at the world, or if I have teenagers. You watch how when they watch the cartoon, if they watch when they’re five, they saw it one way, they watch it now that they’re 15 and they see the Easter eggs, the jokes and everything else, right they have, but that’s when their identity that’s when their belief was formed. And so unless you can get into a state where you can retell that story Or give a new meaning to that story, the same story, like what did it mean? What does it actually mean? Or what actually happened? What was the truth? Because you told yourself, you’re just imagination of a child. It’s not like, it’s not like you don’t think that octopus is that it was like, everything is possible, right? Five, everything’s possible. So something happens and with this five year old imagination you go, this is what this means. And this is life forever, unless you can get back to that point. And and that’s where hypnotherapy can, like getting to that point with with traditional therapy can take forever. If you ever get there, you don’t need them.

Daniel Olexa 32:38
And that’s what I wanted to mention that there was a study done either late 90s or early 2000s by American Health magazine, and it it pops up every now and then, of looking at the success. The success rates of traditional talk therapy, behavior therapy and hypnotherapy and my numbers are going to be close. I haven’t seen the the infamous Graphic for a while, but I’ll be pretty close. Traditional talk therapy was like 28% success rate after 600 sessions. So that would be if see if you were seeing someone weekly 12 years. Yeah. 8% success. Wow,

Unknown Speaker 33:17
I like paying your dollars an hour. Exactly.

Daniel Olexa 33:20
Behavior Therapy was something like 72 to 78% success after 22 sessions. So nearly tripling the success rate bringing it down to a six month window of weekly work. Great stuff. hypnotherapy was 93% after six sessions, because we’re going straight here. And if you think about it, anything you learned like just even learning to drive you thought about it first. It became a habit that became a behavior and now you just jump in the car you don’t think twice about it’s just become a subconscious sub routine. So it takes a while when we’re talking in the front of the brain unconscious level. It takes a while and practice and be Save your change for that too, to really get back here and just be that thing we do without thinking about it. Wow, that’s wild is to actually hear the difference in the success rates anti. Yeah,

Nathan Kettler 34:10
well, you know what I call it. You know what I call hypnotherapy antivirus for your brain. Yeah, anti virus software goes in. It takes out those old like bad programs that have been slowing you down and clogging you up. And and it can rewrite those programs and clean them up. Right. And so

Corey Benschop 34:27
that’s awesome. All right. So Daniel, I’m sold, man. So you were talking to us a little bit about this event that you’ve got coming up? Can you can you tell us more about that?

Daniel Olexa 34:37
Yeah, I’m stepping into doing international retreats this year, here. And before I do that, here’s one other nugget for the entrepreneurs listening to this. Be open to possibility because you never know where things will lead. When you’re out doing your face to face networking when we can do face to face networking again. Yeah. show up at those business meetings because you don’t know that way. when I really started on my run a couple a few years back, I went to a chamber of commerce meeting that led me to a rotary meeting. I met that rotary meeting. It’s like, this isn’t my room. somebody walks up to me at the end. I love what you do. Like, gee, are you familiar with the holistic Chamber of Commerce? No idea. Such a thing exists at our meetings tomorrow night, come on out. I walk in that like, Oh, you guys are my tribe. You’re talking my language, shut up and take my money. Let’s go. That leads me to another event with that organization in Santa Monica. sitting there in that meeting, guy taps me on the shoulder and says, Hey, you know, I belong to another organization similar, but we’re having our meeting on Wednesday in Long Beach, and I think you should be there and I don’t invite lightly. All right, I’m going to be there. I go to that meeting. Meet the guy who has just taken over the Long Beach chapter of holistic Chamber of Commerce. Six months later become his vice president. Run the chamber or a year ago I took the chapter over from him as a He moved from Long Beach to Peru to open his retreat center. And now I’m hosting two retreats this year there and had you told me three and a half, four years ago that by going to a rotary meeting, I was going to be hosting international retreats, I would have said, You’re crazy.

Corey Benschop 36:17
I can’t I can’t show you. But that gives me goosebumps when you told me Yeah.

Nathan Kettler 36:23
It’s the it’s the whole it’s the whole hindsight 2020 in hindsight, but until you go through it, you can’t see how that was. That was your path. So cool.

