TRE:71 – 4-Step Guaranteed Success Formula with Mattias Fyrorn

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Sometimes in life and business, we play small and it can be frustrating because we know we’re greater than the results we’re getting. Mattias Fyrorn is a blast of good energy in this interview and he helps guide us through the process of showing the f*ck up! He also shares his 4 step system that guarantees success in any area.



3 Main Takeaways:

  1. It may feel natural and normal to play small, but it’s a limiting story we tell ourselves. When we can change that story we can become the greatness we truly are.
  2. You must ask for help in your journey from time to time. Thinking you can do everything alone is a mistake and will cost you more than you know.
  3. Creating accountability is a huge hack to accomplishing the things you want to accomplish. 


Show Notes:

2:05 – Take us back Matt, why are you so passionate about helping men live life on their terms? Why is this important to you?

  • Matt says he learned at a young age from his parents to play small and to not stand out, which translated into him not being able to “show up” in life.
  • When he started his sales career, he saw an example of what he wanted to become at a conference when he saw a guy get up on stage and inspire the crowd through his story and message.
  • Matt tells an interesting story of when he started a business selling Goji berries in Sweden.

10:30 – Matt you built a successful business by all standards, but you say it wasn’t the right vehicle to spread your message. What was going through your mind as you knew you wanted to do more?

  • In the beginning he was able to do what he was good at, which was sales. But as the business grew he fell more and more out of alignment with it because he had to take on other roles and skills that he wasn’t good at.
  • Eventually the business bankrupted for a number of reasons, but this was the first time he asked for help from someone else.
  • Matt says that all men play small, it’s natural. And we don’t share our struggles with each other. But only when we do, can we grow.

15:18 – For those that feel hand-cuffed to their business, what’s your message to them?

  • Matt says that a lot of time we’re just busy being busy. It’s important to step back and look at the inputs coming into your life and whether you are just reacting to them or are you actively creating what you want?
  • He says not to be distracted by “good ideas” and shiny things when you’re on a path, but to be aware of them for potential pivots in the future.

17:30 – How do you stay focused on stay on path towards the next step?

  • It’s an eternal question. Do not look at others and then believe that they are ahead of you. 
  • Just focus on your own path and your own goals. Are you taking actions towards your goals?
  • Matt has a 4 step system. First find a proven system to take you from point a to point b. Second, create accountability around what you want to do. Third, learn from the actions you take and the accountability. Fourth, take action on what you learned.

25:08 – How do you know when to continue down a path or pivot? What are you measuring?

  • Matt pays attention to his feelings. What triggers him? What moves him?
  • He looks at what he can harvest from his experiences, and uses that in his future actions.

32:00 – Perils & Pearls. What is the biggest peril you’ve had to face in your path and what pearl helped you get out?

  • After 10 years of experience in online sales and business, Matt decided to get into coaching thinking he had everything he needed to be successful but he quickly realized that he wasn’t building the right assets with his prospects.
  • He says he learned that he needs to build trust, intimacy and authority but he wasn’t able to create that online in the beginning.
  • The key for him was to start asking his clients what they wanted to learn instead of telling them what they should know.

42:28 – Where can people find you online and learn more about this process?

44:44 – If you could back in time and sit with yourself 5-10 years ago, what is one pearl of wisdom you would leave for yourself?

  • Show the f*ck up, stretch further. Love yourself no matter what’s happening.

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