TRE:58 – How To Focus On What Matters With Trey Carmichael

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Trey Carmichael 0:00
So people hit your profile and that you want people to see you as that celebrity presence in your field they want you to see, you want them to see you as the expert on whatever you do. And when your profile is set up the right way, everybody who sends you a friend request is a potential lead. The most important thing that I do, the way I generate, honestly, most of my leads now is just it’s just the fact that people see me interviewing experts. So they see me as an authority. They hit my page. They immediately know what I do. They send me a friend request, I immediately immediately respond back and I said, Hey, man, what’s up? I’m happy to connect with you. What made you reach out?

Corey Benschop 0:40
Welcome to The Rising podcast for the dreamers, the doers and the believers. I’m your host, Corey Benschop. And it’s time to rise. What’s up everyone? Welcome back to the show. I’m super pumped to introduce My next guest to you today, he considers himself a crazy passionate life changer. And he gives anyone and everyone the space they need to grow. He specializes in social media, marketing, and really he’s also the creator of the virtually limitless on Facebook, where he provides interviews and trainings

Trey Carmichael 1:30
was that you broke up right at the end.

Corey Benschop 1:33
I said, Please welcome to the show Trey Carmichael, your introduction, man.

Trey Carmichael 1:37
Awesome. What’s going on Corey? Thanks.

Corey Benschop 1:40
Thanks so much for being on the show man taking some time out of your day to hopefully share some of your experience and your insight with us. You know, we were talking a little bit earlier you kind of just getting started in this journey, which is amazing. And definitely happy to hear about you know, some of the momentum that you’re that you’re building right now. And you know, I always like to start off show off by saying, we’re all you on this journey of entrepreneurship together, and really, it doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started, or whether you’ve been established in business for a long time, we all have, you know, our stories in our experience that we grow, and use that to actually teach others around us, sort of, you know, where we’ve come from and what we’re doing about that. So, again, I just appreciate you being here, man, and hopefully to share some experience with us.

Trey Carmichael 2:21
No problem, man, I’m happy to be here. I’m all about spreading the value and providing as much as I can, everybody.

Corey Benschop 2:27
Yeah, for sure, man. So, um, you mentioned in in a conversation that we were having a little bit earlier getting set up for this interview that you’re working with a couple of mentors right now. It kind of certain to create a little bit of a movement of your own. Tell us a little bit about that.

Trey Carmichael 2:42
Absolutely. I’m working with Tiffany Toombs and Sidney clevenger. They are the creators of the better lead Xbox community. And basically we teach a three pillar system that is lead generation, conversion and retention and for conversion That’s obviously the sales process. And for retention, we teach people how to build the systems that multiply their leads by getting referrals. Awesome, man.

Corey Benschop 3:09
That’s really cool. And is, is is like, is this group that you guys put together? Is this just a new thing? Or has this been going on for a while, and then you just jumped in,

Trey Carmichael 3:18
like what is it is a newer thing they’ve been? I think they’ve been going at it for about six months or so I recently got it. I only recently got involved with them, but I’m excited. They actually, they actually really care about the people that are jumping into the program. It’s not like, it’s not one of those programs that they’re throwing it together. They’re throwing it up there and then they’re never gonna update it. They are literally doing live trainings three days a week, they’re uploading trainings like weekly or bi weekly, and they’re just constantly adding to it up and updating it so that everybody who is involved in that community is going to have the most up to date information at all times.

Corey Benschop 3:53
That’s super cool, man. Right on. Yeah, we definitely need as much of that as we can get, you know, there’s Unfortunately, the digital marketing world, as you mentioned, there’s a lot of people out there that kind of just throw stuff out there to make some sales, but they never

Trey Carmichael 4:06
really kind of ashamed because even when they put everything they’ve got into it, and they really try to provide as much value as possible, they’ll put it out there. And then a week later, they’ll update, they’ll update the platforms, the algorithm changes. And, sadly, they can’t really control that so much so that people who are really even out there trying to provide the value. If they don’t have time to be constantly on top of that project, it kind of falls out.

