TRE:57 – Spotlight Coaching Session With RJ Ahmed

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RJ Ahmed 0:00
Yeah so generally what I did again trying to create a relationship in his own group in his own community trying to comment as as as much as value things as possible so that I will get into his eyes so he knew he gets to know about my name RJ you first name that makes sense that I like texted him. He saw the message and got into the inbox. I told him Hey, man, look, what about if I provide files to any of the person out there who bought traffic to your link, but again, haven’t say yes to that, but he tried friend funnels. Like I saw a friend funnel on his own tab and these are the This made me crazy.

Corey Benschop 0:36
Welcome to The Rising podcast for the dreamers, the doers and the believers. I’m your host, Corey Benschop. And it’s time to rise. Awesome, well, listen, what we wanted to do today RJ we’re gonna we want to go basically do like a snapshot or review of where you’re at in your business. Right now because from what I understand you’re just kind of getting started right with this friend funnels.

RJ Ahmed 1:06
No, like I’m doing everything for like two years now. So really is the reason software that I lost to, like, everything is going great.

Corey Benschop 1:14
Oh, awesome, man. Awesome. Awesome. So you’re marketing for a while?

RJ Ahmed 1:18
Yeah, you know, I got my facebook profile suspended. So I just created a new Facebook profile and everything. But still, you know, if people know about you, they will come and get your product.

Corey Benschop 1:29
Sure, or anything.

Nathan Kettler 1:32
So you have so you have a you have a software basically a bot that works through chrome that friends people and then responds to them once with some interaction, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:47

Nathan Kettler 1:48
um, and then your Facebook account got frozen shut down.

RJ Ahmed 1:56
Yeah, that wasn’t that isn’t my account. suspended you know, the reason I got suspended like they were like some of the guys out there who know they hate you and then start to report you for no reason. So suddenly, like I opened my facebook account, I had the interview lined up with Jim Edwards. And then suddenly, before a few hours, I was having the interview and got it for no reason. It was like four or five days ago, nothing was bonded, you know, Facebook never responds, overall. So that was the overall problem, then I thought, okay, that doesn’t mean that I would stop and these type of stuff, I started the Facebook profile, once again, added everyone up and lined everything up and then started the work.

Nathan Kettler 2:34
That’s awesome. So yeah, it’s actually really interesting because, like, you know, they say life happens for you, not to you, right? In that situation. You get to start over and you get to show the power of your software. I mean, right you get to show how it works. So that’s that’s really cool. So where so since you guys shut down Where’s your new account at?

RJ Ahmed 2:55
It’s still on Facebook. Then you have

Nathan Kettler 2:57
your How many? How many? I’m sorry. I said they’re wrong. How many? How many people like what have you done with your new account with the software in the time period? Yeah. So

RJ Ahmed 3:09
you know, the best thing was that and one of the few mistakes that I realize, first of all that I made overall throughout the journey, and I tried, okay, I need to pick these things out because I created when I had the previous Facebook account, I had all of the ad accounts and then all of my Facebook groups interacted or interconnected with the those I didn’t have. That means no, that was the first mistake that I made. I had the admins other than me or my ad, ad account and other places as well. I had my main group got saved, but were gone. But I when I created a new account, I realized, Okay, first the thing that I need to do is that I need to make admins for the other things like I need to have backups. That’s another thing to realize, too, that when I got started, because, you know, it was the old profile. We never got into this type of stuff. Like it’s been two years and I was like, What like eight to nine years when I started with Facebook, so it was a completely different thing. The earnings were different, and the trends were different and these type of things. So when I started, I added talented people out there, no friend, no family at all, no people who don’t have the idea what I’m doing right now, like, you know, over here, not many people have still the idea about the marketing, how these things work. So like, what, what is the reason behind that stuff, I’m still trying to get all those guys out there. But still, you know, I try to filter out the people. That was the first thing that I did. My face, if I made it to the targeted audience, the people should have the idea what we are talking about. And then the next hour I did is that I leverage my software because you know, if you can, the reason for the software itself is that if you think it’s a good product, it should work out for you as well. Because if you love that product in terms of using then you can be able to sell that much easy, you know, interconnected stories to sell as well with the product. So what I generally did is that any new friend that added without You know, if anyone have multiple profiles, something like that a copy people might think, okay, it is a fake profile or something like that. I just wanted to let everyone know who is newly added because most of them out there was the mutual friends that I was adding. It was still automation. I was like edit. I haven’t right now for about like 500 friends. I still like trading the hyper engagement and the type of stuff what I generally did, I use it to sprint. send the message to all of the almost like 350 or 400 people out there on automation. A thank you so much for connecting my facebook account got suspended. This is my new account, we will crushed everything from it. It was happened on automation. Like I have over Facebook on one side sending the message on automation and I was adding people on the other side, doing multiple things, boosting these type of things. And you know, the best part was that nothing suspended or like nothing. That type of suspension came from because I knew it wasn’t because of my Chrome extension or any extension because I everyone like loves their Facebook wants to get back door you know yeah today that was the case

and then look like send a message overall

Nathan Kettler 6:08
okay so so now a core you had a couple questions like about Facebook and stuff so I want you to actually asked some of those now that’s kind of yeah for sure

