TRE:64 – Write Your First (Or Next) Book In 90 Days with Everett O’Keefe

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Are you considering writing a book? Everett from Ignite Press is your guy! Today we talk about all the benefits of self-publishing your own book, as well as some amazing strategies you can use to get started today!


3 Main Takeaways:

  1. Self-publishing is absolutely the way to go when writing your first (or next) book because no publisher should be the one giving a green light on your project.
  2. A book is a better marketing piece than just about anything else because of the positioning power, intrinsic value and reach it provides.
  3. ADD is a blessing for an entrepreneur, but it must be balanced with focus and follow-through.


Show Notes:

3:06 – Hey Everett, why books? Why book publishing and how did you get into helping others?

  • While running his other marketing company, Everett became aware of how powerful books can be for businesses.
  • He wrote and launched his first book in 30 days as a proof of concept, and it instantly became a best-seller.

5:48 – What happened before you wrote your first book that made you decide to do this experiment in the first place?

  • At the time Everett was selling SMS marketing and quickly realized it was a commodity. 
  • With the success of Kindle, he saw opportunity in the publishing space.

12:45 – Could you explain the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing?

  • In traditional publishing, they’ll bring you on when you have a big following and have the ability to sell a lot of books.
  • You also sacrifice a level of creative control when you sign a traditional publishing agreement.

17:10 – What are some ways you can write your own self-published book?

  • Start with the content you already have, you could quickly create a manuscript with that material.
  • Consider the frequently asked questions (and the should of asked questions) in your industry, and answering these questions give you a chance to showcase your expertise.

25:20 – Perils & Pearls: What is the biggest peril that you ran into in your entrepreneurial journey and what pearl got you out of it?

  • Entrepreneurs have to have a certain level of ADD to be effective because they need the ability to see new opportunities and the desire to learn and dive into new ideas.
  • This is also problematic when it becomes shiny-object syndrome.
  • You must balance the distractibility with focus and accountability.

33:30 – For everyone that understands the power of a book and wants to dive deeper, how can they get started?

  • to schedule a free consultation with Everette.
  • You get to keep all your creative control, royalties and rights when working with Everette.

37:08 – How do you work with people/deliver your expertise to your clients?

  • The process is one-on-one with each person involved in the publishing process.

47:45 – If you were to go back in time and sit down with yourself 5-10 years ago, what is the pearl you would leave for yourself?

  • Join a mastermind sooner.
  • Maintain focus on that which is important, which is not necessarily finances.

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