Corey Benschop 4:29
that’s a that’s a good point, man. And, you know, it’s one of those things, I think, when you’re looking at technology in general, you have to understand that it does change all the time. So when it comes time, like for a lot, of course creators, and really what we’re talking about is infopreneur is people that sell information as a product online, to create a course and to create training around something that you know is going to change can almost be a dangerous venture in and of itself, you know, like, that’s why unfortunately a lot of like the Facebook ads courses that are out there, they become irrelevant quite quickly. When Facebook page your platform, you know, so something to keep in mind for sure. Yeah, when

Trey Carmichael 5:05
I first got when I first got into the digital marketing space all the courses I was taken, they were telling me Yeah, you can target people by income you can target people by this but that as soon as I got into an ad account, I was like, Where is all this?

Corey Benschop 5:22
No doubt, man. No doubt. Well, Coolio, man. Let’s go ahead and jump into your story. Trey, I want to hear about how you got to where you are today and sort of what steps you’ve taken along the way. And in terms of entrepreneurship, you know, is this something you’ve always wanted to do? Or did this just kind of happen along the way to talk about it?

Trey Carmichael 5:40
Alright, so with the entrepreneurship, it was kind of something that I’ve always I’ve always seen it both of my parents, they have small businesses and they’re, a lot of their friends have small businesses. So I’ve just grown up seeing it. A lot of the people I look up to, they’ve got their businesses. So that’s what I learned. And from I just kept learning from the people I was surrounded by and eventually I just I got obsessed with it I fell into. And I mean, honestly, the way I got started, I was in a really, really bad environment. I was ready to get out of it. I did not know how I had a friend who was a real estate agent. And he came to me and he said, Hey, man, I see what you’re doing. Like you’re out here. You’re selling drugs, wasting your time pissing your life away right now. And like I see you have the skills to do business, which obviously I did, but I didn’t see them. I needed that one person to tell me that I had those skills and that I really deserve to do better. And that’s when I got up. I started helping him with his real estate marketing. I started helping him generate leads.

Unknown Speaker 6:57

Trey Carmichael 7:00
Sorry, I get a little emotional when I talk about my story. It’s a it’s a hard topic. And this is actually my first time sharing really where I came from publicly then. So like I said, I came from a really bad environment and my my, one of my best friends Kyler Gifford, he came to me and he said, Man, you deserve better. So now I I’m setting out to be that example for as many people like me as I possibly can. That’s why I do the interviews. That’s why I try to put my information out there as much as I can. Just because when I got started, I didn’t know where to start. And I didn’t really know where to where to look to who to go to. And it took that one person.

Corey Benschop 7:41
I love that man, I love that. And I really, you know, thank you for being honest and transparent with us. I know it can be tough, like you said, it talks about your story and really there there’s emotional things, I think in all of our past which is what drives us, you know, hopefully to be better and and to go after bigger things. And, you know, I really love that you mentioned In that you had a buddy reach out to you and really sort of show you your worth, or at least call to call to focus, you know, the skill set that you had and the abilities that you had and gave you an opportunity. And the beautiful thing is you didn’t have to take that opportunity, man you did, you did the work and you took the actions required to sort of change track in your life and start focusing on something that you felt was going to be more valuable. Now, you’re definitely not the first person who’s come on and said that they started entrepreneurship, selling drugs, you know, like, it’s actually pretty common

Trey Carmichael 8:29
thing, the more the more people in business that I meet who are already established, the more I realized that my story isn’t so uncommon, it’s like, there’s a lot of people out there like me.

Corey Benschop 8:42
Exactly. And and you know, when you think about it, what you’re doing is you’re selling something that somebody wants, it just happens to be illegal, right? But the whole idea is you’re you are creating a solution to a problem now may not be the best solution. But you know, when it comes to business, that’s really all it boils down to is Being able to provide solutions to problems and helping our customers, you know, move forward to where they want to be. And so if you build that skill set, regardless of how you built it, you can use that and leverage it in other areas of business, which is obviously what you’re doing now. So that’s, that’s awesome, man. Congratulations.

Trey Carmichael 9:15
Absolutely. I am the living breathing example of the

Corey Benschop 9:20
right on dude. So what are some of your goals, some of your, like, short term and long term goals with what you’re working

Trey Carmichael 9:26
on right now. Right now I right now I’m focused on just getting enough money coming in that I can stop focusing on the money that’s coming in. And I can step back and I can focus more on just giving as much back as I possibly can. Like I want to get into doing events. I want to get into doing more virtual courses my my passion project that I’m going to start doing here pretty soon, I’m going to create two courses, they’re basically going to be the same thing. It’s literally going to be just a two week Just a two week program teaches you how to market yourself. And it teaches you the mindset. And it’ll be interviews with different people with different stories. One will be for wit, one will be just interviews with men one will be interviews with women, that’s the only thing that’s going to be different between the two programs. So that people will be able to see that these people with these stories like them, they came up and they made a success out of their life, and they made something out of their life. And that’s, that’s gonna be the passion project that we’ll be starting soon. And once I have it all put together, I’m just gonna put it out there for free.