Corey Benschop 6:20
so and just to let you know RJ like this is this is actually the episode we’re gonna end up cutting this up and like this you know this is actually the episode but so with friend funnels man I’m interested to know like why why did you decide this particular problem? This is what you wanted to tackle.

RJ Ahmed 6:39
Yeah, so you know, if you know about it every unblu affiliate marketer I and influencers out there will tell you, you need to connect with most people in a day. As much people as in a day if you see any posts out there you say okay, connect with those people connect with those people. But as an entrepreneur, don’t have the time and we Like don’t need to get connected with those things and that stuff, because we simply don’t have time. Even the people who have time, they don’t have time. That is the first objection that people have. And the second thing was that I was like using a Chrome extension that like sense, the request on automation. So I was sending friend requests for like 500 friend requests and a friend request on automation. Then I thought, okay, I’m adding the people but the problem is that I’m not connecting with them. I’m missing out potentially details. That was a problem as well. Now I got myself the problem. I thought, Okay, I need to figure out if other people are having the exact same problem or not. So I like did a post on Facebook first of all to validate this process or the stuff okay if it’s going to work or not. So that because if you’re working or creating a product you feel everyone have the problem. But that’s not the case. If anyone has the problem, then you might think about it. Otherwise you don’t

Nathan Kettler 7:51
Can I ask you something man who does he seems like you’ve done a lot of research on the problem and stuff and that you understand it as awesome so Let me ask you this. Who else are who teaches? a process that your software would enhance? Like because because who teaches a course on how to connect how to take connecting with people and turn it into profits? That your software could enhance you? Who do you know who those people are?

RJ Ahmed 8:27
Absolutely, like if you’re selling something, you need to know who your dream audience is, like if you’re selling a product and you’re not able to figure it out, who’s your audience, then how are you able to sell it? So like, once I started to working on the software and everything it was like when I happy I got myself into the business so I knew about these type of many things that people need to focus about, okay, who’s your dream audience who you need to sell the product and these type of factors overall, when I started to more diving about okay to validate the process, not because of the emotion, psychology based on all the stuff I saw many people having the problem because many people are leaving the sales on the table, even the leads on the table because they’re not able to connect with each other.

Nathan Kettler 9:06
So who who who are who are the course? Who are the course people? any entrepreneur out there? No, no. It’s not any specific long. Listen, listen cuz cuz I know you got a lot of answers. You’re smart dude. But I think maybe maybe if you if you take some time to step back and really

Unknown Speaker 9:31
start to think about this.

Nathan Kettler 9:34
Some entrepreneur sells a course. Yeah. This course teaches people how to

Unknown Speaker 9:45
how to

Nathan Kettler 9:47
turn relationships into profit, right. But the problem that they have before that, is that where do you find these people to build a relationship with That makes sense. Yeah. So so you have, so they have a problem, they’re solving a problem. In order to solve that problem, there’s a problem there. There’s a problem that comes before that your product solves. So you see, what I’m saying is, well, what are the problems after? Like, what is the problem after they have so so you can find these people easier? I know it’s anybody needs to connect with more people. But But where do you find but you already know you can’t target anybody. That’s not that’s not it doesn’t work that way. Because I, if I’m being honest, Cory would use what you’re talking about. I would never use what you’re talking about. Because I don’t like Facebook. I don’t like so it’s not everybody because I look at it and I go, I don’t want I don’t want to reach out to all these people. I don’t even notice it’s dumb. But Cory would be like, that’s awesome. That’s so so it’s not everybody knows right. And so I’m not trying to be like harsh. a jerk. I’m Jay. Jay. I want to help you get to a new level of understanding like The people that buy a course on how to turn a relationship into money, I can think of Julie stoyan has used to have a course where she talked about meeting people on Facebook as part of that course. So her client that that course is shut down for her clients for that course, would be ideal for your product. So does that make sense? Yeah. Okay, so do you know any of those people? Or is that something you could put on your list to find them?

