TRE:53 – Jonathan & Sascha Schlossberg: Always Striving For Better

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Jonathan Schlossberg 0:00
It’s you know, you find the mentor that’s right for you, then you may outgrow your mentor, you may go in a different direction. Like we’ve kind of, we still have a lot of respect and we still work, not work with but like we’ll communicate with if we have a question we’ll ask them, but we’ve kind of at this point outgrown that mentorship and have other resources as mentors now.

Sascha Schlossberg 0:21
It’s Yeah, it’s kind of like the hermit crab thing like you you search for the right shell that fits and then for a while, you might be without a shell.

Corey Benschop 0:30
Welcome to The Rising podcast for the dreamers, the doers and the believers. I’m your host, Corey Benschop. And it’s time to rise. What’s up everyone? Welcome back to the show. I am super pumped today. Today’s actually going to be a little bit different because I have two guests for you. So we’ll have some dynamic going on there. But you know, they are lifelong. creative entrepreneurs that actually met as actors in Hollywood, you may have seen them on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, entourage, and Jerry Maguire. But Hollywood is actually where they met, they married and dove into the world of digital marketing. And now they own and operate their own digital marketing agency, which is called holistic made. And that’s based around their passion for healthy, holistic living. They’re also raising three amazing children under the age of four years old while doing all of this. So please welcome to the show, Jonathan and Sasha. slosberg. Hello.

Jonathan Schlossberg 1:34
Thank you. That was awesome.

Sascha Schlossberg 1:35
It’s funny hearing a bio, I realize how insane we either sound or truly are.

Jonathan Schlossberg 1:41
It’s a little bit of both. Yeah, we’re definitely one of the crazies, that’s for sure.

Corey Benschop 1:45
That’s awesome. Thank you guys so much for being here. You know, this is gonna be a lot of fun. And I just really appreciate y’all taking time out of your day to jump on here and hopefully share some of your, you know, experience and wisdom with our audience today.

Jonathan Schlossberg 1:57
We would love that.

Corey Benschop 1:58
Yeah. Well, cool. You know, I was doing a little research on you guys as I kind of do with all my guests before we get on the show. And I stumbled across your YouTube channel, which is awesome. And I wanted to ask you about something that I saw in there because it’s actually something I’m kind of interested in. I noticed you did one of those ice baths the 30 degree ice. Yes, Jonathan, you were mentioning how your first thoughts when you got in there was I have to pee. So I wonder if you guys could just share a little bit more about that story because like I said that the whole ice bath thing is actually kind of neat.

Jonathan Schlossberg 2:34
Yeah, so we were at was at a memorial day something like like a memorial day friends barbecue and we have a like a sector. We’re a little bit crunchy in nature, but we have so we have like normal friends, I guess you call them Marines. But then we have like a whole crunchy sector. And so we were with some of our friends that went over to this barbecue and this guy’s house and he is certified in the Wim Hof Method, which, if you know anything about Wim Hof, you might want to you would probably find this Interesting, but this is a guy that gave this whole method of breathing to regulate his entire body like he climbs Mount Everest, like in short, it’s

Sascha Schlossberg 3:10
found out about him via the Tim Ferriss podcast. So like I’m a huge Tim Ferriss fan girl, all the stuff that he recommends. So when we hear ice back and bath Wim Hof, I’m like, I was pregnant, so I couldn’t do it. I was like, you gotta do this.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
Yeah, so at this guy’s house,

Sascha Schlossberg 3:26
he has a ton of his dipping his finger. Yeah, like, it’s like one of those.

Jonathan Schlossberg 3:30
Like, like, when you were in college, like the big beer troughs. I mean, you saw the video, but it’s like a beer chock full of water, and just bags of ice. And so like, he’s like, Who’s gonna do that? And so like, I was like, Well, why not here? Everybody was gonna do it, but it was I mean, it was interesting, but it’s terrifying. At the same time, the thought of doing because you put your hand You know, you put your hand into like a cold soda and like your hand freezes. But so this friend of ours, Jesse took us like that. It was a couple they probably like eight of us or nine. Yeah, all in his backyard. Took us through this whole breathing exercise. And then one by one we all got in for Was it a minute or a minute and a half or so give me cider. I was like, somewhere between one and I think I’ve wanted one and a half minutes. And it was a it was pretty awesome. Like, it was a really crazy experience. And just to let all the audience know, I did not pee in the ice bath.

But it like

Unknown Speaker 4:32
where does your mind go?

Jonathan Schlossberg 4:33
So like your body goes into the fighter flight. And so you have to the breathing helps center you. And so like literally that’s what I had to focus on. Because it was like terrifyingly shocking to the body. And so if you don’t control your mind, like I remember having an experience scuba diving once where my my BCD was like really tight, and I started to have a panic attack and I realized like I was safe 50 60 feet under the water, but my mind wasn’t saying so when I had to like, tell my mind that I was okay to call my body down. It’s it was the exact same thing like you had to like, get your mind right to calm your body so that you could sit there

Sascha Schlossberg 5:14
honestly sounds like natural childbirth.