Corey Benschop 10:33
That’s awesome, man. I love that. And you know, you’re really I mean, just by doing something like that, you can tell you’re already coming from a place of service. Like you say, you want to provide value. You want to help folks that are in the same situation, or maybe even a worse situation, realize that there’s people out there that are just like them, but have overcome those adversities and those, you know, struggles in life to create something better. So that’s awesome, man. Definitely wish you all the best of luck on that project. And you know, I totally get that for us. Like you said, Of, right now you’re focused on that short term money. You know, you want to get to a point where you’re no longer focused on the money. And it can be tough man when there’s not a lot of money coming in. And you know, you’ve obviously got bills to pay, society has created a structure where we need money to survive, unfortunately. But, you know, I really want to stress the fact the second part of what you said, which is getting to a place where you can really start to focus on serving, you know, that there’s, there’s a saying, like, if you have $100,000, right, and you’re gonna, that’s when you’re ready to start donating to charity. Like if you’re not donating at $1,000 Why would you ever donate at 100,000? You know, so you have to understand that even though you may not have much right now, just getting out there providing the message, doing the interviews in your Facebook group and everything else that you’re doing. You’re already providing massive value. You’re creating a lot of goodwill in the marketplace and around, you know, your community and eventually you You’ll be able to leverage that into different paid assets and you know, different trainings and stuff like that. So the money will come as long as you focus on that service, you know, and that idea of coming in trying to provide value to your people.

Trey Carmichael 12:13
Absolutely. That’s, and that’s really what it’s all about. I mean, at over at the Carmichael Business Solutions, which is where I do where I take on personal clients, and I manage their marketing. My my catchphrase you could call it is I want to see you win, and over at the better leads, bucks was sitting Tiffany, their catchphrase is we all win win, we all win.

Corey Benschop 12:33
So that’s it. However, you can create that Win Win scenario is always a good, you know, good situation. And that’s actually the basis of capitalism, like in a nutshell is creating a situation where both the person with the goods and the person walking away, they both win out of that scenario. You know, if it ever feels like you’ve like in a deal or whatever situation like where you know, you’re making a transaction with somebody If it ever feels like you, you know got the biggest win and your customers like okay, I got something you know or what the flip the coin the customer gets everything but you as a seller just kind of feel not so great about the deal. Either one of those situations isn’t the best if you can create an opportunity where both walk away happy and it’s a win for both parties. Like that’s the basis of doing good business. So love that man. I love where your head’s

Trey Carmichael 13:22
at. That is the most important retention strategy you can create. If you can build a long term relationship with them and make them feel like you’re both getting what y’all need out of it, then you’ve got a customer for life. Absolutely.

Corey Benschop 13:36
Absolutely. I love it, man. Well, cool. Let’s go ahead and transition into the next topic tre, which is this digital landscape. And obviously, as a lead generation specialist and somebody in social media marketing, you’re using the internet every single day in your business, but tell us some couple of things you know, in this digital world we live in, what are some things that are exciting you right now.

Trey Carmichael 13:56
The most important they’re like the most exciting thing about Social media to me is just the fact that whatever message you have, you can step into social media you can get online and you can amplify that message to really an unlimited number of people I could post on there said, that’s my man said back there. But you can you can literally post on Facebook and next thing you know you’re connected with people in other countries, you’re connected with people that you never thought you’d be able to connect to. And then you realize, like, people are just people no matter where they are. You connect to a more and more people and you realize they’re all just people. I mean, I get on social media. And just by putting myself out there, I’ve been able to connect with people like sitting Tiffany, like in my other mentors and meet people across other countries. It’s, it’s all just people, man. And the more time you spend on social media, the more people you can really get to, and everything you do on social media, it stays there. That’s the beautiful thing like, it is there forever. So it’s going to bring you traffic forever, that’s going to show up on Google forever. It’s gonna be on YouTube forever. And so all of those efforts, they just compound and snowball until all of a sudden everybody knows who you are.