RJ Ahmed 11:32
You’re talking about these things. Or like, if you put me want me to put a specification overall that comes up? Is that what you’re talking about? Because like, if

Corey Benschop 11:42
he’s just, he’s just asking if you have basically if you figured out your dream 100 of course creators and people that you want to partner with.

RJ Ahmed 11:51
Okay, that Okay, that makes sense. Do you guys like when we talk about overall, like dream 100 you know, anyone who is like trying to teach the exact same stuff that I’m talking About right now, and anyone who is like telling the people, okay, you need to approach the people out there just for connecting purpose and then you will put them from a cool audience to the warm and hot audience. It could be any type of call to action would be grope or it could be any low ticket offer. But these are generally my main audience. And if I like to talk about and this type of stuff, like there are many guys out there, especially that I would go for. So, the first one to talk about is like Alex Elliot, for example, let’s say because I took her one group away challenge goals. And in our goals like one group of each challenge, she talked about, like doubted 5000 friends, we need to have 5000 doggy friends and how he talked about she also talked about, okay, you need to connect with the people out there whom we are adding and we need to segment those people out because this is one of the other feature that comes up in friend funnels, it segments, the friends to the list you’ve set up in the extension, so you’re segmenting the people, not on the metal base, you’re doing that on automation. So it is whatever you are happening with your profile photo. You’re doing that on fentanyl as well. So that is the first person recall. And these type of things, you’re putting up your message for the call to action for the group, and people will get into the group overall, since you’re creating relations.

Nathan Kettler 13:13
Yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense. So how many? How many have you sold?

RJ Ahmed 13:18
Yeah. So there’s a difference in what the stats are shown on Chrome Webstore. And what is overall in the backend right now, like we’ve sold like 15 to 20 when we pre sold overall. And then after that, it is like, around about like, 3637. And it is about to close for 50. It is, it’s been like one month since we’ve launched it publicly. That’s awesome. And we hadn’t promoted it yet. Because I got my account suspended and these other things, we haven’t promoted it to the fullest level right now.

Corey Benschop 13:48
So So are there other companies that you have worked into your affiliate program, like, Are you are you I’m sure you’re pushing clickfunnels as well. Are there other programs and software’s that you’re you’re also You know, pushing as part of your, your sales process?

RJ Ahmed 14:03
Yeah. So, on the back end, if we talk about, like promoting Click Funnels and these type of stuff during the whole software, because, you know, I want to model Russell completely on the basis of software, how did he like how he did with his own software, it’s not about the connection, it is not about the software itself. It’s about the connection you need with the people when you’re selling the product. So I just wanted to, if I’m creating a product, I need to have those things lined up for all the trainings how they can use pen pals to generate leads and sales on automation and these type of things because we need to have everything set up in the backend itself. For them, they will be able to come up and establish stuff we need to create we created the most Okay, so that they will get the feeling of their own community so that they are power of like friend building community, we call it because we will friends. It’s not like ordinary friends out there. We build real connections overall. So that’s what we call friend builders, okay, so that we can add our own knowledge and our own audience so that we Tried as much as model overall Russell and clickfunnels overall. And then what we sell on the back end is that the partner program during the whole file was in the file itself. Like how about if you like to resell the software resell means like not what completely white labeling we’re not giving anyone the right to change the name of our software you selling all you’re giving it away in most cases you are selling the software and you are paying the recurring amount or whatever it will be you will go for it. And it is creating like huge impact because other marketers who are huge out there in the market started using and started to give it away to

Nathan Kettler 15:37
so how many how many? How many testimonials or case studies do you have? Yeah, so right now we have like 14

RJ Ahmed 15:43
to 20 testimonials overall because we like getting the testimonial testimonials because we will then put it into the funnel itself so that it will convert because we know that coral especially the pages overall convert but you know tweaks and these are things who don’t want higher conversions. One out there one time. Do I just like, tweak the headline? And it made more conversions overall because it was for the previous feature that we add a new feature, tweak the headline, it was more conversions. Right? Even the headline makes a difference. So that is the case. Oh, yeah.

Nathan Kettler 16:17
percent 80% of the difference is the headline. You know, sounds like you’ve been testing a lot of stuff. It sounds like so you’re on. So you’ve got you said, you said, You sold 15 in the pre launch another 3035 sure, at about 4550 units sold yet about 15 testers collected which is a high percentage of things collected for the term so that’s good. Yeah. So and obviously those those testimonies are they are how many video testimonials from that

RJ Ahmed 16:54
video testimonials. They were like eight nine, we do testimonials out there. So they provided because you know there are some differences. Reference out there because they Okay, we put up the text. Okay, that’s also for us and we will go for the video eight, nine.

