TRE:72 – How To Get Out Of Your Own Way with Nick Cavuoto

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If you’re feeling like you just can’t seem to get out of your own way then this episode is for you. We talk with serial entrepreneur Nick Cavuoto about some deep truths of entrepreneurship, and how regardless of your past, you can become and accomplish anything you desire by simply reevaluating how you judge your environment and experience. Don’t miss this episode!


3 Main Takeaways:

  1. The “how” always solves itself, you just have to have competence and confidence. Trusting the process is a guarantee.
  2. Switch the roles in prospecting calls so that you’re interviewing your potential customers and clients more than they are interviewing you.
  3. All business is spiritual in its nature, because entrepreneurs are always trying to prove something to themselves based on the past stories they hold as true.


Show Notes:

2:20 – Take us to the beginning. Why are you into online marketing?

  • As a young kid he realized that content creation was something that he loved.
  • He accidentally fell into event marketing as a pastor when he 10x’d his ministry.
  • The how always solves itself, you just have to have competence and confidence.

10:20 – How do you know when a company is ready for marketing?

  • If the CEO is the only one who is selling, this is a problem. There are too many variables that create risk in this scenario.
  • The better question is what problem do you really want to solve?

17:04 – For those that are still getting started, is working for free a good way to get your first results or case studies?

  • Good friends don’t let other friends do stuff for free.
  • Know your stuff so that you can show up with competence and confidence.
  • The bigger the “why”, the bigger the “try”. 

26:06 – What are some things you struggled with on your journey to create the level of introspection that you have?

  • At 5, Nick had a near-death experience in a swimming pool where he almost drowned. A few years later his grandmother basically forced him to face his fears and taught him to swim. 
  • He believes his calling is just to get back up when he fails. It’s part of the process.

36:48 – Perils & Pearls. What is the biggest peril you’ve had to face and what’s the pearl of wisdom that can help us avoid it or come out faster?

  • At some point all business becomes spiritual. We must be careful about what and how we judge our experience and the stories we tell ourselves. 
  • If you’re stuck right now, you have to go back to the stories you hold as truth and reevaluate how you’re judging them.

52:48 – Tell us where people can find you online and what you got going on?

  • Business is a mirror to self. Nick’s specialty is unmuting people and he offers this through his program Mentormind. 
  • If you’re serious about becoming the #1 influencer, check out 

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