Corey Benschop 15:15
Yeah, man, I love that dude. I love that. And, you know, it’s, you’re absolutely right. It’s crazy. Like you and I, obviously, here we are talking face to face having an interview, you know, it’s very unlikely we ran across each other because we’re in different states. You know, I mean, what’s what’s the chances of that happening, but like Facebook groups, and like you say, just social media in general. It’s really neat how it gives us an opportunity to really collaborate and communicate with folks that maybe we would have never had an opportunity to in the past. So, you know, I definitely I’m excited about that too. What about let’s let’s grab some like actionable advice from you, you know, like you’re, you’re the lead generation specialist. So what are some tips that you could throw our audience I remember, they’re all aspiring entrepreneurs. What? When it comes to, let’s say, generating leads on social media? What are maybe like The top three things that you recommend they focus on first.

Trey Carmichael 16:03
Alright, when it comes to generating your leads organically, I always start with the Facebook profile and I say and I look at their profile and I say, Okay, how is your profile set up? How fast do people can people actually tell what you do when they land on your profile? If you go if you go to my Facebook profile, my cover photo, it says it’s it shows what the virtually limitless presses and my cover photo and my featured photo is just virtually limitless press. If you click on it, it gives you the link to go to my group. And it’s very, very, very clear what I do. I don’t really post about anything that’s not business related, except for motivational stuff, obviously, but that’s inherently business related. But so people hit your profile and you want people to see you as that celebrity presence in your field they want you to see you want them to see you as the expert on whatever you do. And when your profile is set up the right way. Everybody who says You a friend request is a potential lead. The most important thing that I do, the way I generate, honestly, most of my leads now is just it’s just the fact that people see me interviewing experts. So they see me as an authority, they hit my page, they immediately know what I do. They send me a friend request, I immediately I immediately respond back and I said, Hey, man, what’s up, I’m happy to connect with you, what made you reach out, and then they’ll start talking, they’ll tell me what they do. Eventually, eventually, I tell them what I do. And then a lot of the time they they say, Oh, you do lead generation, I need some help with that. I’m building a brand. So it’s, it’s really just about connecting, having the conversation and setting it up, right. So that people know what to expect. And then the majority of people that send you a friend request, they’re gonna they’re gonna want to collaborate with you or they’re gonna want to work with you.

Corey Benschop 17:53
One or the other. I love that man. It’s such a like a simple and straightforward approach to your Facebook friends. profile and using it as a lead gen opportunity. And it makes a lot of sense. You know, it’s funny how social media is supposed to be social, right? That’s that’s the whole idea. But approaching it as an entrepreneur or business owner, you’re wanting to use it for business,

Trey Carmichael 18:16
right? Facebook is a networking platform, like every time I get on Facebook, I imagine I’m walking into a networking event. Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah.

Corey Benschop 18:23
And if you approach it that way, and you set it up in the right way, it naturally becomes part of your funnel. And it gets people you know, in the door and wanting to talk to you. And it’s really good point that you made that like when somebody lands on your profile, and we’re not talking about your business page, we’re talking about your actual public people aren’t

Trey Carmichael 18:40
even ever going to look at your business page. They see they see where you work, and they register that but the majority of people aren’t actually going to click on it and look at it, they’re more concerned with you.

Corey Benschop 18:50
Right, right. And if you can show them what it is you do right away, like you said in the images and the way that your about me is set up and you have it written in a way where it’s the This is what I do. This is how I can help you, then it’s like instantly it puts them like you say it puts you in their mind as an authority. And obviously, if you’re putting out content and creating goodwill and providing value, then clearly that’s going to help out as well. But that’s awesome. Man. That’s a great strategy for sure. A lot of people are missing the ball on that. And, you know, for me, I think one of the things that really helped that clicked with me was one day, I forget exactly where I read this or where I saw it. But I read something that said, like your Facebook is no longer for personal use for business use only. And when you think about that, like it doesn’t seem like a lot of fun. But here’s the idea. Like, you’re not on Facebook for fun. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to use it for your business. Like you don’t want to be sharing funny little cat memes and stuff like that, that has nothing to do with your business, because it’s just not going to help and it’s going to dilute your message. So take it seriously and use it for what it’s actually for.