Nathan Kettler 17:06
Good, not as good as good as more Naga. So, so so that’s really good. So and obviously, sales letters based on those. So what is your What is your strategy then to reach out to your dream? 100

RJ Ahmed 17:21
Yeah, so, you know, first of all, I got in touch with Steve Larson telling his Traffic Secrets book, and I don’t leave Okay. Here’s the thing, man because I know when it comes to dream 100 The first thing is that somehow getting into the eye, so they will have to get to know about you a little, even a little makes the difference. You know, that’s how everything starts to turn out. Okay, you’re trying to pay relationship and these type of things. So yeah, he did with it. Yeah,

Nathan Kettler 17:53
you’re breaking up a little bit. How did you reach out to how’d you reach out to steve steve Larson?

RJ Ahmed 17:58
Yeah, so during What I did, again, trying to create a relationship in his own group in his own community trying to come in as as as much as value things as possible, so that I will get you into his eyes. So he knew he gets to know about my name, RJ first name that makes sense that I like, texted him. He saw the message and got into the inbox. I told him Hey, man, look, what about if I provide friend files to any of the person out there who bought traffic signals to your link? But again, he haven’t said yes to that. But he tried frame funnels, like I saw for internal on his own tab and deceptive This made me crazy. And then what I did was that I downloaded the story that he put on I suffer inference over there. I put it up on the Facebook. I don’t look Steve Lawson had fallen on his tab that makes the credibility or like, even if he’s watching the fall, yeah, that makes sense. So they’re,

Corey Benschop 18:50
like, really smart,

Nathan Kettler 18:52
social proof reach tied to the dream 100 that’s, that’s awesome. You offered value. Right? You said let me give to your community. You can just offer him value offer the whole community value absolutely opens the door so that’s that’s really that’s really awesome RJ like you know I’m saying like that like a lot of people aren’t thinking that that’s really that’s really good so okay so right now you’re just trying to see he’s using it you’re trying to see what you know what feedback you get from him or if he uses it for the audience that’s amazing what else are what else are you doing?

RJ Ahmed 19:25
Yeah other than this you know, other study that I had overall in my mind, okay, if I need to get into dream 100 what I did, I created a show on my Facebook, it called interviews with entrepreneurs where interview entrepreneurs who are like great or best indian issues or whatever it will be, because it will throughout the whole difference through all the stuff they will help my audience because my audience rewards for marketing especially. And if they’re selling any product, they need Transformers overall because then they will be able to because people sometimes are afraid to to people, especially on Facebook, those people are Facebook

Nathan Kettler 19:59
Yeah, No I was gonna say affiliate marketing Absolutely. But then what about MLM

RJ Ahmed 20:06
you know MLM is not my niche overall you know, I never promoted any multi level marketing products so like, I never promoted that you know, once you are betting on something you will already go for that stuff if you’re good at something and you realize okay, this is a thing that you want to go for mlm is not a bad thing at all because he knows he did. Yeah, I don’t know he might still doing that. But it’s a general preference. Overall, the two might come up for

Nathan Kettler 20:32
none. So I like that I like that that’s important for all rising entrepreneurs, right is find the niche. Okay, you have experience in affiliate marketing. So I’m gonna start here, right, you got 50 sales, I’m gonna stay here for a while. Once you get some momentum and affiliate marketing and all the things are out there you can then extend to MLM without the experience because the product works for that market, which is because your product works for 234 or five markets. doesn’t mean you go after all those markets at one time you go into one that you have the most experience in. And so that takes discipline that takes understanding and clarity of what you’re trying to do. So that’s that’s, that’s all. I’ve got

Corey Benschop 21:13
a good I’ve got a good acronym for that. Right. So focus. I don’t know, maybe people have heard this before, right but focus as an acronym, follow one course until success,

RJ Ahmed 21:24
right? Absolutely. That is a thing that I generally followed as well since I started because I started like on a tuple, with Shopify and everything, these type of things, because, you know, being an agent being in the TT countries, we have different minds that we do different I was living in Saudi Arabia for like 18 years born and raised here and then went away came in proxxon. And then live here, completely different rural environment, the people are completely different overall. So that was huge case scenario. And when you come to these type of things, there are like some hardships that come up, you know, the dollar differences and these type of things that are literally a problem, but that doesn’t mean that you are not able To go for you can it might be a little bit difficult but you can do it like I’m sitting over here and I’ve like done abroad throughout the process I’ve learned so much and try to implement I got that audience that they have the mindset okay we need to do it but other people think how we can simply go and approach the people who are living in a US tour live in the UK these are the minds a problem you know, and that’s what I’m trying to do other boys are the people who are living in Asian countries are not my audience they are not at all my audience but they are have different mindset. I needed to spend a lot of time over here rather than if I go for audience that I know Okay, this will take less time and better results This is nice you need to be or become an early me do this because in the future if you are doing at the bottom

