TRE:62 – Unlock Your True Potential with Lliam O’Neill

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Today I speak with Lliam O’Neill, a man of many talents and skills. He brought so much value in this interview, from teaching us how to manage pain to how to get out of your own way, this show will help you unlock your true potential.


3 Main Takeaways:

  1. Saying “Yes” to things that may not make sense now can lead to very interesting opportunities.
  2. Bringing value + being persistent = win.
  3. Meditation is the key to reducing stress and unlocking your true potential.


Show Notes:

0:57 – In your TEDx Talk, you willingly take a swift kick to the balls… what’s the message behind that?

  • Lliam is the “Prove It” guy and he believes you can do more than you imagine possible.
  • In his talks Lliam says that pain is a signal in the brain and can be controlled, so he demonstrates that by performing stunts like getting kicked in the groin, getting hit with hammers, walking on glass, etc.

4:19 – Tell us from the beginning how you got started in entrepreneurship.

  • At a young age Lliam took a Shaolin training class and ended up loving it. One weekend turned into 3 years and he ended up getting hired on as the application coach.
  • Then he randomly moved in with a magician and was instantly hooked when he saw a magic trick that blew his mind.
  • That led to hypnotherapy and he helped a friend stop smoking through hypnosis. 
  • Now he trains executive teams and CEO’s how to increase productivity and manage stress by combining all of his skills.

9:18 – What was it that made you want to make that initial change in your life?

  • Lliam’s friends at the time were heavy into drinking and drugs but he never got into that.
  • He asked himself, “What would anybody have to say about me if I died today?” and nothing came up, so he knew he had to do something meaningful with his life.

11:00 – What advice would you give to someone who is looking to make a change in their life?

  • Lliam says that the “comfort zone” is actually the “uncomfortable zone” because no one really enjoys their life when they are stuck doing the same things over and over.
  • He says if you’re not happy, try everything. Something will stick.

13:57 – How are you using social media and the internet in your business?

  • At first, Lliam didn’t agree with social media because of the aspect of comparing yourself to others and the self-doubt that creates, but now he uses it to research and learn from the greats.
  • He also publishes a podcast and now creates content to reach out to people and to help.

19:58 – Can you speak on persistence as it relates to prospecting and outreach? Is there too much?

  • Lliam says that it’s important to be persistent but to always bring value too.

25:05 – What strategies are you using in your life to manage your work and life?

  • Lliam meditates 3 times a day.
  • He eats 100% plant based.
  • He plans things he enjoys doing that isn’t work.

29:11 – Where can people find you and download your meditation mp3?

31:18 – What are some steps to start meditating if you’ve never done it before?

  • The mp3s are a great place to start.
  • When you breathe, don’t force the air out. Let it come out naturally like a sigh.
  • When your thoughts creep in, don’t try to force them away. Thank them and allow them to flow by.

35:38 – Considering where you’re at today, what is a piece of advice you would give yourself 5 – 10 years ago?

  • Don’t listen to people in your life that tell you can’t do something.

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