Trey Carmichael 19:57
I agree to a certain extent Because you still want people to know you and you want them to know what you like what you enjoy doing, because people buy from people like that. That’s the way I see it. If they come on and they see that you’ve got things in common, they’re immediately going to feel more confident starting that conversation with you, because they’ll, they’ll have things to talk about with you. So yes, the majority of your content should be business related, but give people an idea who you are to.

Corey Benschop 20:25
That’s true. I love that’s a good point, man. For sure, definitely. Don’t be all like, you know, it’s funny, just reminded me maybe you’re familiar with the marketer, Sam ovens.

Trey Carmichael 20:36
Yes, I am familiar, but I haven’t I haven’t dealt with much of this stuff yet.

Corey Benschop 20:39
Okay. Well, I’ve been I’ve, you know, whatever. He’s just, he’s a pretty big marketer. And you know, he spends a lot of money on traffic, but it’s funny because he’s almost got like, no personality, like zero. And it just shows in, in all of his ads and all of his content is very much just like dries real dry humor. You know. It’s kind of like If people start to joke like is this dude actually? Is he just like a robot? Like, is he just some AI machine? So, you know, it makes sense when when you’re going to be out there putting yourself out there to, you know, inject some of your personality and some of some of your character into your posts. But obviously maintaining that focus on your business and how you can help provide value to people that’s going to allow it to, like I say, create part of, you know, part of your funnel on your Facebook page. It’ll get people into your funnel that way.

Trey Carmichael 21:28
Yeah, and since you mentioned Sam ovens when you bring him up, I immediately think courses and programs. The biggest thing, the biggest thing that I do that I want to stay at right now is I stopped buying courses. I look for masterminds and mentors, because that that’s where you’re going to learn what’s really happening right now like for that, like we talked about earlier, the courses they don’t stay relevant for long, a mastermind you get access to a network of people who are doing it right now. A mentor, they’re doing it right now.

Corey Benschop 22:00
That’s a really good distinction. And I’m glad, I’m glad you brought that up. Because it’s true, you know, of course, is a very finite piece of information has a start and a finish. But when you invest into something, if you think about it like that, where instead of investing into a course, I’m buying a piece of knowledge that I can learn, instead, I invest into, you know, a coach, or a mentor, or a mastermind, which is something that’s ganic, it flows, it continues, right? As long as you’re paying, you’re in this thing, and you’re with, like you say, a network of people that are all moving forward towards their goals. You’re constantly learning, and you’re constantly upgrading your knowledge, and you have access to these people, something that you don’t have in a course. So that’s actually a great point. And for those of you listening, I mean, if you’re anything like me, I’m sure there’s been points in your life, or maybe you’re not there yet. But we just go on this information binge, and you start buying everything that’s out there. But be careful before you go into that it’s important to continue learning, but I like what you said about going after a mentor and a coach as opposed just buying the course itself.

Trey Carmichael 23:02
Yeah, if you if you walk into if you walk into a mastermind, and you build your network and you really invest in that network, you’re going to be able to reach out to those people. Anytime it’s all about building relationships, like, everything in business is a relationship. If you can’t build a relationship, you’re not going to get customers, you’re not going to build the relationships. You’re not going to collaborate with anybody. No one’s going to want to work with you.

Corey Benschop 23:26
Yeah, for sure, for sure, man. Well, cool. Well, let’s go ahead and transition into the last topic, man, which is this whole work life balance. And you know, as you mentioned, you’re kind of, you’re kind of just getting started on everything. And so you’re trying to figure it out and probably have a lot of work that you’re doing right now. But considering where you’re at and everything that you you know, you’re trying to go after, like, what are some of the strategies you’re using to just kind of maintain some sanity through it all right now,

Trey Carmichael 23:51
the biggest thing that I focus on is I like I’m always I’m always going and like right now I’m in Dallas. I’m staying in this in this beautiful luxury apartment complex with my mentors and the first time I was up here, a barely enjoyed it, I worked the whole time. So when like a couple days ago, I made sure I went out to the pool on the roof with the view. And I enjoyed it for a little bit. It was only out there for 1520 minutes. But that 1520 minutes that makes the biggest difference on your mind than really anything else. Because if you if you don’t take the time just to process everything and to really sit back, relax and say, Okay, I’m working hard, I’ve got everything come in, everything is working the way it needs to be, then you’re constantly going to be in that mindset of, then you’re constantly going to be in that mindset of not feeling like you’re accomplishing anything, because you have to appreciate where you are now. Or it’s not gonna matter when you get there.