Corey Benschop 22:50
yeah it’s really it’s not right there man but but basically what I’m what I’m picking up is that you’re you’re you’ve realized that your local market, like your area Your use of geography is not quite as sophisticated, I guess we could say, right? Because they’re not looking at B. They’re not looking at even online marketing yet. Right? I mean, you mentioned, nobody’s talking about marketing over there. And so there’s a long line, basically a long road of education that needs to happen before you can even start to move them into a buying, you know, buying situation. Right. You know, I want to back up a little bit. RJ, I want to ask you a little bit about how you even got into software. I mean, are you a software developer? Did you go to school for this?

RJ Ahmed 23:34
Yeah. So I’m not a software developer. But I’m a student. That’s the first thing I’m assuming. And I’m starting like bachelor’s in computer science. So I knew these type of things, but I didn’t do it on my own. And I had the development team completely, but I chose the development team to be of the same country I am because it would be easier for me to talk with to get into communication, like it is a higher chance you will get your successful software out there, especially without bouncing without errors. But communication. So I had my own development team lined up and they were like for good work. And I noticed anyone out there in the market especially because you know, there are many spammers out there as well. But those were like the first guys have given my password. Okay, have this password of my like Amazon AWS have the password of striving with yourself. I know you take better care of digging. But that was how like, I ended up and getting the double Bay.

And when I talked about software,

Nathan Kettler 24:28
yeah, no, there’s a couple of cool things there. And it puts you in the The Rising Entrepreneur category. And that’s because I struggle with it, but you’re going to school for computer science. So like, you could you could do the code, right? You could do it. And maybe you don’t know all the things. Yeah, but but, but instead of doing it yourself, you found a team. And then you thought well to communicate with this team. Let me make them local. I mean, look, we’re going we’re going to East Asia to you know, get our stuff done. So you might as well go in your home, you’re where you’re from and find the people so, so that’s good luck. You’re learning to communicate, but I really admire the fact that you’re going to school for something. But you’re studying the marketing of the thing, right? That’s Russell always says that the art of marketing the thing and so so you’re in an area where people aren’t studying the marketing of the thing, they’re just going to work to do the thing. And you’re in an interesting position where you can now hire these people, because they don’t know how to market their thing. They just want to do their thing. And you can go, oh, I’ll pay you to do your thing. And I’ll make a lot of money because I know how to market the thing. And so you’re gonna be you’re in an advantage to build a really powerful team and the fact that you have a core that you can trust and that you start there. And then you can build off of that is, you know, Leads Leads all kinds of room as far as where you go down the road. And so it sounds like you’re, I’m sure you’ve got six, seven steps down that ultimately can bloom into what is your big What is your big vision? Like? Like, for 510 years from now with, with what you’re trying to build?

RJ Ahmed 26:07
Yeah. So you know, when it comes to like five or 10 years, you know, when it comes to that long time, you need to be completely deciding what you’re about to do. Are you doing the right thing at the right time? Like, this is the first thing that came up because, you know, during this whole process, if I were 20 right now, I’m 20. And over here, and no one does this stuff on 20. Yeah, they don’t have the exact same mindset they need to be. First of all, I’m trying to influence the people right now. Let’s say if I’m being away in five years, my five years old will be okay, I need to reach during this time, I need to reach seven figures overall, like make $1 million. And they should be the macro micro goals overall. Like what should be the tiny step that you will be taking, okay to get to the desired goal you’re like about to do and the interesting part overall was that I mean, I wanted to influence the people out there, especially in the local market. They need to know okay, if they don’t do it, Anything, that’s okay, that makes sense. But they need to know they need to know what a funnel is they need to know what marketing is. Because if they don’t have the idea, they simply don’t know what they are doing people outside from the 31 countries, they are learning those guys out there, as you said, they are leveraging because of the low cost and this type of stuff. And I’m telling them and the best part overall was that a few months ago, I am a student. As I said, in my university, I did a seminar in my university to let them know how to make an online income using sales funnels. So I started the concept of funnels in their mind. And the best part is that student is not allowed to do a seminar in the university as a speaker, they don’t allow that which is absolutely without merit. So please, we need to do this stuff. You know, this will change your life overall. And it is.

Corey Benschop 27:48
That’s amazing. I love it. I just want to say that’s amazing, bro.