Daniel Olexa 36:34
So the idea behind this retreat is called vision 2020 is that we on a spiritual level, and for me, I do I do the really grounded work, but I’ll do the spiritual work too, because it’s important to me. But I honor my client, if they want to come in here. They want to come in on the ground that it’s not about me at that point. I am just here to facilitate results. But for the retreat, the idea behind it is that we as we came into this life, For any, any incarnation of our lives, we signed a contract for what our our purpose was in this life and what we were going to get what we were what we said we would accomplish. So, the purpose of the retreat is get connected to it really clearly, sometimes it feels kind of hazy, like I think I want to do something, let’s get really clear on what it is you’re here to do. The other part of that contract that you signed is the obstacles that were put in the path to, to challenge you to grow into the person who is that successful, we’ll call it the successful future self, because that helps those challenges help you evolve to be the person who can stand in their power. So once we know where you want to go and what your purpose is, we’ll go in and remove the blocks from the contract, understanding what the power is, and on the last day of the retreat, step fully into that vision of self so that you can live it and carry it forward. And, you know, it’s a week long retreat and We’re going to enjoy being in Peru to there is one day that we will be with the local shaman all day. And for those who are interested in plant medicine, not Iosco something else, there will be an opportunity to do that with the local shaman. And one day we will spend the entire day at Machu Picchu. I’m not going all the way to Peru and missing Machu Picchu. So it’ll be a combination of doing the heavy lifting, but then also letting those muscles repair and strengthen so that when we leave on Saturday morning, you are fully ready to go out and realize and then I’ve got some some things I’m structuring on the back end of the retreat to be the support system. As people go out and they’re they’re living this new life and maybe they they feel like they’re stumbling a little bit because it’s this new space outside of the comfort zone. How do we how can I best support them moving forward and support everybody in the group by holding each other accountable, and that structure I just put into place About a month ago, so that it’s not just about going to the retreat, it’s about getting, getting help and support as you go out, continue to shine your light.

Nathan Kettler 39:08
That’s a whole transformation. I mean, it’s, it’s so I love that and you know, as rising, rising entrepreneurs, knowing the gift, you know, like because quill level clarity, the company that coin I co founded is about helping rising entrepreneurs step into the gift that they’re meant to be right and serve at the highest and best level. You know, and when you and so one of the things that I’ve done for a while the reason we partnered up, Cory is a master at systems that help people deliver that process, right? And I’m like, the storyteller psychological side of those things. Right? And so, um, and so I know, like when I help people discover their unique value in the market, right, which is their gift. It’s how that pack is that contract you sign and when you said that, I was like, dang, I probably made a huge promise I should probably step up my game. Knowing my personality when Like, what are you gonna do when you go down? I was like, Yo, I’m gonna do this. Step up whatever promise I made up there is probably big so so. But what I noticed that when you help somebody step into their next job when you go through their story, and you help realign their story to, to Oh my god, like this is me I just didn’t connect those dots I didn’t see I call putting the golden thread right that’s how we find their authentic awesome. But when I’ve noticed when I do that, that there’s this exhilaration of energy, and there’s this power and there’s this purpose. And then and then there’s this how do I become this person that I know that I am that I don’t know how to be? And then those blocks come back in they’re real and so Cory and I have different ways that we’re trying to to move people through that process and, and like me, you know, psychology, what are the public commitment you’re going to make to yourself so that you can have love consistency. Let’s use human psychology to make this transition easier for you. I don’t know hypnosis but I understand it. But when you say, we’re going to, we’re going to uncover this thing. And then we’re going to remove the blocks. And then we’re going to allow you to step into this thing, I understand that that’s the process, my process for doing it is, is longer through your marketing and through your process of living that thing. And so and so the power of being able to go to a place in three days, uncover this part of it the gift, and then remove the blocks and step into the gift while you’re in a new environment and experiencing things because, you know, Cory is an international traveler, right? I’m not but but we both believe that a man a mind expanded around something can never contract. And so when you go to new places and have new experiences, you become somebody new, and you and you and you open up all these pathways and possibilities that aren’t there in your regular environment. So by going through an opening up that just that alone would change you make you a different person, but when it’s through this, this, this thought out, process to unlock Your greatest self, your gift, the contract you made, and then remove the things to step into it. I mean, you can’t underestimate the value that could provide to somebody like The Rising Entrepreneur that knows that like my business is really a limitation of myself. The development that I put into myself to the level of my authentic awesome I bring to the world is gonna be the limit of the impact that I have in the world and here’s a way to step into that give step into authentic awesome in a super thought out practical like mind blowing way

Corey Benschop 42:33
for sure. So Daniel, how can we actually get access to this event?

Daniel Olexa 42:38
So you can go to my website, which is Daniel Alexa, calm and at the very top you’ll see vision 2020, which is the story of why I created it, how to get connected and give the full itinerary of what we’ll be doing every day, and with with what’s going on in the world right now. There’s two things that have happened that are beneficial to people wanting to go on this trip. One is I back to the price down to make it easy. Number two, with airfare right at the moment when I was when I was planning this trip six months ago airfare from LA to Peru round trip to Cusco was about 1100 bucks. I booked my ticket last week for 450. I was gonna say it’s gotta be insane.

Unknown Speaker 43:21

Daniel Olexa 43:22
So it’s like, and as I was checking for other travelers around the country, I was doing spot checks. round trip out of JFK in New York was like 650 bucks. Wow, seriously cheap. This is the time to get on board with something like this. I’ve been trying to find the quote, I thought it was out of the art of war. But I haven’t found it yet. It’s about when when everybody else contracts, it’s time to step forward. And when it goes into marketing, we mentioned it or you mentioned it earlier, Korea, like so many people like Oh, the times are tough the economy Bad I got a pullback. No, that is when you charge forward. And it’s like this reverse idea that whenever it when all the other armies are relaxing, you should be sharpening your sword 100% This is the way to do it. Invest in yourself invest in your personal development, because when things get back to some sort of normal again, you will be so much farther ahead because you prepared while everybody else was relaxing 100% Yeah,

Corey Benschop 44:27
everybody else at that point is going to be picking their head up and like okay, what can I do now to start moving forward but if you’re doing that now, yeah, you’ll you’ll be in a much better position. So everyone go check out Daniel Alexa calm. There’s information for that event. And and you said this is an annual event. So we’re recording right now in March or April? I think it’s April, right. Yeah.

