TRE:77 – The Path Of An Entrepreneur Is Anything But Straight with Jody Deane

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Are you worried that your entrepreneurial journey isn’t taking you where you want to go? Jody Deane, host of the Flow Ninja podcast, shares his long and winding journey of entrepreneurship with us and tells us what he’s learned through his years of cold calling sales experience, voice acting in porn, selling event tickets and studying mindfulness in India, on this episode of The Rising Entrepreneur Podcast with Corey Benschop!


3 Main Takeaways:

  1. Consistency and persistence are two of the most important characteristics required to be successful.
  2. When you share your story, it gives others the permission to share theirs.
  3. Trust yourself more than anyone else and have faith that everything will work out.





  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:55 – Welcome to the show Jody Deane!
  • 2:12 – This is a major secret to success.
  • 7:10 – How Jody is staying accountable.
  • 9:45 – Freedom comes with it’s own challenges.
  • 11:30 – Jody started entrepreneurship in a roundabout way.
  • 15:55 – Jody goes to Barcelona without knowing Spanish.
  • 19:20 – He became a voiceover actor for pornography, among other things.
  • 24:15 – One summer while on the beach, Jody got a new sales position.
  • 27:20 – The blackhat software game began.
  • 29:17 – The blackhat software game stopped.
  • 32:19 – A spiritual calling brings Jody back to India for 18 months.
  • 34:29 – Jody gets back into acting in Western Europe with people half his age.
  • 39:41 – What it’s like dealing with uncertainty all the time.
  • 42:20 – Jody realizes what he’s meant to do with his life.
  • 45:00 – When the mind tells you to play small.
  • 48:27 – Why it’s important to surround yourself with the right community.
  • 53:35 – This is your permission to go out and share your struggles.
  • 54:50 – Corey shares his experience in Barcelona.
  • 55:55 – Dealing with the judgement of others.
  • 57:08 – What’s exciting Jody in the digital landscape.
  • 64:10 – The opportunity we all have to share our message.
  • 65:32 – The strategies Jody uses to keep everything going.
  • 73:37 – Jody’s last piece of advice.
  • 75:10 – Where to learn more about Jody’s story.


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