Corey Benschop 24:51
Yeah, for sure, man. I’m glad you’re doing that. And you know, even if you can stretch that 20 minutes into maybe 30 minutes next time you know, it’d be the social good But I’m glad you appreciate it. Because you know, like you say you have to step back a little bit and realize, like you say where you are now and where you come from, you know, and then and appreciate that growth. And I think another thing too, that happens, which you kind of touched on is just by allowing yourself a little bit of time to breathe into do something else, change your focus, it gets the creativity rolling, and it allows you to come up with new ideas and sort of new solutions to problems that maybe because you’re so close to what you’re working on for so long, it’s kind of hard to see those solutions sometimes.

Trey Carmichael 25:32
Yeah, and another one of the things that I that Tiffany actually Tiffany had to beat it into me. Like just like vulnerability, you think walking in the business going into social media, any of it that you got that you have to keep everything up and you have to be this like perfect person in front of everybody that you have to maintain this reputation. That’s not true, the more vulnerable you are with people, the morals You’re gonna feel you’re not going to be wondering like, in my case, I’ve always like, up until recently I had this fear that I was going to be doing a lot like a live like a live interview, and someone was going to pop into the interview and say, What are you doing? You were a drug dealer a year and a half ago. And that, that scared the hell out of me for a long time. And it drove me crazy. I was anxious all the time. When I get on live videos. I was. I was always wondering, I was wondering when it was going to happen. And so that’s, that’s one thing that I kind of stepped away from and I said, Okay, I’m just going to put my story out there. I’m going to talk about who I am. Like what I do, and I’m just going to I’m going to give myself to the marketplace. I love that. By doing that. I am so much less stressed out than I was even a few months ago because only recently that I start working with Tiffany and she finally convinced me that it’s okay to be vulnerable with people it’s okay to be. It’s okay to be vulnerable with strangers even because they are going to hear your story. And most of those people, they’re gonna latch on to it. If they’re deterred by it, they weren’t your clients anyways, they weren’t gonna be.

Corey Benschop 27:15
Absolutely, absolutely man. And I appreciate where you’re coming from with that. And, you know, honestly, you have to, you have to own it, you know, this is your past, and it is something that you’ve done. But by being vulnerable, and owning it and taking responsibility for that, and then sharing it, you’re giving people permission to do the same. You know, by by sharing your story, you’re allowing them to be okay with who they are. And if they want to change, then they will be able to because they see you doing,

Trey Carmichael 27:44
and you never know who that one person who’s gonna hear your story, and they’re gonna have a similar story, and they’re gonna say, wow, I can do that

Corey Benschop 27:52
too. Right. Right, you know, maybe you’re familiar. I’m bringing up somebody else. Gary Vaynerchuk. Have you heard of him? Yeah. I love Gary. Okay, Gary’s yeah Gary’s awesome man. But he, he made a post not too long ago, which I really I really like. And this just kind of reminded me of it which, you know, he referred back to sort of that the movie with m&m Eight Mile where you know they’re up on stage are doing the rap battle and like, basically, you know, with with a rap battle, it’s all about taking down the next guy, right and if you have to go first, you’re usually at a disadvantage because you don’t really have much to say, but the second guy gets to pick you apart. Well, m&m comes on stage, he has to go first. And he literally just shits on himself the whole time. He just talks about his own shortcomings, everything that he’s failing with, like, why he sucks. And the second dude has literally nothing left to say like, you’ve already said everything about you. Like I, I can’t talk crap about you because you’ve already set it all. And that’s the truth of like reality where if you put it out there, and you talk about it, and you let people know this is where you came from. like nobody can hate on you for that. You bring it up like they can’t make you feel like that was a bad You know, it’s something you decided you’re going up you’re winging it.

Trey Carmichael 29:06
Yeah. When you when you take the power away that, like you have to take the power away from those people, those people that you’re that you’re worried about them having something to say, you got to take that power away from them. It’s the it’s the same as having a sales conversation. You gotta maintain that power.

Corey Benschop 29:22
Right? I love that man. Well, I’m really happy for you, dude. And I’m definitely stoked on you know, just the small journey I’ve seen you make so far and heard about? Definitely, I’d love to see where you go in six months a year from now maybe we can get you back on the show and kind of getting started with follow up, man.