Nathan Kettler 27:52
Yeah, appreciate it, man. It’s amazing. I love it because because you’re going into the you’re going into the shark bin in marketing with with the with the best right in and in so that you could bring that message back home. But y’all we can do better like we can do, like local we can do and you can be a leader in your community and your space for, for and like that. You know, to me that’s awesome because that’s how we feel like we change the world through rising entrepreneurs is every rising entrepreneur that steps into the gift that they’re supposed to be in this world. Right, it enlightens the world makes it a better place. And so as you step further into this journey, I mean, you’re looking at 510 years now you’re like, I want to prove your practical I can see you’re super practical. So you’re like, I want seven figures. So I can prove to everybody how possible this is and what they can do. And then I want to and then I want to show them how in the message and you want to add this message to help the people and, man that’s that’s admirable. That’s awesome. And it seems like your 510 year vision is to change your community. To be marketers and more self sufficient putting their own things out in the world instead of building other people’s things, is that kind of right?

RJ Ahmed 29:10
Yeah, absolutely. Because they need to know how to work with their brain itself as well. Like Don’t be a robot overall. Like if you’re going into the university. Okay, that makes sense, because right now I’m trying to target as much people of the same age. People who are like a over 20 to 25 cars that don’t have that mindset, or they’re young, but I don’t prefer them young because I was like, 19 when I started, so I do prefer them. Yeah, yeah. Because they can do that. Okay, there was a guy who wants to come out he was like 17 or 18. Like this, you got the two comma club award, you know, so he married but you know, they have different mindset. So what I try to do is that and they are like many negative theories that came into mind when I tried to explain it. Okay, this is a funnel, you need to understand, it’s not a funnel that you talk about that you fill the water with. That’s not a funnel set. Okay, that is, but what am i marketing funnel Is that okay? You need to get the person by the head okay it will show the process to prospect to customer I don’t know the entire process of the funnel itself and you know those were the student I what I tried to do as I model like excluders overall he told about the webinar and everything stuff, I use the exact same strategy create deputy Billy’s told them about my story, because then they will be able to correlate because I’m exactly from where they started. I started from no way almost like no way of being in the same country did everything that they want or desire to break their belief overall look, even though $1 is like hundred 365 rupees, if you’re making $1,000 it will be hundred 65,000 more than enough to live a good life, a good life. $1,000 a month, look, break your false belief. If I’m making like almost five to $6,000 a month My goal is to break 10 k a month right now, and I’m making a ton of money even your professor or even a director or director of a university might be making then you should consider something yourself, it is possible. If you’re thinking about earning like $200 or $300, you will earn that stuff. That’s it. need to think more about that.

Corey Benschop 31:10
Yeah. You know, but you brought up a good point, RJ and that’s the fact that people at your age are typically in a completely different mindspace right that. I mean, I wanted to bring this up to you Nathan, like, Dude, what were we doing at 20 years old? You know? Like, Don’t you wish that? You know, you could go back and still this dude’s mindset at 20 I’m 33 Nathan is Your what? 40 right 41 some dude. Yeah, so like, you know, we got we got almost twice a life on you, bro. And here you are, you know, doing the same things that we’re doing in our business. And for me, personally, you know, I speak personally, I just learned this stuff within the last six years, right? And I’ve been working on digital marketing and learning all of these strategies and everything for about the last six years. So it’s interesting man that you are where you are at such a young age. And I think it shouldn’t be taken for granted, right? Because a lot of Yeah, at that age, a lot of people at that age are just not, they don’t have the experience or the wisdom to be able to understand the importance of building something at this point in time. Because, you know, if I get started now, right? What’s the best time to plant a tree 10 years ago, what’s the next best time today? Right? And you know, if you get started today, and you’re building something for your future, most kids at 2025 they’re just worried about having fun having a good time, right and, and enjoying themselves and not thinking about their future. So you’re battling really two different elements here. And not only the fact that you, you know, you’re trying to teach them what marketing is and how to do it. But you also have to get them interested in even wanting to learn, right? And so I just think it’s, it’s not to be taken for granted the fact that you know, people at your age range, they’re just not really ready yet. Some of them are, but most of them are not. So that’s, I love what you’re doing. Yeah,