Jonathan Schlossberg 5:17
Like for real. Okay, so apparently now I can say that I’ve given

Unknown Speaker 5:21
now no not still though.

Corey Benschop 5:24
That’s that’s really cool and actually I am familiar with Wim Hof and I have studied his method a little bit. I haven’t actually done the ice bath with ice but like the cold shower thing is something I’ve times and it really is invigorating and definitely sparks all of the senses and gets them all firing. And, you know, it’s an interesting thing that you just said about how you really have to control your mind, you know, to not let to not really like freak out and have your body sort of go into shock, you know, while you’re doing something like this. And it almost is the same in business, right? I mean, you really have to set your mind right for Before you can move forward and be successful on on anything that you’re attempting to do, so it’s a weird parallel, but yeah, anyway, I just thought that was really cool and it’s something I’d like to try the whole ice bath thing you should do it.

Sascha Schlossberg 6:12
So now we have a plan when you come to Phoenix Jesse’s now opened up his own actual shop called optimize with a why. And he has different ice baths in there, infrared saunas, so we’re going to go back, we’re going to do it as it because we’re weird. We’re going to do it as a date night, get a sitter and then go in there, just the two of us and do it in the next week or two.

Corey Benschop 6:32
That sounds awesome. Yeah, if I come through Phoenix, I definitely have you guys. Show me that place for a short

Jonathan Schlossberg 6:37

Corey Benschop 6:38
That’s really cool. Awesome. Well, you guys have sounds like a very interesting story. I mean, how do you go from being actors to being digital marketers? You gotta like, tell us about that.

Sascha Schlossberg 6:49
Well, it’s funny, we met waiting tables, um, and we would each. Neither one of us are particularly good at jobs. I usually took it like when I wanted to burn down the building. I knew it was time for me to find A new one. And so I would find a new one and then leave just like cutting run, Jonathan on the other hand would just like burn it to the ground, get fired, literally burn down and then move on. So the two of us together would find a better job bring the other one. So together, we worked at four different restaurants. Um, and we wanted to like I had done the thing where you look up how to make money online, and then you put in your email address, and you gotta like file email bankruptcy, because now you’re getting a million emails a day about like your credit score. So I didn’t looking into building a business online. It didn’t seem possible. So he and I started diving into real estate because like, what else do you do if you don’t have any skills besides acting in Hollywood, it was real estate or polities.

Jonathan Schlossberg 7:45
And then we realized very quickly that we did not want to do polities or real estate. And through it was actually because of the selfish nature of wanting to meet a casting director, a casting director invited us to like a little event. It ended up being a network marketing party.

Sascha Schlossberg 8:02
But we weren’t scared. We’re like done. And we’re like,

Jonathan Schlossberg 8:05
and it looks doable. And so we were like, Sure, why not? We would like working together, we can do this. It’s easy. Which it wasn’t because you need to have influence and you need to have people that would be interested in doing other things. And all we had were broke people that figured the only thing they could do was being an actor. Like we had no fear the hole where you have to message or reach out to or make your list of 100 like we did the whole thing we put in the work, but we didn’t, we didn’t know people and at that point, were like, Okay, well then clearly, we started looking at the internet because that’s where all the people are that want these saying that she got pregnant. Yeah. And she had horrible horrible, horrible morning sickness that like literally made being social. And the company was more of like a go and meet people thing. Like it just it just devastated everything. So

Sascha Schlossberg 8:54
you see people and you hear morning sickness, and it looks like all you throw up in the trashcan in the morning and you’re done. Like Was incapacitated all day long throwing it was horrible. Yeah. So then that really made a business on the internet more

Jonathan Schlossberg 9:07
appealing. And so we started looking for that. And then we fell into through some happenstances of meeting our mentor, who was extremely successful in real estate, but also extremely successful in network marketing, but also an incredible internet marketer, digital marketer. And so we started learning and working with him and he tutored and just mentored us, and we ended up like just learning by trial by fire, like doing it and failing forward. And so we did that for a number of years. And then we went to work for his publishing company. Sasha is the lead strategist and content creator and I was the VP of ops where we launched eight, seven or eight verticals over the course

Sascha Schlossberg 9:48
like 18. We’re talking the full thing blogs, but built around the intention of selling and model monetization and events,

Jonathan Schlossberg 9:56
branding and products and yeah, funnels. And everything that goes along with it. So we did that. And then July of last year, we were pregnant now with our third, our daughter, and

we’ve seen the writing on the wall.

Sascha Schlossberg 10:14
Yeah, I mean, because we work closely with it when new funding was drying up. So we both ended up out of a job while pregnant with a third kid on the same day. And so yeah, but we’d already were freelancing a bit here and there for like clients for, for businesses that we frequented. So through a chat with a friend, the long story short, is we’re like, okay, we’re going to build this agency around our existing clients. And so that’s how we ended up with a very specific company.