Trey Carmichael 29:39
I’m just getting started. I love it. Dude. I

Corey Benschop 29:41
love it. That’s that’s a great attitude, man. So I got I got one question for you which, you know, maybe we’ve kind of gone. But based on where you’re at today and the experience that you have, what is a piece of advice that you would give yourself maybe five or 10 years ago

Trey Carmichael 29:57

stopped Just stop rescuing people. Most people don’t want to be rescued mode, like until somebody actually wants your help, you cannot help that person. And that is the biggest thing that I’ve struggled with because, frankly, most people don’t want your help.

Corey Benschop 30:19
That’s true, man. And that’s

Trey Carmichael 30:20
powerful. I used to go out there and try to help every single person I could. And I wasted so much energy on people that saw no value in what I was putting forward for.

Corey Benschop 30:31
Yeah, yeah, it’s tough man. You know, when you’re a giver, and you naturally want to help people, it’s hard to to not see them take advantage of it, you know, because, you know, for I mean, maybe it’s, it’s family members. Maybe it’s like people you love and care about, and you want to help them. But the fact remains, like you said, you cannot help somebody that doesn’t want to help themselves. And it doesn’t matter how bad you want it for them or how much you love them or how easy it could be. It just it was more thing, if they don’t want to do it, nothing’s gonna change that. So that’s powerful advice, man. Definitely, you know, that’s inside. You listening is value out of that.

Trey Carmichael 31:13
Yeah, from there, it would just be the vulnerability. I want to touch on that again. And I would never have wasted so much money on courses. I would have bought straight into a network straight into a mastermind I would have spent all that money to plug straight into the right network that would have really got me where I needed to be because I I got nowhere until I got into a network of people who knew who actually knew what they were doing. I came from a small town and only had like, I only had only knew how to do small town business, which is just maybe post on Facebook, but for the most part, it’s just it’s just word of mouth.

Corey Benschop 31:50
Yeah. Well, I love it, man. Definitely great advice. Your network is your net worth. That’s what they say. Another percent. Yeah, it’s definitely true. It’s definitely true. Well, I’m glad to add you to our network and hopefully, you know, vice versa. And why don’t you go ahead and tell everybody where you are online how they can find you and what you got going on in the world.

Trey Carmichael 32:10
Well, you can, you can just hit me up on Facebook is Trey Carmichael, I’ve got the virtually limitless entrepreneur community. And you that that is a group on Facebook where I where I share my like my share funnel library, I’ve got a ton of a ton of like books that you can access I’ve got, I’ve got swipe files of old ad campaigns that have worked really well for different people, and just different resources that people can go in there and use links to the tools that I use. So awesome. You need help getting your getting your brand established, going to virtually go into virtually limitless entrepreneur community, you’ll have pretty much everything you need.

Corey Benschop 32:50
Oh, there it is. So you guys have it. If you need help with any of that stuff that Trey mentioned, definitely make sure you check that out. I’ll link everything down below in the show notes to make it easier for you all and to Again, this has been a blast, dude and honor I really appreciate hearing your story and you coming on and sharing it with us. So, thanks for being here, my man and I guess we’ll catch on the next one.

Trey Carmichael 33:08
Yeah, absolutely. And if you don’t mind, I do want to throw it out there that we do have like a seven day boot camp that teaches people how to set up their teaches that teaches people how to set up their Facebook profiles in the ways that I explained.

Corey Benschop 33:23
Okay, perfect. Is there a link for that?

Trey Carmichael 33:26
Yes, it’s it’s www dot better leads bucks comm slash bootcamp.

Corey Benschop 33:31
All right. There we go. Add that to the show notes as well. Awesome, man. Cool, man. I appreciate it. I guess what? Yeah, we’ll talk to you on the next one.

Unknown Speaker 33:37
Beautiful man.

Corey Benschop 33:39
Thanks for listening to another episode of The Rising I really hope you got value from today’s show. And please make sure you don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss the two new episodes we release each week on Mondays and Thursdays. Be sure to visit The Rising to join the conversation, access the show notes and discover our amazing books. As content and Hey, have you joined the movement yet, make sure you join our free Facebook group called The Rising Entrepreneur is movement to connect with our guests and get access to all sorts of training materials that will help you build your business. To join the movement. Just go to my FB group com. That’s my FB group calm. Alright, that’s it for today’s episode. We’ll catch you on the next one.

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