Daniel Olexa 44:48
First one, yeah. The very first one is July 19 through 25. Then I’m going again in December. So the second week of believe it’s the sixth through the 12th of December 2012. And obviously have to rename it in 2021. But we will continue that same process of helping people to step into their vision that’s been calling them forward on in some way. And no matter how clear or foggy they are on it, we will get them closer to living that dream.

Corey Benschop 45:18
That’s amazing. I love that. Thank you so much for sharing that with everybody and really, you know, sharing your expertise to to help people level up. I think the work that you’re doing is super important. And, you know, that can’t be taken lightly. So definitely appreciate Daniel, and I appreciate your time here today, too, man. We do have one more question before we wrap up and Nathan, if you want to go ahead and take it away.

Nathan Kettler 45:39
Yeah. So so he went through he gave us such good protection, right against our perils and pearls. So now is what we’re going to ask is one final pearl. What is the best piece of advice you would give to yourself 510 15 years ago, separate from what you gave us earlier. What was the best pearl You would leave for yourself. If you just had two to three minutes to talk to yourself, you know, in the past, what’s the pearl, you’d leave?

Daniel Olexa 46:07
Oh, wow. Let’s see if I think 15 years back.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
I would

Daniel Olexa 46:15
I would there’s there’s part of me that would just want to grab myself by the color of the shirt and smack myself and say get over yourself. There, I think there is there is a gentleness that I would want to come to my younger self and say you are so much better than this. And believe it because there was that limiting story that I wasn’t even though there was this bubbling up within it like life has got to be better. I don’t know why but life has got to be better. And if you think you can’t feel that moment of life can be better unless you have some idea of what something is calling you forward whether you whether you are aware with it or clarity or not to because if If you’re just working for this company and you’re miserable, and that’s all you know, there’s nothing to cause. I don’t feel right. You need to have something bubbling within you to say, I could do something different, I could be better, I could be bigger. And I think that’s on honor that and I, I would have said, honor it, honor it faster. Everyone will find that space and time for themselves as the opportunity that that that ensuing 15 years it was the the obstacles and the learning I had to go through maybe because I was so dense. I didn’t pick it up fast enough. But it allowed me to become the person I am today and have empathy for my clients who are struggling through the same thing is evidently I really needed to learn that empathy.

Corey Benschop 47:46
That’s awesome. I love that. And I think it’s a great piece of advice because right now is the time you know, people need to really wake up to who they truly are and what they’re capable of in this world. So definitely appreciate that advice and peace. Take your time, man, this has been awesome.

Daniel Olexa 48:02
Yeah, thank you guys. The old the old rules have changed. It’s not they are changing. They have changed. Yes. And what what are the new rules we are going to write for ourselves because you know what? There are no rules. We think there are there are no rules. No, that’s it. Yes.

Nathan Kettler 48:19
Go out and do and work your way through not being good enough because you are that voice. It’s telling you that you’re good enough you don’t have that by accident. The voice is telling you like I might be I might. I might be supposed to do something really, really amazing. I don’t know what it is. That’s not right. You are created from pure potential you are value and a life that no one else has ever lived before has crafted you for something unique you are unique value. And that call is real. So just work your way through it, whether it’s a mile a day or two steps that you’re trudging through, work your way through to you understand the worthiness that you really are always have been and then figured out out, get your hypnosis to get over the blocks, do the work that you need to do to step in to that person that you are, but you just don’t know how to be.

Daniel Olexa 49:08
And that’s the voice that one that’s telling you what you are good enough that you are worthy. That your real voice, the one that tends to be louder that tells you you’re less than in any way, shape or form is lying to you. And it came from other people. It’s not your life. So live live the one that’s calling you forward.

Corey Benschop 49:27
That’s awesome, man. I love it. I love it. Well, thank you again, Daniel, for your time today. We got to go ahead and shut this one off, but really appreciate you brother. Keep doing what you’re doing helping those people level up. And I guess we’ll catch you on the next one.

Daniel Olexa 49:38
Fantastic. Thanks. Great. Thanks, Nathan.

Nathan Kettler 49:41
Thank you.

Corey Benschop 49:43
Thanks for listening to another episode of The Rising I really hope you got value from today’s show. And please make sure you don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss the two new episodes we release each week on Mondays and Thursdays Be sure to visit The Rising today Join the conversation, access the show notes and discover our amazing bonus content. And Hey, have you joined the movement yet? Make sure you join our free Facebook group called The Rising Entrepreneur is movement to connect with our guests and get access to all sorts of training materials that will help you build your business. To join the movement. Just go to my FB that’s my FB Alright, that’s it for today’s episode. We’ll catch you on the next one.

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