RJ Ahmed 33:00
absolutely, because you know, when it comes to these type of things, and when it comes to data, like our code also, because that was the first thing I told them that I try and I always say, Okay, I will make sure that you don’t make the same mistake that I did when I saw it is the deadline, whenever I do some type of offer or anything, I only post this stuff because it is true. I’ve made a ton of mistakes overall, because when I started, I didn’t have anyone consumed so much free content out there in the market, they knew what a funnel is, they knew how to waste so much money overall. And this type of wasted so much time for like trying fake relations overall into the market where Okay, you get to know these people will not work any time with you. Okay, and I, like you know, the last one overall was that I started using clickfunnels from January, I made my first sale on March of 2019. During that three month time frame, I got like caught connected with many guys out there in the market itself. And I told them I just want to different mindset. You know, I don’t Hey man, I just want to start Okay, I didn’t want to sound with paid ads I had like hundred bucks or something like that. I just wanted to start with a term, you know how to make money. That was the mindset. And that person said to me, I truly remember he man, you need to learn a lot more than that what you’re doing right now you need to learn a lot more. You know, that hits me real bad, because I felt bad. Like, why should I learn more and these type of stuff I’m learning I know I’m learning but you know, and then few months later, he got into Cliff honors when he got into clickfunnels properly he became my affiliate. That was the first is the second year so that any software any, like get into any offer that I put up, you don’t need to every offer because he likes to see your superfan when it comes to superfan stuff overall. And then other than this, I started using the affiliate link of like one of my mentors out there called motley. He’s like now our dream car winner. I signed up with his affiliate link on January and then when I got into contact with them, like a zoom call. That was the first time I ever got into the call with person who’s a non asian guy. Speaking literal English, like first language is English. I was like, holy cow. I’m talking with a person who knows English completely. Okay? Hey man, what’s up? I was a little bit of excited. Okay, let us do the stuff. Yeah, show me please how to connect the domain? How to edit the funnel and these type of stuff. I was like, excited.

Nathan Kettler 35:19
You’re a you 18 you’re 1819 before you spoke with somebody who speaks native English.

RJ Ahmed 35:24
Yeah, I was 19 when I got into

Unknown Speaker 35:28
amazing English for somebody

Nathan Kettler 35:32
who’s only been speaking to people who speak English for a year Dude, that’s the you know, just, I don’t know, just

RJ Ahmed 35:39
completely shocking point because you know, I know multi languages overall, I was living in Saudi Arabia. So I can speak Arabic in any way. And other than this, I can pick oldu as well. I can speak Hindi as well. And I can speak right now English as well, at at some point people can understand. That is a very neat, let people know how you’re going to speak off and send a message. That’s the main point for me right now.

Nathan Kettler 36:00
Dude, sounds like you get shit done.

Corey Benschop 36:03
Yeah, yeah, Listen, man, let’s, let’s, uh, let’s tie it up, man for everybody listening right now that’s interested in what you’ve been talking about. And, you know,

Nathan Kettler 36:12
can we do our session? Can we do Oh, yeah.

Corey Benschop 36:14
Okay, actually. Okay, before we get into that

Nathan Kettler 36:16
he’s got some force.

Corey Benschop 36:18
All right, Nathan, Nathan’s got some for you.

Nathan Kettler 36:21
So we got this fun little thing that we do. And this is how we’ll wrap it up. We believe that you’re 20 years old, but you’ve been on a broken road to lead you to the point that you are now you’ve tried a lot of things you failed at a lot of things. And in that in, in your short time as The Rising Entrepreneur doing all the things you’ve been doing and have done, you you’ve faced perils, or pitfalls or dangers that other people have, and you’ve learned pearls of wisdom, so we call perils and pearls. And so, what is the biggest peril, pitfall obstacle you You’ve had to overcome in your journey as The Rising Entrepreneur.

RJ Ahmed 37:04
Yeah, so biggest overall, you know, the wall that I had overall was the mindset problem, because the mindset overall got me stopped overall on everything. When I tried to publish, I was like, No, no, what people will think about it, okay, I will not look pretty right now I’m still not loving 3d, that doesn’t matter at all. Like, that doesn’t matter at all, either. Okay, I need to get it done. Like it took me like six to seven months to get on the first time on a camera. Since I started on January, and it took me seven to eight months or six to seven months to get on the camera. Every time any roadblock comes up. It is always the mindset mindset of not taking action, anything that you’re trying to do, wait, you don’t need to do any type of these things. what other people say about you, these are stuff because when I shifted the mindset overall, it takes time because I always say to people, you need to fix up mindset or anytime I get in a call with my students. Each time I like say to them you need to change your mindset. Otherwise things won’t work. It will take Long time for you it will take short time for you depending upon how you handle things. Okay, so you need to have a proper mindset because one of the most are better achievement that I took overall, many people out there who are in proxxon knew about finance and this type of stuff. They texted me Hey man, you were interviewing those entrepreneurs we admire the most they are like two comma club winners. They are guru and these types of people mostly don’t care about these type of things, but we know how much it care for us. Did you interview like we were like so much pumped up and afraid or like these are things we were like whoa man, he’s interviewing appreciate other guys out there that made the most difference like you need to have a proper mindset. don’t give a damn about anyone out there who will say ah friend because I never segmented the list if I do I always post public no one in my friend list post anything or and never comment anything because they knew they will get in a problem with me ever. If they come at any negative stuff about the stuff was they knew about it, but I don’t do it. Whatever. Anytime I get through university, they say, I just saw your video delivery. Okay, I said, Okay, who prints the money right now? You are me. Yeah. Absolutely. That is a case I say, okay, let it be okay, I’m making more money than you’re even the professor will make. So let it be the thing. Okay, let me teach you how to work out. You need to break the belief. And other thing that comes up with us, especially the problem is our persona, a persona that we had, because we’re here We consider ourselves. If we say no, do we say no? You know, what it means is that you are considering yourself like a king. Like why should I do this top like, we don’t need to do this. That is considered wrong. You need to get on the particular point where your audience is as well.