Corey Benschop 10:43
That’s awesome. That’s awesome. And I think there’s a lot to unpack there because obviously, you know, you have you have a lot of issues in the way that you have to overcome right? I mean, having a baby. Definitely. I don’t have one but I have to imagine that. That is That really dials up like the intensity level right to 11 on all the decisions that you make. So, I’m curious as I mean, you said sort of through happenstance, you found your mentor, were you looking for a mentor? Was that something that you were thinking about at that time? Or like how did I mean how did that actually happen? And and then also explained if you don’t mind, like what is the importance of having a mentor?

Jonathan Schlossberg 11:24
That’s actually a really good point to go to, to that most people overlook but so I at the time, I was 40 Mm hmm. I was 40 and I’ve always wanted a mentor but this is like when I was acting so I always thought I was going to get some like acting mentor, but I never found one so I always wanted one but I didn’t know how to find one I didn’t know how to get one I did not work well then they just it was like like the whatever it is, the universe wasn’t was conspiring against me or it just wasn’t happening. And we were at an event

Sascha Schlossberg 11:51
where let me cut in on that too. Because here’s something keep because we work in my hands like this because we were all in. We went to events, we showed Up to everything we could anything we could learn.

Jonathan Schlossberg 12:02
We were there and like we were sitting in the front row, we were with our baby like 11 week old daughter strapped to her chest like

Sascha Schlossberg 12:09
on webinars we were putting ourselves out there

Jonathan Schlossberg 12:12
now, so much. Wow. Anyways, so like, we went to this one event, and we’re like, you know, we always tried to go VIP because like, we found always at events, if you’re ever going to events, that’s what you want to do. You just get to meet better people, you get to be closer to the action. So those are some for any of your listeners that are new in the entrepreneurial space that are looking to do this. Definitely go to events. Yeah, VIP upgrades for sure. It may look like a bigger expense on the front end, but it’s definitely worth it always. So we would do that. And so at this event, this one guy spoke and he was like, intense and like really successful. And I was like, that’s who I want to like, work with. And then I went to the bathroom and as I was going to the bathroom, he was coming out. And I didn’t ask her to be my mentor. I just was kind of like hi and he was like And that was the first meeting like outside of the bathroom. And then after a couple events, he just he just, you know, we stood out, we were two, I appeared younger than I really was. But two young, you know, young family with this, like 11 and 14 week old little girl strapped on a baby carrot or a chest sitting in the front row, like, people just took notice of us. And we kept showing up and we kept doing those things. And finally, there was something going on. And he reached out and you know, I showed up and then we just started working more closely, and he saw how committed we were to it. That it just kind of sort of evolved. Yeah. Now, to answer your question about importance, it is I think, one of the most important things that you can have is finding a mentor and I think what’s also powerful and tell me if you agree or disagree, is that with a mentor doesn’t mean you pick one mentor and they’re your mentor for life. It’s you know, you find the mentor that’s right for you then You may outgrow your mentor, you may go in a different direction. Like we’ve kind of, we still have a lot of respect and we still work, not work with but like we’ll communicate with if we have a question we’ll ask them. But we’ve kind of at this point outgrown that mentorship and have other resources as mentors now, it’s

Sascha Schlossberg 14:19
Yeah, it’s kind of like the hermit crab thing like you, you search for the right shell that fits. And then for a while, you might be without a shell. But I actually on my blog, at one point did a post about why you don’t need a mentor, because you’ll often find people who aren’t necessarily ready for a mentor, like like messaging Hey, can I pick your brain for coffee and most mentors aren’t they don’t have that time? They don’t have that time resource. But that doesn’t mean like they can’t mentor you’re in a different way. So many people have put out so much content that you can oftentimes learn so much from someone without needing their one on one attention. So I advocate for people like stock the people Not literally, please don’t go to jail or be offensive, but like, look at all their different social profiles, look at their YouTube videos, learn from them that way. Because there’s that saying that you’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. But we’re putting so much in our brain so you don’t have to literally be person to person with someone. By the time we got this mentorship, we were we were ready. We were on that level. We weren’t like a beginner who was who could have learned the information via podcasts and YouTube videos at that point.

Jonathan Schlossberg 15:29
And you can you can also you know, if you you don’t have anybody or know anybody to even ask you haven’t read books are great mentors, you know, going Google, you know, top 10 books for entrepreneurs and read those books and read all the books, buy them,

Sascha Schlossberg 15:44
subscribe to this podcast and listen to every single episode.

Jonathan Schlossberg 15:48
It’s you know, it’s really diving in and at the same time, you know, having a mentor doesn’t mean like we talked every day, it doesn’t mean like we were emailing every day. You know, we might go a couple weeks in the beginning it was a lot less community. You know, and then as we started working, actually working together, then it became daily communication because we were all working together. But you know, a mentor can be someone that you sit down with once every six months, or someone you email once a month, and still get that mentorship.

