TRE:59 – Rebranding For Success In Aromatherapy with Jason Conifer

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Today’s show was a Spotlight Episode with Jason Conifer (formerly known as Jason Antonino). He’s working on rebranding himself and his Aromatherapy business, and Corey and Nathan sit down with him to really dig into his plan and strategy.


3 Main Takeaways:

  1. Having a firm understanding of your “why” is vital to running a business, and it can be a hard thing/tough process to go through to pinpoint exactly what that is.
  2. It’s highly unlikely to find success with your first business venture. Keep pushing, pivoting and growing through your failures.
  3. Don’t try to do it alone. Find groups, mentors, coaches and/or masterminds to help you progress through your journey.


Show Notes:

3:25 – Jason tells us why he switched his name from Jason Antonino to Jason Conifer

  • He got tired of having to spell it out for the last 40 years.
  • He loves trees.
  • The domain was available!

6:08 – What brought you into the world of Aromatherapy?

  • He was intrigued by the fact that you could create your own products at home.
  • Smell is the scent most closely tied to memory, and Old Spice reminds Jason of his father.
  • Started as a hobby, and started a beard oil company in 2016.
  • Jason has two patents issued on his invention combining aroma therapy with sound and light.

11:37 – Nathan pushes Jason on what his real “why” is.

  • Jason says that every day, self care starts at home.
  • People can take better care of themselves at home and prevent small problems from becoming big problems.

14:24 – Have you had any health issues that you’ve been able to remedy through essential oils and/or aromatherapy?

  • Jason fell through his ceiling once while cleaning the attic and was able to manage his injuries with coconut oil and lavender essential oil.

16:55 – What motivates you to putting all your time and effort into helping people live healthier lives?

  • Jason became tired of corporate America and enjoys the freedom running his own business affords him.
  • Jason believes that help shouldn’t be more than a phone or a zoom call away.
  • There is fraud happening in mainstream, and Jason wants to save and protect people from doing the wrong things.

19:45 – What inside you drives you to want to protect people like that?

  • Jason believes in justice and wants to help the under dog, and wants to spread truth and empower people on an individual level.

25:00 – Is selling your patented idea the goal behind building your personal brand?

  • Jason built 5 prototypes and sent them out to potential clients.
  • During the current pandemic, Jason sees this as a great time to build a personal brand and following.

26:40 – What does success look like for Jason Conifer in one year from now?

  • Jason will have a formal education that is recognized around the world.
  • He will have written a book or two and will be hosting webinars in the industry.
  • He wants to start a movement around learning to treat essential oils with respect and sustainability.

32:32 – What are some of the limiting beliefs that keep the market (men) away?

  • Guys tend to think essential oils are fruity or “girly” (not that we think that is a bad thing!)

35:05 – Are there any challenges you’re currently facing with marketing?

  • Jason is currently trying to figure out which niche of the market he should go after.
  • Corey shares his insight into a glaring gap in the market.

44:05 – Is there any part of your content production process that you need help with?

  • Jason is staying consistent with posting every day, but his challenge is creating a long term content schedule and strategy.
  • Corey explains his Year Of Content strategy (link coming soon!)

49:55 – Nathan explains why business owners run webinars.

  • The hardest thing to do is take a cold prospect and turn them into a hot buyer. 

51:38 – Where can people find out more about you, Jason?

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