Nathan Kettler 39:43
So they’re, I think the English word for that is boogy. They think you’re like they think you’re uppity. They think you’re better, right? Who do you Who do you think

RJ Ahmed 39:52
you are? Yeah, absolutely. That is the exact same case. That’s what they think like, why should I do it? I don’t need to do that stuff. I can do that. Without Anything that is not the case you need to realize you need to get on the pain point of your audience realize the connection and the type of stuff so whatever you’re boosting whatever you’re selling, they correlate with them and then get it it can come up to any type of business anyone can doing. Whether it be affiliate marketing, selling software selling eecom it makes a relation or so I always try them okay, if it’s a mindset, you need to fix your mindset and everything else. Because that will that’s how I think for ourself as well. That’s what I’m trying to do like mindset. mindset is a boring topic.

Nathan Kettler 40:33
I love this brother. Well, RJ we’re gonna have to have you back and do another check in. Right and and and see see cuz you are going to be doing huge things over this next year over this next five years and 10 years. I totally agree. So thank you for sharing a snapshot of where you are right now. Right and right now it’s it’s April 20 2020. You know, you’ve been doing this for a year and four months as far as from opening Your your Click Funnels and and and you’re doing amazing things with what you’re learning and you’re you’re getting it on a depth that a lot of people in the community don’t always get so proud of where you are can’t wait to see where you go man and we’re gonna be checking in with you from time to time and see how you’re doing this how’s that sound? Hundred percent event really

Corey Benschop 41:20
appreciate it thank you so so so RJ real quick man tell everybody where they can find friend funnels and what you know what this is all about where they can get in touch with you if they want to learn more.

RJ Ahmed 41:29
Yeah, if you want to like get in touch with me, you can simply go on Facebook and go for like Ozzy, ama it is everywhere. It’s allergy ama that’s exact same thing. And again, this is a special offer for you guys. Because you know right now I’m selling grandfather’s on a subscription stuff, it will be like 99 a month or like 297 per year. But if you go right now for for slash special Oto and there will be a special offer for you for 297 a one time payment, that’s it. You will pay for one time and you don’t need to pay any time again. Because again, the thing is It’s not a one time model, we are simply upgrading the stuff with the subscription stuff. So we are upgrading the things in this, but you guys are getting this offer at 297. One time that’s it. Don’t need to pay anything or you will start to get lots of upgrades overall that you need your stuff. Awesome. So

Corey Benschop 42:16
you said that you’re always friend funnel calm slash special one time offer.

RJ Ahmed 42:22
Yeah, it’s special. Oto Oto Oto. Got it.

Corey Benschop 42:25
Yeah. All right. Well, I will definitely link that down in the show notes below my man and we really appreciate you coming on and sharing your wisdom brother you are you are a breath of fresh air to be honest. It’s at such a young age. It’s amazing to see what you’re doing.

RJ Ahmed 42:39
Basically, man, thank you so much.

Corey Benschop 42:41
For sure. Well,

Nathan Kettler 42:42
we’ll talk to you soon.

Corey Benschop 42:44
Thanks for listening to another episode of The Rising I really hope you got value from today’s show. And please make sure you don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss the two new episodes we release each week on Mondays and Thursdays Be sure to visit The Rising Entrepreneur. dot com to join the conversation access to show notes and discover our amazing bonus content. And Hey, have you joined the movement yet? Make sure you join our free Facebook group called The Rising Entrepreneur is movement to connect with our guests and get access to all sorts of training materials that will help you build your business. To join the movement. Just go to my FB group calm that’s my FB Alright, that’s it for today’s episode. We’ll catch you on the next one.

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