Corey Benschop 16:14
Yeah. I love that. And actually, that’s, that’s a really good point, which you mentioned, Sasha, about the fact that you, like, the mentor doesn’t even need to know you exist, you know, and I’ve said that before on the show, like, reach, you know, like you said, there’s so many people out there creating content, and the ones that are actually successful, like you can tell, you know, versus the ones that are just getting started. But you have to find someone and Jonathan, like you mentioned someone who is where you want to be, and, and just like, watch what they’re doing, you know, learn from them. And there’s so much content out there. These people again, they don’t have to know you exist for you to be able to learn from them. So I think that’s awesome. And, Jonathan, what do you have like the Benjamin Button disease because if you were 40 a few years ago, that’s the magic trick there then you look great.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Hey Oh, you’re so look at you. I mean, I look about as good as you

Unknown Speaker 17:05

Jonathan Schlossberg 17:07
this one I have no idea to be I’ll tell you I my parents jeans I really have nothing to do with it a youthful living. I’m a kid at heart. I always thought of myself as like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes and I mean I don’t drink anymore I don’t smoke I don’t do drugs like crazy this is how crazy WE ARE WE WENT plant bed my my best friend two weeks ago said you got to watch this documentary what the health and we’ve watched like literally every health documentary fed up and watched it and literally the next day we gave away like grocery bags will have for them like meat and chicken and gone plant based. And then we watch that

Sascha Schlossberg 17:50
over film A few days ago and cut all refined sugars. Like

Jonathan Schlossberg 17:53
we’re we’re insane and I don’t recommend it for everybody. But like we’re that type of people, you guys.

Corey Benschop 17:57
It’s not I wouldn’t call it insane. I mean, you Guys are just your doers. And I love our walk.

Jonathan Schlossberg 18:04
That’s what I hear. That’s what the young kids say today we’re woke.

Corey Benschop 18:07
No, you’re woke. Yeah, for sure. Your conscious man, y’all are awake. And the thing is, is you’re always striving to better yourselves, which is clearly evident, you know, and I think that’s a really important trait to have, if you want to be successful. And if you want to grow and you know, create anything worth worth creating, you know, you always have to be trying to change, you know, what’s going on. And if you see something not working, or it just doesn’t feel like you know, it’s jiving with you, like, you have to look in another area to see, you know, what else can you try? And clearly you guys are testament that you know, trying new things and, you know, looking out and searching for new opportunities clearly creates growth and as long as you’re always moving forward, then you’re you’re you’re living I think, a very good life in my full life. You know, I think it’s important to and like you say, living youthfully like always having fun, you know, like in doing the things that you’re doing, I mean I’m having a blast right now having a conversation with you guys, you know, and I, I could be bummed out because like I said, it’s raining outside, you know, the weather’s terrible, but it’s all about, you know, looking at life in a positive light. And I think that’s awesome. So I hope you know, for everyone listening, that you’re picking up some of these fives and hopefully that can inspire you to try to be a little bit more optimistic in your life if you’re having trouble with that, for sure. And, anyway, let’s move on to the next topic of conversation, which is this digital landscape in this crazy social media world we live in, you know, as we were talking about how you can basically stalk anyone that’s putting content out there. You know, there’s a lot of opportunities out there as well for business and you know, for creating, you know, like a side hustle if that’s something you’re interested in. So I’m wondering for you guys in terms of the digital marketing space and you know, everything that you’re doing online, what is exciting you about the digital landscape at the moment.

Sascha Schlossberg 19:58
I like that it’s constantly shifting.

That part to me blows my mind. One of my friends posted she was kidding. But she was a friend of hers brand manager. And I was thinking that this is these aren’t even terms that existed two years ago, five years ago. So So the fact that there’s room for absolutely everyone, that the right opportunities are there. I think that’s amazing that literally anybody could really decide to have their own business.

Jonathan Schlossberg 20:25
Yeah, I think the the opportunity in front of people is infinitely greater than it was five years ago and 10 years ago

Unknown Speaker 20:36

Jonathan Schlossberg 20:39
we, you know, we live in this gig economy world, right, where people are like, they can go and drive for Uber or Airbnb, their house, and that’s awesome. But there’s so much there’s like so much available to you to feed yourself with great stuff and opportunities to really like enhance your life. Just by finding something online, you can you can literally touch anyone anywhere in the world with a click of a button. And that is

Sascha Schlossberg 21:11
I think that a lot because I go you know I spend time because we have a baby sitting there nursing her and I’m like, Okay I could be scrolling or I could be reading a book on script like, I look at the, the what moms had available to them, and it was like I could have my groceries delivered. I don’t have to spend that waste that time leaving the house which means I have the ability to be more productive outside of motherhood, then then mom’s had even 10 years ago, but but that also keeps my hustle game and and I have to check myself that I’m not beating up myself too hard for not getting more done. Because there is so much that you you can do it. It presents other like nowadays I feel like moms have to and people in general have to work to to unplug and check out because we can’t be productive all the time as well. It sets up it’s there’s so many opportunities, but also such interesting challenges now.

