TRE:61 – Youtube Ads: Opportunity and Arbitrage with Erick Silvio

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Today I spoke with Erick Silvio, a young entrepreneur and marketing agency owner. He’s passionate about helping his clients with their Youtube advertising, and he also teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to run Youtube ads so they can then sell that skill as a service.


3 Main Takeaways:

  1. Youtube advertising is a great opportunity and arbitrage for businesses looking to advertise. 
  2. Learning how to run Youtube ads is a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs looking for a service to provide.
  3. A positive mindset coupled with tenacity is required to be successful as an entrepreneur.


Show Notes:

1:10 – In a video you made on Facebook, you mentioned that you really can’t grow while you’re in your comfort zone, can you elaborate on that please?

  • Erick says that when you start to do uncomfortable things, things that may not seem “normal” to you, you’re not going to love it right off the bat but that’s when you really start to grow.
  • He also says this is the path to living a more adventurous life.

4:28 – How did you get started as an entrepreneur? Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?

  • Erick worked in an office environment and realized how closed-minded his boss was, and figured if someone like that can run a company, he probably can too!
  • He quit his job and took the leap. He went through times when he had no money to his name and was eating canned tuna and rice, but he was determined to figure it out.
  • His girlfriend at the time (now wife) told him that he would only fail if he quit, and today he successfully runs a 6-figure marketing agency.

8:25 – What was your dream? What was your goal with creating your own business?

  • In the beginning, Erick just wanted to be able to create more time freedom for himself and his family. 
  • As he progressed, his goals changed. Now he loves working 80 hours weeks!

11:55 – What is the big grand goal for your business now?

  • Erick wants to hit the Inc 500 list for digital marketing.
  • He would also like to create a following of people that have been able to quit their 9-5 job by learning and using Youtube ads.

14:33 – What is the importance around setting a goal?

  • Erick says when you’re comfortable in life it can be really hard to set goals because you become complacent, which is dangerous.
  • He says it’s the first step to living a better life.

16:15 – Other than Youtube advertising, what are some things you’re excited about in the digital landscape?

  • Erick says Facebook advertising is really hot right now. 
  • He said that in 2018 there was 3x more ad spend on Facebook then on Youtube, which meant more competition on Facebook and less ad costs on Youtube.
  • SEO and PPC marketing is not dead.

19:38 – Where should a new entrepreneur start with digital marketing?

  • Erick says that Youtube ads can be really simple to get started.
  • He also loves the idea of learning that skill and then turning around and selling it to other businesses as a service.

22:18 – Without getting too granular, how can someone get started with Youtube ads?

  • Erick says that first he would think about who he can help with Youtube ads and what types of businesses would benefit the most.
  • He says that certain businesses will benefit more than others.

25:34 – With your business and your family, how do you manage the work/life balance?

  • Erick says he’s not super good at keep this in check.
  • His daughter is one year old and he doesn’t want to miss out on time with her, and he has a steady rule that he’s always available for dinner.
  • At the end of the day, he doesn’t want his business to run him but he takes it one day at a time.

30:25 – You seem very laid-back and happy, how can folks be more laid-back like you and not let stress get them down?

  • Erick had a mentor that said “with every adversity that comes to us in life, there is an equal or greater opportunity.”
  • He tells a story of when he and his wife were on their honeymoon and they tried to rent a car but couldn’t, and his wife was pretty upset but the way he handled the situation ended up making that moment a highlight of their entire honeymoon.

35:40 – Based on all your experiences, what is a piece of advice you would give yourself, 5 or 10 years ago?

  • Erick says to persist. And to persist fast.
  • He says that is the key he was missing in the beginning when he wasn’t sure he was going to make it.

38:12 – Where can people find you online?

  • Erick helps people learn and implement Youtube ads. Search for his Facebook group “YT Ad Masters”.

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