TRE:63 – Have More Harmony In Your Business & Life with Justine Mader

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Today’s interview is an incredibly inspiring conversation with Justine Mader, a business coach that helps entrepreneurs create more harmony in their lives and business. She shares a bunch of tips and strategies on how to have more balance in your life while running a business. (The edit gets a little wonky in the middle, sorry about that!) Get the full episode details and transcript: 


3 Main Takeaways:

  1. A butterfly can’t see the color on it’s own wings. Sometimes you just need a little insight from an outside perspective to see your greatness.
  2. A coach is the best and fastest way to achieve the next level in whatever you are pursuing because they’ve walked the journey before and will help you avoid the pitfalls along the way.
  3. Obscene goals force creativity and breakthroughs that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.


Show Notes:

0:38 – When did you start coaching?

  • Justine never intended to start coaching. She started off as a collaborator and virtual assistant out of necessity when she quit her job to become a stay-at-home mom.
  • She says she became a coach when she was asked to help one of her friends, and she’s so happy she did.

6:52 – So you were asked to be a coach because of a skill you developed, what skill was that?

  • Justine was sharing how she created harmony between life and business and realized that other business owners needed help with that.
  • She helps people magnify their gifts and talents and double-down on their greatness.

12:33 – Who are you specifically trying to help? Who’s your tribe?

  • Justine typically works with entrepreneurs that are in the middle of their journey.
  • She helps them reset their situation, find their balance and work on their foundation.

20:33 – What is your take on the idea of “fake it til you make it”?

  • Justine says there are 2 types of entrepreneurs, those are truly faking it and are out their to take advantage of people, and those that are truly out their leveling-up.
  • Instead of “faking” it til you make it, she says to “be” it til you make it. It’s important to act as-if while also being upfront and honest with your customers.
  • There is no day where you finally “make it”, you’re always shooting for the next star.

27:22 – Everything is an opportunity, even in the bad times. Would you agree that it’s important to stay open to what resistance is trying to teach you?

  • Justine says we should be chasing the things we fear. Getting through resistance is oftentimes the moment of breakthrough.

34:16 – Perils & Pearls – What’s the biggest peril you’ve had to overcome in your business and what’s a pearl you gained through it?

  • Justine had no belief in herself and what she was capable of but when she hired a coach, it changed everything for her.

45:12 – When it comes to habits and routines, what are some strategies youcan share that would help with balance?

  • Justine likes to encourage people to be competitive with themselves and find ways to “beat” their best. Gamify your goals.
  • She says to also use timers to help with time-management. When the time is up, take a break and reset and reattack.

56:25 – Where can people find you and learn more about your coaching services?

  • @Justinemaderhq on all social media platforms

58:15 – If you had an opportunity to sit down with yourself 5-10 years ago, what pearl would you share with yourself?

  • Justine would tell herself that she is totally capable of achieving her wildest dreams. Just to continue showing up authentically and consistently.

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