Corey Benschop 22:06
Yeah, for sure. And I can see how, you know, just like you say, the the convenience that’s come from different services that are now available, like you say getting food delivered. your grocery is basically like the, I mean, really, anything can be delivered pretty much to your house now, like the, the need to leave the houses is becoming less and less, you know, as convenience gets built in with technology and, and all of these things, and that does leave us with time. Right? And so we have a lot more time on our hands. And it can be really easy, like you say to kind of judge yourself if you know if your goal is to create a business or let’s say, you know, a side hustle or you like you’re really trying to build something. I mean, you’re right, you cannot be productive 100% of the time, but now that we have more time on our hands, it’s like, you know, you start you want to fill that time with something, and a lot of people unfortunately will fill too much of that time with stuff like Netflix and you know, stuff isn’t really doing anything for you but we I mean that’s kind of part of that balance you know and and really understanding you know what what are the goals for today and as long as we check off these goals for today then it can be called a successful day you know and and you have to have fun in life I mean you have to go out play with the kids right and do things that you enjoy fulfilling fulfill you on a you know, on a spiritual level a personal level, because without you know, without that fulfillment, how can you really give to anybody on a professional level? Right? So I think that’s, that’s really important, but I agree with the fact that the internet is opening up opportunity for everyone and there’s so much space and what’s what’s amazing me about it is like, you can build a business around like anything, any, any anything you’re interested in, whether it’s like some people will do it around video games, I saw an interview where a woman had built her business completely off the back of Disney, like she just teaches people how to save money by going to Disneyland, you know, there’s a whole course around like how to, you know, do like Disney stuff on the cheap and I mean, there’s there’s just blows my mind how much is out there? You know, it’s really it’s We live in an amazing time. Yeah,

Sascha Schlossberg 24:09
I agree entirely.

Corey Benschop 24:11
So I’m on that balance side of things right because, you know, as you say it’s easy to beat ourselves up if we’re not doing it. So, how do you guys manage? I mean, you’ve got the three kids you got the business, you guys

Jonathan Schlossberg 24:24
it’s not easy. It is definitely a challenge and it is a challenge that we talk about. We argue about fight about like in like, many times during the week, you know that we even had a chat today because like so at first Okay, let’s cut some other so we had a co working space so I would leave we could leave or I you know I do a lot more of like the heavy lifting work. And so I would leave to go work on like building ads or doing stuff like and it was good because I could get out of the house. But then they sold the building. And so we live like in Phoenix where we live like really far north where there’s like, it’s it’s not world but there’s not it’s not like in the center of like Metro, you know where there’s stuff everywhere. And so ended up deciding just to like bring like you’re in our office right now like, this is where I work from. And so being able to get out of house made it a lot easier. But being in the house has been challenging because

Sascha Schlossberg 25:25
we got to back up even further on that one. So we decided we decided about a while we’ve been in this house just a year and a few months. Marvin’s plan when we moved into this house is that we were either going to move back to LA or sell everything and travel, like you. So we went waste, bam. So we’re in a very small house and I was pregnant with a third kid. Well, it became very clear to us that we’re actually meant to stay put and build this agency and grow some roots here. So we don’t know what the future holds. But for now, we’re for sure here and for two people that are extremely decisive. Nothing presented itself is clear for us as in regards to moving homes. So we’re staying put, but it’s a three bedroom. This is our office, two feet, always our master and the baby’s in

Jonathan Schlossberg 26:09
there. And we went we moved from LA and like an old like 1920s. Like, it was big, but three bedroom like maybe 11 1200 square feet. This is when we then just had one child and yeah, moved here got 2500 square feet to garage. You know, like all that.

Sascha Schlossberg 26:26
But it seemed wasteful. And we were like intentionally we’re like, what are we doing? Yeah, all of this we

Jonathan Schlossberg 26:32
purchase furniture to put it in it. And then we were like, We were like not using three of the rooms were like, well, let’s go small. And we went from 2500 to like 1400 and 50. And then added a third baby. So when you

Sascha Schlossberg 26:46
have the kids room close to your bedroom close to you and you’re trying to sleep train Potty Train your office, this office is right here. We run into amazing challenges of constraint. Actually, let’s add in that it’s also like 110 degrees. It’s not like I can take the kids outside.

Jonathan Schlossberg 27:02
So we’re in this house. Yes, well on top of each other. So it’s, look, it’s a challenge. And we work together, we live together, we raise our kids together. So as I like to say, like our five years of marriage together is like most people’s, like 30 years of marriage and the amount of time we spend in proximity and with each other, like, I don’t go off to an office and come back eight hours, nine hours later, and like, Hi, let’s have dinner and let’s talk about our day. Yeah.

