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Empowering you, the multi-passionate entrepreneur, creator and business owner, to build your business with confidence, intention, and some seriously savvy marketing. To help you work less, earn more, and make your dreams come true.

passive income toolkit


Tired of Trading Time for Money…

Take control of your life with the convenience and flexibility that comes from creating digital products and earning passive income online. Get The “Set it and Forget it” secrets to creating digital products that sell themselves (while you Netflix & chill!). Included is the complete list of digital products you can sell in 2024 and passive income ideas to help you make money in your sleep.

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Introducing the Complete Template Shop Toolkit

What We Do Here …

Strategy & SEO

Say goodbye to creating content blindly, hoping it attracts followers. It’s time to leverage proven SEO strategies and marketing to attract millions of potential visitors and convert them into loyal followers and customers. Create engaging and valuable content that your audience will love, fast!

Evergreen Sales Funnels

Transform your steadily growing business into a powerful profit-generating machine. Let’s supercharge your growth with strategic sales funnels that convert your traffic into revenue.

Done For You

Stop chasing clients and start scaling big. With our done-for-you templates and toolkits designed to grow your business. You can transform your online presence into a thriving, six-figure business that impacts lives and secures your financial freedom. Make your business fulfilling and wildly profitable!

9-Part Plug & Play Welcome Email Sequence

Convert your new subscribers into paying clients

Have you ever tried writing an email welcome sequence but ended up with a major case of writer’s block? Trust me, I’ve been there. Staring at a blank Google Doc, wondering what to say to those eager new subscribers.

, This 9 part welcome sequence is designed to seamlessly guide your new subscribers to buy from you on autopilot.

A complete, engaging, and foolproof email welcome sequence that actually works. No more spending countless hours trying to figure out the perfect way to engage your subscribers. Say goodbye to writer’s block and, most importantly, say hello to tons of new paying clients!

Grab this today to nurture and engage your email list to keep them excited to hear from you.

Passive Income

No-fluff strategies, actionable guides, and resources to help you make passive income.


Hey I’m Nicole

A multi-passionate entrepreneur who has built sustainable and scalable businesses and is here to inspire and empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools they need to scale their businesses and take control of their lives.

YES, You can expand your reach, increase sales and really create passive income without trading your time for money.

That’s right! I’m a firm believer that every entrepreneur has the potential to build a successful business, even when it feels like the odds are stacked against you.

So, what can you expect from me? I’ve got you covered with practical and helpful tips on growing and expanding your reach, creating and marketing profitable digital products, and insights that will light the way through the challenges of building a thriving online business.

Let me ask you something… Have you ever faced a huge challenge in your business and thought, “There’s no way I can get past this”? I’ve been there, and guess what…we can empower ourselves to overcome those obstacles and come out even stronger on the other side!



At The Rising Entrepreneur, we share actionable tips and proven strategies that have helped countless entrepreneurs like you scale their businesses and maximize their profits through digital products. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create digital products that sell like hotcakes
  • Leverage cutting-edge marketing strategies to reach your target audience
  • Optimize your sales funnels to convert leads into paying customers
  • Automate and systemize your business for ultimate efficiency