TRE:65 – Create More Time In Your Day? with Matt Granados

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Today’s interview is interesting as our guest Matt Granados joins us from the ICU where his daughter is being cared for (his story will blow you away). Matt built a pet distribution company to over $40Mil and now runs a consulting agency helping entrepreneurs master their mindset, and in this interview he shares real strategies for getting more done in the same time.


3 Main Takeaways:

  1. When properly planned, no obstacle or interruption can throw you off track.
  2. Understand that motivation is a mindset, not a character trait. It can be changed through practice and with the right tools.
  3. Acknowledge your weaknesses but don’t waste time trying to fix them. Instead leverage your strengths.


Show Notes:

1:10 – Matt, you posted something about your Sunday planning, can you explain that to our listeners please?

  • The best way to plan your life is one week at a time.
  • Matt and his family celebrate “the next week” every Sunday while they plan out their schedules.
  • For most, planning is not just an area of neglect, but an area of avoidance.

5:20 – How did you become an entrepreneur?

  • At 15, Matt was a DJ and when collecting his pay for a gig he realized how little he was getting paid when he was doing the bulk of the work.
  • His father taught him that was the difference between being an entrepreneur and an employee.
  • He found for himself, and for many aspiring entrepreneurs, that the traditional path of go to college, get a degree and get a job isn’t for everyone.

10:20 – So you said your first business that grew to over $1Mil was called Pocket Pets?

  • I partnered with a buddy in an established business where we were the exclusive distributors of an animal called a Sugar Glider.
  • It grew quickly, but through this experience Matt realized that entrepreneurship is not glamorous, nor is it for everyone.
  • Matt now uses this business to help other entrepreneurs starting out on their journey. (If you’re interested in checking this out:

21:30 – What are some strategies you’re using to accomplish this work-life integration as you call it?

  • Having a partner is extremely critical for Matt because his partner (who happens to be his wife) fills all the holes he has as an entrepreneur.
  • He says planning and communication are important, but understanding that things will happen or come up and staying flexible enough to adapt is the true strength of a good entrepreneur.
  • Matt’s consulting business is built around this specific issue: It’s a 9-part system called Life Pulse. (Get your own here:
  • The concept behind LP is called Reverse Planning which goes like this:
    • You list everything you want out of life, in all areas. 
    • Then you pick out the things you need to do vs. want to do. (The need to do things are the things that are directly related to a goal of yours.)
    • People who use this system have reported that they have gained back an extra 15 hours per week, or an extra month per year of productivity!

28:55 – Can we get your insights into what you think about the digital landscape and technology as it relates to business?

  • Matt wrote a book called Motivating the Unmotivated and through his coaching he’s found the secret to moving forward is adaptability.
  • You must look at an industry and it’s past to start to understand where the pivots will need to happen.
  • Technology has increased the speed of change rapidly, and it has the ability to make what you do more effective (not efficient – that part is up to you.)

36:01 – You said to remind you about disruptors, what’s that?

  • Matt explains his idea about how to spot when and where a disruptor is likely to happen, just watch it – you gotta see this!

38:35 – What are some ways to help motivate others?

  • Matt says motivation is a mindset, not a character trait.
  • There are 4 motivation catalysts: freedom, acknowledgement, connectivity and support.
  • Go here to get your gift from Matt and Life Pulse: (
  • Ask these 3 questions: What are you focused on (the one things)? What are you grateful for? What are you working towards this week?

43:15 – Based on all your experience, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself 5-10 years ago?

  • Listen to and find more mentors. Only take what you can use and leave anything you can’t.

45:40 – Tell everyone where they can get in touch with you for more information.

  • Matt87Granados on all social. Lifepulseinc on all social. Matt and his wife have a podcast called “Realationship”. Send Matt an email! 
  • Matt’s final thought: Be comfortable acknowledging your weaknesses, but don’t spend too much time trying to fix them. Acknowledge the weakness and leverage your strengths.

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