Sascha Schlossberg 27:29
So the the thing I think that keeps, at least me sane is that I spend a lot of time going, Well, I am so excited for what the future holds in our bigger house. And when we have a bigger office space, because we like the idea of you’re talking intentional living, we don’t want to add in a commute to an office because what’s the point of that? Like, where’s your freedom there? So we’re, I think another thing that keeps us sane is looking for like the learning and all of these things like Okay, so how do we how do we live in intentionally without these constraints, you know, what’s what’s our What do we envision in our future? Like, how can we improve this? And then building in intentional, you know, communication time like he and I have a separate marriage meeting and then we have a separate business meeting nearly every week. So makes we skip. But that allows us to make sure everything is like how can we improve these these obvious challenges that are going to be built in we we, you know, we schedule date night so that we can do something that is not work related to the best of our ability. We’re still if he gets a Facebook ad alert or something we’re still gonna work on?

Jonathan Schlossberg 28:40
Yes, it’s a work in progress.

Corey Benschop 28:42
Right, right. Well, I can definitely see that there are extra struggles there with the kids and everything like that. And I understand the struggle of the carpet commute. You know, where you say your office is in your house. I mean, sometimes it can feel a little stifling to at times. At least that was my experience when I had my house. Like, I would just go from my bedroom to the living room where my office was. And it’s like, you just feel like you’re always in the same environment. So sometimes creativity can be a little stifled and you do need to kind of separate yourself from that environment sometimes to you know, get the juices flowing again. But I love that you guys have date nights scheduled and you have like the specific meetings, you know, marriage meeting and then business meeting. I mean, that’s awesome. And I think it’s probably really important, right? It’s probably really important her crops on that.

Sascha Schlossberg 29:29
Strategy strategy is my thing. Like we try to do division of labor. So he does like the time sensitive stuff because it’s not practical for me with the kids. He’ll do more one on one client communication, I’ll do writing or or look at like, Okay, how can we improve this part of our lives? And that’s, that helps.

Corey Benschop 29:48
Yeah, for sure. I mean, I have to imagine working directly side by side with your significant other can be very challenging at times. And, you know, also very rewarding, but you’re I mean, like, you Say you’re both very, you have your opinions and your what was weird, you said that you, you are very decisive. Right? You’re very decisive. And when you know you want something, that’s the way you want it. Well, if you both have different opinions about that, that can be a problem. Right? So I’m curious. I mean, obviously, there’s that whole dynamic of working with your significant other, but, like, what is some advice for that you could give people maybe that have, you know, a spouse or, you know, someone that they’re very close to, but isn’t supportive of what they’re doing? Like, how can they still manage that relationship? Maybe, but, you know, like, maintain focus on what they’re doing and advice in that arena.

Unknown Speaker 30:41
What do you think? I think,

Jonathan Schlossberg 30:44
I mean, that’s so tough part of me says just run No, No, I’m kidding. Um, I think honestly having communication and so like if it’s important to you, and the other person is not on board to continue to communicate into like, if it’s that important to you, you need to stick around. with it and sometimes you have to fight through like they may not believe in you. It really finding out what the root of the lack of support is. I don’t know it’s hard because I haven’t been able to relate to that because we’re on the same page

Sascha Schlossberg 31:14
we have this we have this we have a small version of that I feel completely compelled to build an Instagram following try to insane so that it so it does so we do have a version of that message me Oh,

Unknown Speaker 31:29

Sascha Schlossberg 31:30
more followers. I don’t I don’t do that because I have like three followers and it’s but the thing is, is that I’m a compulsive creator, I’ve always been a creator. If you look at like notepads from when I was a small child, I would read a book and then write it into a play. Like I’ve literally always been this way. So for me, Instagram is the future. It’s the platform to micro blog on and because our lifestyle is so unique. So I feel passionate, I feel compelled to do it. So does drive him nuts? Um, but I do try to be supportive and I go through I go through my phases where I’m like, Oh, you just Are you mocking me three seconds ago like it’s it’s a thing but we try because ultimately we

Jonathan Schlossberg 32:13
I know it’s important to her and that

Sascha Schlossberg 32:15
and vice versa we’ve had things where like, I shut down as like you’re not doing Facebook ads this was years ago because it was literally always wasting money. And so he kind of he didn’t agree

Unknown Speaker 32:24
years ago just

Sascha Schlossberg 32:26
years ago. Now we do it for clients. But the thing is, is that incentivize him to actually truly put in the work to learn it. Like he learned ads and then finally it was like, okay, he clearly knows it’s really important to him. So do it and now it’s literally like a major part of our business.

Jonathan Schlossberg 32:46
Um, so become great at something. Yeah, I guess. Like if you don’t get the support, don’t be resentful use it as fuel to like literally become an expert at it

Sascha Schlossberg 32:58
and nobody can argue as a hobby, like, if he’s like, well, I’m just watching training videos because it’s my hobby fine. Like, what am I going to say? Don’t have a hobby. Like if I’m like, well Instagram is my hobby, and then he’ll be like,

Jonathan Schlossberg 33:11
I’m gonna have so many hobbies after this. No. Why are you doing it’s my new hobby?

Corey Benschop 33:16
Well, you just screwed yourself with that one.

Sascha Schlossberg 33:22
But that’s the other thing too is for real like he can say that because it’s so important to me. We can both easily be Workaholics. I have a different perspective, because we have kids and I want the kids to know us as president intentional parents. So I’m like, like crazy about, like, let’s make sure we’re unplugging. So for him, I’m like, please leave the house. Please have hobbies. So like if you have a hobby? It’s Yeah, I’m My hobby

Jonathan Schlossberg 33:45
is sort of my work. I love it. And we were talking about whether it’s your calling or your passion or your purpose. I don’t know the answer to that. We’re still figuring that one out. But yeah, I mean, any Look, this is not a relationship advice show and I’m no expert, but I know because of where we are in our relationship, and that we have 100% open communication and trust. And even if there’s challenges or issues we work through, and we talk through it, that’s how we’re able to stay on the same page. If you if you’re in a relationship with somebody, and it’s a valuable relationship, you know, you’re going to hope that you have that trust and that integrity and that communication so that, whether they love it or not, they still support you, if they so adamantly don’t support you in that. I mean, you do have to look at that after a while. I mean, to be quite honest, like, you know, when I moved to LA, my parents supported me, you know, there was always some that were like, when are you going to quit, but I know friends that moved there that their parents were like, never supported, you know, and you couldn’t convince them otherwise, even if they got a job. The parents were like, okay, I want you to go to law school and the number of people that folded for that how much resentment and upset and anger does that build?

Corey Benschop 34:54
Exactly, exactly. And you know, what you said about using it almost as fuel right? Putting like, A chip on your shoulder like, Alright, tell me what I can’t do. And then watch me. Alright? That is that is a great way to look at it too. But honestly, I love watching you guys just answer the questions because you’re like two parts of the same brain and you work together. It’s awesome. And no, this isn’t a relationship show, but I think relate everybody is in a relationship, everybody can, you know, can benefit from the amazing bond that you guys have created and how you communicate with each other, and learning how to you know, use that communication in their lives with it, whether again, whether it’s with a parent, whether it’s with a spouse, or you know, a friend, like we have to be able to communicate with the people we care about, so that they can know what we’re interested in, you know, and where what we’re doing in our lives. Because at the end of the day, I genuinely believe that, you know, people that love you, even if they don’t understand what you’re doing, they want you to be successful. They want you to do well, they want you to be happy. So even if they may not understand what path you’re on trying to get there, you know, in some part of their mind, they are supporting you, right. So I think that that’s uh that’s really cool. And you know again it’s just a blast watching you guys work through you know your ideas together. So I love that you are both on the show I really appreciate you guys being here. I got to know what what do you guys do like for fun fun like what other than jumping in ice fast like what are some things you guys do for fun?

Sascha Schlossberg 36:18
We like adventures Yeah, rock climbing. Like we like to try new things we like to hike. Well I like to hike he puts up with it. No, I enjoy it when it’s nice weather.

Jonathan Schlossberg 36:29
It’s I first go to I have a drone. I haven’t flown in a while and I enjoy you know, the techie gear stuff and stuff like that. We like to travel. We like food. Yeah, that which is interesting because now that we’d like two weeks ago went plant based it like I mean we used it we would just meet in whatever and now it’s it’s it’s unique.

Sascha Schlossberg 36:48
That gives us a new adventure to like check out all the new vegan places that are popping up.

Jonathan Schlossberg 36:52
But to be quite honest, it’s like you know, we’ll go on a date now we’ll go to a movie and whatnot but we’re so busy with our business and raising three kids, and you know, to add fuel to fire like now we’re homeschooling two of our little ones. And so it’s like, as you add more into your life and you grow a family like your, your attention to putting on hobbies and things that you get to do sort of do detract, and come down a lot more, because I disagree entirely on that one, though, because I need to be able to have adventures and hobbies. For my sanity. I’m not saying that don’t get to have them. I’m saying the amount of time is less, oh,

Sascha Schlossberg 37:31
the time is way less, but the emphasis I put on them is greater.

Jonathan Schlossberg 37:35
She’s right, I’m wrong. What?

Sascha Schlossberg 37:40
I have to put time into them for my own sanity, because mental health is supremely important to me.

Corey Benschop 37:47
Absolutely. I mean, it’s it’s got to be something that you hold, you know, in high regard. If you don’t want to live like a life of stress, you know, I mean, you have to be able to take time for yourself and I get it. I mean, you guys have so much going on, it probably is really hard to find any extra time where there’s like nothing happening. So you have to schedule it all in.

Jonathan Schlossberg 38:10
And so I thought of one. Yes, please. We’ve gotten into like, obstacle course racing like tough mudder Yeah. And Spartan races. Yeah. So we have one coming up in November. So, like our trainer actually on his, like, trains people for that. So, um, we started doing that and just have really loved

Sascha Schlossberg 38:28
getting into signed up for four races. And we’ve done three, three, we’ve done three or four, two since we’ve had our eight month old baby. Awesome.

Corey Benschop 38:38
Yeah, that actually is a lot of fun. Something I enjoy a lot as well. The obstacle course racing, I think was a Spartan Race even has like the kids races now. Yeah. I don’t know how long

Jonathan Schlossberg 38:48
but our daughter has four and a half. Now just did the half mile race about a month ago. So I ran it with her and then Sasha did the Spartan status. And spread and then I did the stadium sprint after

Sascha Schlossberg 39:02
our two little guys are signed up for one in the spring they were actually talking about it today. Were they they were they were talking about doing a Mud Run. They’re so excited. I was like, it’s not till next year, which they don’t know. I’m really excited.

Jonathan Schlossberg 39:16
today. Don’t wake up tomorrow. is it today? No, it’s in a year.

Corey Benschop 39:20
That’s awesome. Yeah, right on. Well, that’s, that’s definitely a good thing to do. And it brings the whole family together. And plus, it’s a healthy exercise. So I’m all for it. obstacle course, is a blast.

Sascha Schlossberg 39:30
For sure. mental exercise, right?

Corey Benschop 39:33
And then

Sascha Schlossberg 39:34
anytime you can work out your brain.

Corey Benschop 39:38
Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, very cool, guys. Well, this has been a blast. And I have one last question for you, which I’d like you each to answer this individually. But, you know, considering where you’re at right now and your journey and all the experience that you’ve built so far, what is a piece of advice that you would give to yourself maybe five or 10 years ago

Unknown Speaker 40:01

Unknown Speaker 40:04

Jonathan Schlossberg 40:05
So be easy on yourself. Like it is literally a journey we could not have told you that when we started 676 years ago, that what we thought we were going to be doing by starting in real estate would end us to our own agency in Phoenix with three kids, you know, specifically in the health and wellness and like intensely driven space. You could put a million dollars on the table and said, like, where you’re going to be, and I would not have chosen that. So it is it’s so cliche, but it is the journey and it’s sort of like you gotta just go through it. And like, if we had been tied to doing this, specifically what we want like thought we were supposed to be doing and tethered ourselves to that we wouldn’t have ended up where we are with all these great experiences. So like really just jump in, dive in, and let it unfold. My answer is

Sascha Schlossberg 41:05
kind of similar but kind of opposite, like, something that I figured out is that I have no ability to predict the future at all, but what I’ve, but what I always have an unwavering belief in his in my success in my future success. So I have no doubt that we’re building something great. And I’ve always felt that way. But I also know that what the future holds is not predictable. So to keep that mindset, right, and to be open to opportunities, and as much as I can be opinionated, to know that, that I’m going to be wrong plenty of the time. And so like if he is super passionate about something like creating Facebook ads, that event so I’m going to go Okay, like maybe this is the direction we’re supposed to go and so being being completely dead set in your own success and confidence in your future success if you don’t believe in yourself at the moment, um, but being flexible about how you get there.

Corey Benschop 42:09
Awesome, I love it. I love it. Yeah, belief is really, really important. And I agree, I think that’s something we have to believe in ourselves. And then but at the same token like you say, Don’t judge yourself too much you know and and give yourself the freedom to try things and to fail and you know, to learn from that experience and move forward. So I love it guys. I this has really been a special a special interview and I appreciate you guys being on here and sharing your stories with us. Once you tell everybody where they can find you and you know what’s going on in your world.

Jonathan Schlossberg 42:42
So our our agency site is holistic, made calm, so if people want to see what we do, they can go there. everywhere on social we’re at holistic made, and that’s ma D not made like the cleaner and then

Sascha Schlossberg 42:58
my Instagram Sasha does things but that’s si es ch a

Jonathan Schlossberg 43:03
and then I’m Jonathan does things and then we have Lauren does things. And Rylan does things and then so angry then Katherine is Katherine does things too, because somebody has, like, This girl has like, no posts, and I’ve like, messaged her and she’s like, not responding. I’m like, give me the name.

Sascha Schlossberg 43:21
And we have our family, our family lifestyle blog. That is coming.

Jonathan Schlossberg 43:27
Our yes dot life coming soon to a theater near you.

Corey Benschop 43:31
Awesome. Awesome. Well, you guys, it’s been a pleasure. And I will definitely link all of that stuff down below. For everyone listening. Make sure you go check out Jonathan and Sasha, they are killing it as a dynamic duo running a business. And if you need help with social media marketing, definitely check them out because they can hook you up. So I really appreciate it guys. Thanks again so much for being here. This has been a blast. David.

Jonathan Schlossberg 43:54
Thank you so much.

Corey Benschop 43:56
Thanks for listening to another episode of The Rising I really hope you got value from today’s show. And please make sure you don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss the two new episodes we release each week on Mondays and Thursdays. Be sure to visit The Rising to join the conversation, access the show notes and discover our amazing bonus content. And Hey, have you joined the movement yet? Make sure you join our free Facebook group called The Rising Entrepreneur is movement to connect with our guests and get access to all sorts of training materials that will help you build your business. To join the movement. Just go to my FB group com that’s my FB group calm. Alright, that’s it for today’s episode. We’ll catch you on the next one.

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